Published: May 25th 2011
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Anguilla's history has been quite a story to tell. In 1967, Britain granted Saint Kitts and Nevis full internal autonomy, and Anguilla was also incorporated into this, against the wishes of many Anguillians. This led a rebellion with a boat full of Anguillans heading to St Kitts with an American mercinary. There was guns fired with noone injured and since then Anguillan achieved what they were fighting for and were allowed to secede from St Kitts and Nevis and is now a British Overseas territory. It is said that they took particular umbridge to the Governor of St Kitts publicly stating that the Anguillans will do as they are told and that St Kitts is not a nation to be messed with.

It's quite a flat island and is quite pricey with large exclusive resorts. It was a very lovely place to be. We caught up with a bunch of people here: Sea Otter, Nimue, Otra Vida and Let it Be.

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