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Well its been a couple of relaxing days since leaving Fort Lauderdale, quite windy and a bit of roll n roll on the boat as well, doesn't bother us though. We have met some lovely people aboard, majority Americans I think around 1500, 299 Australians, Canadians, Brazilians, Chinese from Hong Kong, Turks, English, 30 odd New Zealanders so a bit of a mix. Hutch the guy who did all our pre port lectures on our World Cruise is also on this cruise, also have met 6 passengers who were on our world cruise as well, amazing! This ship, being a third again bigger than what we have travelled on before, seems to have a lot more space, certainly more speciality restaurants and bars. Show last night was a Ballroom Show, great singing and dancing! Was formal ... read more

Today we are back in the CARIBBEAN ISLANDS! Antigua. It’s 77 degrees, humid, with soft trade winds. YES! People ask me all the time...where is my favorite place in the world? That’s such a hard question and there is no clear answer as I have found amazingly friendly helpful people all over the world. There are awesome vistas and food everywhere and history beyond comprehension in the cities and country sides of this planet. The answer for each us, lies within us. Where do you feel like you belong, where are the places in the world that touch your heart and soul? Although I love many places, topping the list is Paris, the Baltic from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg and from Oslo to Stockholm to Helsinki. Add Turkey, Italy and England. Of course no list would ... read more
Carib Bean Coffee Company
St Johns Cathedral
Cope & Jean

Antigua reminds me of a beautiful woman who is having a quiet night in, and you are fortunate enough to meet her for the first time. There is something about her, no doubt, but it is an understated beauty. Hey, need I remind you this is the Caribbean, so the island is bound to impress right? That being said, Antigua has 365 beaches which is the most in the Caribbean, and one for every day of the year as the locals are fond of saying. This Caribbean pearl is a regular stomping ground for the rich and famous for very good reason. When you first lay eyes on the beaches of Antigua it all comes into focus, as this stunning island is the most beautiful beach destination I've ever had the privilege to visit. Antigua, my ... read more
Sir Viv Richards stadium and statue
Fort in St John's
English phone booth … on the beach!

Carib.110211 Antigua Late start today to go to the Prickly pear island for some snorkelling. A short boat ride brings us to a very small island at which our goupr of 15 are the only ones here. Open bar with rum punch and mixed drinks, beach chairs and snorkle gear. Operated by Miguel and his family this small operation is a hot spot for the tour groups. Went snorkelling and saw some damsel fish, yellow tails some gar and different types of coral. We have pictures of some brain coral but those will ahev to wait till we get back for the developing. OUr lunch had some BBQ chicken red beans and rice some curry and a piec of cod fish. Soon we have to leave way to early. Gonna have to come back here for ... read more
boat launch
Prickly Pear
Beach bum

Antigua - St.John's - Slipping on my life jacket I feel like an old hand at swimming with stingrays. Gone are the fears of the first time. I descend the narrow metal ladder into the warm waters of the Caribbean and swim away out to the sandbank where the stingrays are gathered. We get to touch and play with them and of course the inevitable photograph and video too. So confident am I that I take to feeding them with prawns from the bucket held aloft by one young Caribbean. I hear him say something about keeping the prawn vertical but do not hear the second part:" keep your thumb hidden". A stingray grabs my thumb with its mini saw-like teeth. I squeal. And pull. My thumb is released instantly. On return to the shore we ... read more
feel the weight of this stingray

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