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Comme le temps coule. Nous avons passé une très agréable semaine en compagnie de mon frangin Joslyn et de ma filleule Pénélope. Aussi, nous avons retrouvé à Marsh Harbour nos amis Louise et Franz de Franlou. Lundi le 28 février : Dernier stretch de corvées avant l’arrivée de nos invités : épicerie, lavage, boulangerie, etc. Nous attendons avec impatience l’arrivée de Joslyn et de Pénélope qui ont quitté Montréal à 6h30 ce matin (Mtl-Miami, Miami-Nassau, Nassau-Marsh Habour). Nous les accueillons au Union Jack Landing Dock de Marsh-Harbour à 17h45. Ils sont complètement épuisés de leur journée passée dans les avions et les aéroports … Nous les recevons à bord de Miralo avec une petite saveur Bahamienne, soit une Conch Salad, fraîche accompagnée d’un bon spaghetti à l’américaine … pour ne pas trop les dépayser rapidement … ... read more
Francine et sa filleule
Guiligane sur son île déserte
Pénélope vous salue du fonds des océans

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Abaco » Marsh Harbour February 28th 2011

Et oui, depuis 1 semaine déjà que nous sommes aux Abacos ! C'est très différent des Exumas, à tout le moins de ce qu'on a vu jusqu'à maintenant des Abacos. L'eau est moins limpide et nous constatons un différence dans la température, les Abacos se situant au nord des Bahamas. On ne peut pas dire par ailleurs que c'est déplaisant, loin de là. Comme nous venons d'un pays nordique, nous sommes très confortables avec ce type de climat qui est un peu moins lourd et humide que dans les Exumas. Dimanche le 20 février : Spanish Wells, Eleuthera. On déménage ce matin. On se rend à Royal Island, une toute petite île à l’ouest de Spanish Wells (environ 7 nm). Et cette fois, on quitte à la marée haute pour s’éviter un stress inutile. Ainsi, nous ... read more
Levé de soleil sur l'Atlantique
Pêche au petit matin sur l'océan
Spectacle de dauphins autour de Miralo

Dear all, Well I returned to George Town via New York on the 19th May, with a view to making a transat crossing via the Azores, with Carla on Jeremy as crew. However and unfortunately I ended up departing George Town on the 24th May bound for the Azores, but on my own. Many thanks to Jeremy and Carla for helping me get to George Town and for taking care of Harbinger whilst I was away and i'm sorry that we didn't attempt the Atlantic together. Thank you for all that you did to get me to George Town. Well as I said, I departed George Town on the 24th but 5 days out, after 450 miles and half way to Bermuda, I decided that I was not going to get beyond Bermuda, and that is ... read more
1 A rare manually operated elevator in NY. This is where i stayed.
1 Storm clouds await me in George Town
2 Fairwell George Town

We let go of our mooring on Wednesday, at about noon headed for the Current Cut. Why so late a start you ask...well we needed to time our passage through the cut. It is called Current I assume perhaps incorrectly for the settlement of Current, but from a cruisers stand point it would be because of the current that reaches upwards of six knots. A slow boat would have some trouble negotiating the sharpish turn as well as the subsequent cut. Get it wrong and you will be on the sand or worse yet on the rocks. Having successfully made our way through we headed to our planned anchorage of Royal Island. This is a large protected harbour that cruisers have been using for years. The previous development was lost to hurrican Andrew and a ... read more
bronze little harbout
Bronze Lady

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Abaco » Marsh Harbour December 20th 2009

Bonjour. Cela fait un bout de temps que nous n'avons pas fait de mise à jour du blog mais les Bahamas ont effet de ralentir la cadence du quotidien et à remettre à demain ce que nous pouvons faire aujourd'hui. Ceci dit voila ce qui ce passe. De Lucaya destination Marsh Harbour à saut de crapeau. Notre premier way point est Mangrove Cay petit point sur la carte situé sur le Little Bahama Bank partie la plus au nord des Bahamas. En passant nous avons passé le chenal de la marina de Sunrise avec une profodeur au cadran de 5 pied 4 pouce Au gré des vents en requier 5,8 pied. Bon belle navigation à moteur et voile juqu'a l'entré du chenal de ce plateau. Profondeur moyenne de 10 pied et le soliel nous permet de ... read more
Bahamas Abaco 002
Bahamas Abaco 006
Bahamas Abaco 064

Hey Everyone! I know I know its been a long time. We've been in the exumas for a while and theres no internet down there but it is beautiful! i cant remember what i said in the last blog but since eluethra we caught our first fish and many after the first one though was the biggest fish. brendan held it up and it went from his eyes to his ankles big dolphin! it put up a good fight too almost an hour trying to wheel it in! ill put the picks up they do more justice then words! so i think the last time i wrote we were in the abacos still. since then we traveld down to eluethra. it was nice but were not gonna go there next year. although we saw old port ... read more
Good food and better company
45 pounds

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Abaco » Marsh Harbour October 20th 2008

Or: (sing it)" It's Better in the Bahamas". In preparation for my future around the world flight I thought; 'Start small Tom; a nice easy trip to the Bahamas'. Learn how to fly 'international'. Apparantly US Customs doesn't care if you leave America. Flying out of the US turned out to be very easy. Get in your plane and go. No flight plan. no clearance. Josian and I had our passports, money, full tanks and two safety yellow life jackets. Beautiful day. No problem getiing to and finding Marsh Habour(MYAM) airport. About an hour and twenty minutes. Huh? The runway (27) looks really nice but as we got to about 200 feet I noticed an X next to the runway numbers. You can't land on those. So I did a nifty little 'jog' to the ... read more
OOOHH I'm scared.
Marsh Harbour

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Abaco » Marsh Harbour November 27th 2005

Geo: 26.5423, -77.0638Played on beach in morning. Went to airport; checked in. While waiting for flight, overheard that American had cancelled. Stood in long line, waiting to be helped. Finally, heard that there were seats on a flight to Fort Lauderdale. We took four. Rushed onto plane. Immigration and Customs was very fast. Talk to our pilot who recommended that we take train from Ft. L to Miami airport. Ended renting a car instead. Grabbed lunch to eat on way down. I dropped all off, then returned car. Got to airport just in time to see them through security. I spent a quiet night in Miami airport hotel. Next day, up early to Boston for READ 180 classroom observations.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Abaco » Marsh Harbour November 25th 2005

Geo: 26.2815, -77.1112Sailing out of Marsh Harbour... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Abaco » Marsh Harbour November 20th 2005

Geo: 26.5424, -77.0638Flew from Miami to Marsh Harbour. Mum and Pas landed just after we did. All took cab to hotel, then walked up to grocers. Bought lots and lots of stuff. Pas and I went to liquor store to stock up. Paul, the kids, and I went to dinner on our own at restaurant on the water. Good food; had a good time. A bit rainy on walk back to hotel.... read more

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