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Published: May 30th 2009
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Governers Harbour Atlantic sideGoverners Harbour Atlantic sideGoverners Harbour Atlantic side

This was just a nice shot of the ocean from a belcony at a bar we were at with Tom and Beth from Fabled Past
Hey Everyone! I know I know its been a long time. We've been in the exumas for a while and theres no internet down there but it is beautiful! i cant remember what i said in the last blog but since eluethra we caught our first fish and many after the first one though was the biggest fish. brendan held it up and it went from his eyes to his ankles big dolphin! it put up a good fight too almost an hour trying to wheel it in! ill put the picks up they do more justice then words! so i think the last time i wrote we were in the abacos still. since then we traveld down to eluethra. it was nice but were not gonna go there next year. although we saw old port royal, all the ruins from that! that was pretty cool. then we traveld down to the exumas. its suppost to be a real remote place not alot of people there but there was alot of cruisers. we went and saw all the iguana on allens cay, went down to normans cay where the big drug hideout was for carlos. if youve seen the movie blow
Good food and better companyGood food and better companyGood food and better company

Pizza night on fabled past
you will know what im talking about. they still have his old house up and you can see the bullet holes around the doorway! then we made our way down to the exuma land and sea park. we met the andrew the warden of the park, did some volenteer work for the park laying concrete. we met a charter boat down there the 'Bahama star' they brought a keg out to the beach for a big party with a bon fire and everything! then we made our way down to sampson cay (it was the closet bar) for brendan to have some drinks for his birthday! oh ya brendans a man now big 21!! it was happy hour at the bar and all the locals were buying us drinks! we had a '21 guns salute' a mix of a few different things. very good but you cant have more then 2! after he recovered we went down to staniel cay were they filmed to movie 'Thunderball'. old school james bond with sean conery! we dove the grotta were they did the big underwater fight! after that we figured it was far enough south so we turned around and started traveling
45 pounds45 pounds45 pounds

dolphin in the water right next to the boat before we got her onboard
north and now here we are sitting at the green turtle waiting for our window to cross the gulf stream. well that pretty much fills in the last few months. heres some pics for ya. oh ya and were doing fine were still alive well mostly our livers took a pretty good beating this past year.

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this is the dolphin, such a good looking fish until it dies

this is its head, as big as mine is

trevors barracuda, too bad you cant eat these things but a fun catch

one of our bon fires on normans cay

1st June 2009

Woo Hoo Big Dolphin!
What a grand looking fish ... they grow them big in the Exumas! Did you happen to stop in at Compass Cay ... right by Staniel ... they have trained nurse sharks ... honestly they come right up and let you "pet" them ... oh MY! Denise
12th August 2009

You haven't partied until....
you've stopped at Harbour Island off the Northern tip of Eleuthera. I lived there for over three years where I owned a sports bar. The bar isn't there anymore but there are a few other good bars there....Seagrapes, Willys, The Vicum, and Gusty's. The island is small, three miles long by 1/2 a mile wide, but beautiful, friendly and so much fun. Also, you should check out the Glass Window Bridge on Eleuthera. The beach on H.I. is the best pink sand beach in the world.

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