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In March, 2011 it was finally time to leave Germany and hop on the plane to the Dominican Republic. We have always wanted to go to the Carribbean, but only last year did we decide to go there. We booked a cruise on a German cruiseship for two weeks all around the Carribean. So after a long flight we arrived at La Romana Airport and upon getting out, the heat was overwelming. Half an hour later we were at the harbour of the city in a line to check in for our cruise. Another hour later we found ourselves on board, in our cabins. Later we had dinner in one of the restaurants. It was already dark when the ship left La Romana. The cruise had officially started. The next day we had what's called a ... read more
Natural Bridge Ruins
Near the Natural Bridge Ruins

Aruba Today’s plans were all about party and fish. Bill, Diana and I took the local bus out to the hotel strip and boarded the Jolly Pirate Ship. The bar opened as soon as we sailed. The passengers were mostly younger and from the hotels. We were the only group from the Noordam and there were a few Princess folks with us. Our first snorkel spot was over the wreck of a German freighter from WWII. We arrived at the site along with a large catamaran and I watched as dozens of folks drifted into each other. Definitely not my idea of fun so I enjoyed the show the birds put on. Someone was dropping food in the water and the birds dove down to get a bite. I felt a bit sorry for the snorkelers ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad February 13th 2011

Aruba was picturesque and clean. we were in the Capital os Oranjestad, which is also primarily a port city. There were all of the common high end shops and chain restaurants that are often found in the popular port cities. I chose to walk around the lcoal offerings and found the city to be charming. The iguanas there are gigantic and will make you do a double take. A 20 min cab ride will take you to the Resort portion of the island. The beaches are clean and there are several that you can pay a flat price for and do an all inclusive day on the beach -- totally worth it if you want to splurge. There is a quasi street market, but I dfound it to have all of the standard gifts that oyou ... read more
Hidden Beach
Palm Trees
Super Sized Iguana

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad January 4th 2011

6AM Wake up call. A quick breakfast in our room with a view of one small island and a tree. We were docked with our side out to the ocean so there was no hint of what our first Aruba looks like. We only had until noon in this port so we had to leave by 7, one of the huge disappointments of these port stops is nothing opens until 9. It was a beautiful day at 28C. Aruba was discovered by the Spanish in the early 1600’s and acquired by the Dutch in 1634. It was the A in the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) once a member of the Netherlands Antilles it now stands independently since 1986. The Arubans speak their own language Papiamento it is a combination of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English, African ... read more
Main street in Aruba
Main street
Ist street

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Eagle Beach December 20th 2010

Penny - Ok, so we're addicted to paradise. Who wouldn't be? Especially with a wealth of Caribbean islands existing just a stones throw away from our snowy adopted home city. Aruba is a desert island off the coast of Venezuela. (We could actually see South America from its edge)! It's covered with Road Runner cartoon-style cacti, overrun with lucid green iguanas and surrounded by ocean so creamy blue it's like taking a dip in a Blue Heaven milkshake. Dave's been making the most of his first sleep-ins since mid 2009. (He quit his pub job last week and has one more Boxing Day party before he's free to run amuck in NYC). Until then we're whiling the days away as resort squatters. We've secured the right color beach towels & sussed our favorite private slice of ... read more
One Very Green Iguana
Dave in Heaven

Central America Caribbean » Aruba October 20th 2010

We learned our lesson the day before, and decided we'd book an excursion for Aruba to help fill the day and learn more about the area than just what a map would point out. We found a catamaran snorkeling tour that took us to the sunken Antilla ship, not far off the coast near the California lighthouse. We learned this ship was intentionally sunk by its own captain to prevent it's capture. We also snorkeled in the same area in shallower waters. I pointed out to Jason a light colored striped eel I found moving along the bottom. I followed it around wishing I had my camera on me. After we surfaced, Jason told me it was really a sea snake. Sure enough, they are very poisonous!! Luckily they aren't aggressive and I was never very ... read more
Me and Jason snorkeling
Palm Beach

Central America Caribbean » Aruba August 21st 2010

Hi all, Greetings from Aruba ~ Trip started early morning with a news story about a airline crash on a Caribbean Island and a trip to the airport (thank you Annette). This followed with a very long flight from JFK to Aruba with a charming, hyperactive 3 year old whom decided to kick my chair for the entire 5 hour flight ~ JOY But I landed & checked in and I will let me photo's speak for me ~ Thus has started my detox from DC ~ I just wanted/needed to get far away and step out of my box once again ~ Years ago I inherited a cute little quote "The next best thing to being Rich is traveling as though you are!" and this trip is no exception ~ Calling this my Castaway meets ... read more
For Jim ( 1 bag for 1 week)
Mile High
Castaway Moment ~

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad January 24th 2010

Aruba is a sandy dessert island where you can rent a quadramoto and see the highlights in a day. The language spoken by locals is very, very cool--Papamiento--a hybrid of many languages, which can be easily understood by any novice. Below sample basic survival words and phrases. Welcome: Bon Bini Good Morning: Bon dia Thank you: Danki How are you?: Con ta bai Very Good!: Hopi bon I am fine: Mi ta bon I or I am: mi Have a good day: Pasa un bon dia See you later: Te aworo Food: cuminda: Bread: Pan Soda: Refresco I love Aruba: Mi stima Aruba ****************************************************** On to Cartagena, the walled fortress city where one can find anything one wants, provided, of course, that one can understand the Colombians when they speak. My little Mexican Spanish didn't cut ... read more
the barge
Happy Heineken

Central America Caribbean » Aruba December 5th 2009

TOP PANORAMA PHOTO- Palm Beach at the Marriott Resort December 5, 2009 Palm Beach Aruba- Marriott Surf club The rest of the week we continued our decadent ways spending hours each day by the pool and in the lazy river. What a relaxing way to spend the day in the tropics. The other fascinating thing about the lazy river is it’s watchful herd of Iguanas. Iguanas of every color and size inhabit the pool area at the Marriott. There are small six inch brown ones with purple spots to large, three foot long green ones. They wander under your chair as you sit and stare you down from the rocks as you float around the river. Everywhere you look you see iguanas, on the walkways, the bridges and gardens. Occasionally two of the large ones have ... read more

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