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We arrived back in Cusco from the Inca trail saturday night exhausted and ready for bed. Jane's birthday was the same day Lucille & I start Spanish lessons & volunteering so we made Sunday the bigger birthday celebration. We met friends from the Inca trail at The Real McCoy's an English pub that served Sunday roasts, crumble and custard. It may not have compared to our mother's versions but it was very good! In the evening we met up with Aussy Mark and went for drinks and enjoyed some dancing at a local discotheque.    The Spanish classes were great, as Lucile had already participated in a week's school we had individual tutors after the first day. They were really good and we learnt a lot. One day my lesson went to a local food Market ... read more

Well I had to check out the beach, didn't I? And it was pretty amazing! I was the only person there and it was really long. Just me and the pelicans! I wasted no time getting into the water which was a most perfect temperature and it was sandy and calm as a mill pond. It felt weird being the only person on such a beautiful beach and I wondered if there might be monsters lurking in the deep, but if there were they didn't bother me. The uphill walk back in full blazing sun was quite hard work, but for such a glorious swim well worth it. I have to admit that was it really other than checking emails and updating yesterday's blog. However I don't think anyone in their right mind could come to ... read more
The volcano
nice clouds
empty beach

Today was my real introduction to Montserrat with a special tour, but starting off with a very encouraging meeting. I met with Herman Francis, the Minister of Culture in the morning and was very impressed to discover that his work was also very much hands on as he runs various school and community music groups in the evenings and a weekends. I can't imagine there are many other ministers of culture around the world who are so closely involved and dedicated to their ministerial cause. It was also good to find out that there are a variety of music groups that have been running for some time and a fairly substantial selection of instruments available (though some looked rather worse for wear - there was even a very old looking banjolele!). There is 'Small Beginnings' a ... read more
The Music Room
All the guitars
steel pans

This is my first trip across the Atlantic and my first tropical expedition. Even more exciting, it is a trip with a purpose and has come about due to the marvellous connection between the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Sir George Martin. Little did I realise during my teenage Beatle obsession that I would not only meet their producer but put on a big show in his honour and now be instrumental in setting up an scheme he came up with to bring music education to the island of Montserrat. So I'm quite amazed and delighted to be here, staying in his house on that very island. What a journey! Yesterday's travel wasn't too bad. An 8 hour flight from London to Antigua was just within the outer limits of my comfort zone; I ... read more
The Captain
Leaving Antigua
Antiguan beach

I was joined for breakfast today by a humming bird. Whilst I munched a tasty scrambled eggs on toast he supped elegantly as he buzzed at the special feeder a few feet away. I'm not sure he was totally appreciative of my company but I was very happy to see him. Meanwhile, without my knowledge or prior agreement a third party joined in breakfast taking a drink from my left ankle. Bloody mosquitos and their bloody breakfasts. After the breakfast party I went for a walk down the hill to see the sea. Margaret warned me that the return journey would be very uphill but I took it on all the same. The sun was shining through the greyness at last so it was a pleasant bright stroll down the quiet roads taking in all the ... read more
Lime Kiln Beach
Big leaved tree
cowering chickens

Antigua wonders - Dickenson Bay. Visited Dickenson Bay, Antigua, early may 2011. What a wonderful place !!!... read more
Dickenson bay
Dickenson bay
St. Johns

(Apologies this entry has the wrong location as travelblog website wouldn't let me choose the correct one.) We arrived in Copacabana via bus and boat ride from La Paz. It is a quaint town on the shore of Lake Titicaca; we tried the speciality of freshly caught trout from the lake and it was delicious. Isla de Sol The legend is Isla de Sol is where the Inca civilisation was born. We decided to take a boat trip over and see the ruins which was a maze of corridors and lanes. Lucille was unwell with a chesty cough so stayed with girls we befriended to take the boat south while Jane, Amanda & I walked the 9km to the other end of the island. Initially the high altitude made the steep uphills harder but we soon ... read more

The week in Antigua came and went like a whirlwind in the blink of an eye. We arrived last Friday and anchored in Falmouth harbor. During quarantine, I was aloft with the rest of the ship doing harbor stows on the sails when the arrival of our skiff brought a very familiar person. Looking down, all I saw was a head of silver followed by the flash of the brightest smile I’ve seen in a while. Without boring you with all the gooey details, I instantly lost all concentration on whatever task I was doing (something about putting a gasket on the upper topsail) and quickly ran down the ratlines for a long awaited reunion. It was so great to not only see a familiar face, but for it to be Frank! He managed to hop ... read more

Barbuda's 11 mile beach has to be one of the best in the Caribbean. The name indicates the length and the sand is the softest powder with a hint of pink given by the crustaceans local to here. It's not that easy to get here, unless you make use of the local hotel's helicopter. To sail here, the wind has to have no north in it otherwise there's an uncomfortable swell. We left Antigua early in the morning to arrive in Barbuda before midday with the sun behind us to ensure that we could navigate through the reefs and shallow water. The photos help to give an indication about the place. The town doesn't seem to get tourists at all. To get into Codrington there's a two mile boat ride to get past, which was incredibly ... read more
Rainmaker at the beach
Kite surfer
Customs office

Having arrived in Antigua over three weeks ago, you might wonder what the place has to keep anyone here this long. Well actually the time has been spent working on rainmaker. We felt the need to give her lots of love before attempting to sail back across the Atlantic, especially as the way back will potentially be far more challenging. We've spent the time getting her hauled out to look as good as new, taking the opportunity to do some antifouling and other general maintenance. With her interior also been revamped she does look pretty good and has increased her homeliness a huge amount. As she's been out of the water we camped ourselves for a while in Harmony Hall, which was just delightful. We've also spent a bit of time in Nelson's dockyard, which is ... read more
m Maltese Falcon
m copper and lunber
m Museum

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