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A small but growing collection of books published by TravelBlog members.

The Red Quest

The Red Quest, to visit every country of the former Soviet Union. Join Jason Smart as he travels through 22 countries; Eastern Germany to Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.
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The Corn Flake Traveller

Mick is on a mission to eat corn flakes in every country in the world, his book details experiences from a decade travelling in over 60 countries and includes 180+ photos.
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Taiwan through the Eyes of a Foreigner

(老外愛台灣) - Nick Kembel shares adventures Teaching English and Traveling in Taiwan; includes over 100 stunning photos, illustrations, poetry, and is 100% bilingual, with traditional Chinese and English.
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Out of Office Male

After a decade of managing IT projects in an investment bank, John McCabe was fearful that the rest of his life would continue to revolve around spreadsheets, conference calls, and e-mails. So he quit his job and embarked on four years of travelling around the world.
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We love to share books written by Travel Blog members and have a few rules on eligibility including but not limited to the following:

(1) The blogger must be a long-term (minimum 2 years) established member of the Travel Blog community
(2) The blogger must have published at least 20 genuine blogs demonstrating a contribution to the Travel Blog community
(3) The above and other details such as book subject, quality, and relevance are open to administrators' discretion

If you are eligible, please Contact Us with details of your book including a cover shot, a brief summary and a place (web link) where your book can be purchased.

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