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February 1st 2018
Published: February 28th 2018
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Here we are, writing the last blog about our little 9 days cruise on the Club Med 2...and all this writing is done from Kinshasa, kind of ironic!

This blog is all about a day in Anguilla, another day in Les Saintes and finally getting back to Pointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe. All in one blog as i'm running slightly late about blogging, nothing really new either here.

Anguilla is part of the British Crown, so this is not one more country on the list for me, but it is still a first visit. The island has been hit big time too by Hurricane Irma last year. The golf course is open, but the hotel won't open for a while. This is a top Greg Norman golf course design, but i was not in love by all this grass. Imagine, they had to built their own desalination plant just for the golf course and hotel....that's a lot of resources spent for such a place on a small island! yes, all golf courses are not right! It is a gorgeous place, just not in the right place!

The golf course is 15 minutes by minibus from where the club Med 2 is staying. Not a lot to see on the road beside scrub and a lot of destroyed houses. Sad, but they will rebuilt. The beach is a pretty nice place...and we spent a nice afternoon here with Tanya. Another day in paradise, isn't it??

Next, we are moving back to France, well, at least to Guadeloupe. The group of islands that forms Les Saintes is just few miles south of the main island of Guadeloupe.This is a first for me, and it's a gorgeous place. We disembark early morning, ready for the little hike all the way up to the Fort Napoleon. The islands have been the scene of battles between the French and the Brits two centuries ago. The Brits went, they conquered, than they left. Fort Napoleon was actually built after this, so it was never used into battle, but rather for a while as a jail.

The visit of Fort Napoleon is a stunning one. This specially after that solid hike. This place is just an amazing view point, and I believe you will enjoy the few pictures. That afternoon, we finally went snorkeling. There seems to have some solid diving out of Les Saintes, but our schedule is too tight for me to escape diving this time. The snorkeling is below average, but at least we are enjoying a nice zodiac ride around part of the main island.

Than here it is, our last evening on the Club Med 2. don't have any idea on how many bottles of Champagne went down in 8 evenings. But with free flow from 6pm every night, a lot of bubbles went down for sure. Food was average on this cruise, actually exactly like on my last trip on the club med 2. but we partied a lot, and i'm happy that Tanya survived all those French people! Smile!

Next morning, we are back to Pointe-a-Pitre. Our next flight is only 24 hours later. Let put is simply, the center of Pointe-a-Pitre is just an ugly place. Taxi rides are just a rip-off around the island, so we are renting a little car. We are staying for the night in St Anne, 30 minutes out of Pointe-a-Pitre. The hotel is a basic "package" one....there is a beach, a clean basic room, but not much else to write about. Don't know why anybody would spend a full week on holidays here, specially after an 8 hour flight, go figure! but for us, it does the job. We drove by the local supermarket to stock on some french groceries supplies, and this as it. Nice evening without bubbles this time, average restaurant next to the hotel, we were ready for our next coming soon!

No more Club Med 2 cruise for us a for a long while. I still have two cruises on my wish-list...but they will be slightly different. In 2020, hopefully on the program, some serious luxury, little ship...all this cruising from Alaska to the planning. Than in few more years, I still plan to bring Tanya across the Atlantic on one of those iconic serious style too!

Next blog...coming soon...for now, I'm back to work...

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