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Nous sommes arrivés le 4 novembre à Antigua, sans problème, avec tout juste une heure de retard. Nous nous sommes installés dans la belle chambre que nous avions eue en avril au Jolly Castle, petit hôtel qui nous avait même envoyé un taxi à l’aéroport. Le lendemain matin, Absaroque venait tout juste d’être amené dans l’enclos de travail quand nous sommes allés le retrouver. Une semaine complète de travaux avant de remettre notre corneille à l’eau : nettoyage habituel mais aussi un changement d’un passe-coque, deux changements d’étoupe dans les presse-étoupe (arbre d’hélice et safran) et une réparation sur la coque. Il y a eu aussi la réfection de la petite ligne blanche au-dessus de la ligne de flottaison et évidemment la peinture antisalissure. Nous avons également pris livraison du nouveau dodger-bimini, une mini cure de ... read more
Le nettoyage intérieur avance vite et on commence le nettoyage extérieur.
Découverte de la « bulle » dans la fibre de verre.
Une petite en plus de la grosse

Day 5 Jackie & I were first up as usual, so we got to see the beautiful sunrise over Deep Bay. In fact after discussion we realised we had shared quite a few romantic moments together, in between showers on the transom together, sunrises and sunsets! My husband will be very jealous! After saying goodbye to Lily Maid we sailed out towards Sandy Island. We then experienced the best moment of our trip - 2 Dolphins joined us for a few minutes, they were swimming under the bow of the boat, we were all so excited, (unfortunately the photos didn’t come out well). Back to reality, we short tacked around Sandy Island, Heidi then set a challenge for the 3 novices – a figure of 8 course. We worked together each taking turns at the helm ... read more

After living in Antigua for a year I decided it was time to learn to sail! Antigua really is the Mecca of sailing in the Caribbean, so this was the place to do it I thought. After making some enquiries, I decided to make a booking with Miramar Sailing – a company based in Jolly Harbour where I live. Being a complete beginner, I was advised to book the RYA Competent Crew Course; there was also the opportunity to book this for a “Ladies only week”. Sounded like lots of fun I thought. As the date was getting nearer I had a couple of apprehensions: maybe I will get seasick, maybe I would miss technology (especially Facebook and email!) and how am I going to remember all the knots (making knots was never my strong point ... read more

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