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September 30th 2021
Published: September 30th 2021
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Our day started with a visit to the Spanish Lagoon to visit the burrowing owl – both of them this time! We noticed that one of them at least has been banded.

David also got much better photos of the Ruby Topaz humming bird, but still not up to his usual snuff, so no doubt we’ll be back again! There were MANY of these humming birds in the bushy walking area there, whizzing by in 2’s and 4’s. Make sure you note the wonderful photo of the trupial in flight.

After returning the big camera to the AirBnB, we turned around and did another drift snorkel at Mangel Halto. It was exciting to see another Ocean Trigger fish – they are so graceful. No eels though.

We visited a “famous” Trinidadian restaurant for goat curry and shrimp curry, and met for the second time the family we’d chatted to yesterday at Mangel Halto. They were doing the 4 wheeler things – very dusty indeed. We tooled around the island north of Baby Beach for a while – seeing many goats – that must be where the goat curry comes from! Some were in quite precarious positions on the cliffs.

We needed to figure out where/when to take the Covid-test to return to the US so visited the mall where the tests are administered. No way to book in advance, so guess we will just go and be prepared to wait in line on Saturday. The reward for driving all that way just to not be able to book it in advance was to stop at the Shaba Bakery for a mispel softserve. That’s a Caribbean fruit that makes ice cream taste rich like ultra French .anilla with a slight “sandiness.” Unique.

Tonight was our very first dramatic sunset thanks to the many clouds.

Leftovers for dinner tonight so we can perhaps catch up on some things.

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