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March 16th 2009
Published: March 16th 2009
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space launchspace launchspace launch

This is the cloud after the boosters were done with it.
i had to make another entry to put more pics on the site. but we went out today to get some dinner for tonight and we came back with an ocean trigger fish and a few more conch! and spearin fish is so cool. i was using the hawaiian sling today and its pretty much like a sling shot. you pull the spear back in the sling and aim at the fish and hope you get it. it took me one shot and it went right through. just like i knew what i was doing! then the fish jumps around alittle bit, tries to swim away but just falls staight to the bottom of the ocean. not too many fish can swim with a 5ft steel pole sticking right through them! oh and i wanted to say that last night we got to watch the space launch! it was pretty cool i got some pics, not very good ones but i know what it is. so when(if) we get back ill know what were showing you! the launch was close to us, we were just sittin in the cockpit havin a few drinks with laura and then there wass a big flash of light and the space shuttle took off. when the boost kicked in it left a cloud that was in front of it turn pure flouresent white. really cool, ill show ya a pic of it. well ive gotta make my trigger fish now, were gonna have conch fritters to start and fried trigger with veggies on rice for the main course. well im gettin real hungry thinkin about all this food, ill put the pics up after dinner! i hope everyone reading this if you having already you have to stop everything what your doing and go sailing to the bahamas! its beautiful here and well life cant get any better then this! just make sure your boat is bigger then ours! we have to build a bigger boat the next time we come down!


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