Lake Titicaca; From Bolivia into Peru

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(Apologies this entry has the wrong location as travelblog website wouldn't let me choose the correct one.)
We arrived in Copacabana via bus and boat ride from La Paz. It is a quaint town on the shore of Lake Titicaca; we tried the speciality of freshly caught trout from the lake and it was delicious.

Isla de Sol
The legend is Isla de Sol is where the Inca civilisation was born. We decided to take a boat trip over and see the ruins which was a maze of corridors and lanes. Lucille was unwell with a chesty cough so stayed with girls we befriended to take the boat south while Jane, Amanda & I walked the 9km to the other end of the island. Initially the high altitude made the steep uphills harder but we soon got in our stride. In the south we rejoined Lucille for lunch before heading back to Copacabana.

Royal wedding
Yes we woke up at 6am to watch the wedding of Kate & Wills. Luckily we had a tv in our room so could be done from the comforts of our beds. We cooed and swooned, pleased it went well without a hitch.

Sunset on religious hill
In Copacabana there is a hill which has religious statues/crosses on top and is recommended as a great view for sunset. So we put on our trainers and hiked up the hill, marvelling at the great views of the town, the lake and nearby islands.

Puno - Floating islands
From Copacabana we moved onto the town Puno. It is on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, giving us new stamps in the passport, though we were sad to leave Bolivia. In Puno we went in a trip to visit the floating islands. It consists of 65 islands made from roots and reeds with a total 2000 population. It was strange to walk along particularly on underdeveloped areas as our feet began to sink into the layers of reeds. We learnt how the islands were built, maintained and the residents way of life. Each island has a president, new layers of reed are added daily and to use the bathroom they have take a boat to the mainland. We were given a ride in their reed boat to the supermarket island before returning to Puno.

From Puno we're moving onto Cusco for 3 days prior to the Inca Trail so we can try adapt to the high altitude.

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