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Yvonne seiler

Hi guys

So I'm from Switzerland but I decided to write in English so please excuse my grammer and all the other language fails=)

The reason I start these blog is mainly because I love to travel around the world and I want to share some stuff with you😊 I'm going to try to add the whole route with tips where to stay and how to travel low budget with a few more expansiv exceptions.

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon August 20th 2015

We travelled from the golden rock to the capital City Yangon. After five hours we finally arrived in Yangon. Our first impression was that the city isn't as big as we expected it to be. The other thing we noticed was that the main part of all the cars in the streets were taxis, so the locals don't really drive a car yet. The first night out we went to the 50th street restaurant/ pub which is really nice good food an nice atmosphere. Finally we could eat something else than rise which we ate for the last week. =) In the morning we went to see the Shwedagon Pagode the biggest Pagode in Yangon and the religious center of Yangon. It's a really nice Pagode and definately worth seeing it. After the we saw the ... read more
Malaysia 523
Malaysia 538
Malaysia 552

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Kyaiktiyo Pagoda July 17th 2015

So from the Inle Lake we took the night bus to Bago. Bago is a town in between the golden rock and Yangon. Unfortunately there isn't a direct way from the Inle Lake to the golden rock. So we decided to stay in Bago for one night because we didn't really know how long the ride would be. The night bus is really nice actually the only thing was that at four in the morning the bus driver told us to get out and we were in the middle of nowhere. We got out and were completly confused because we were still on the highway in the middle of the night and nobody could tell us why we had to leave the bus. It turned out that we just had to change buses but for a ... read more
Malaysia 502
Malaysia 505

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake July 14th 2015

Better late than never :) So form Bagan we took another bus to the Inle Lake the village is called Nyaung, which is basically the main village there. It took us about 6 hours to get there by bus. The bus picked us up at 9 o' clock in the morning at our Hotel and he also dropped us at our Hotel at the Lake so they really look after you. You aren't going to be lost somewhere on the way! When you are at the Inle Lake you've to make a boat trip it's absolutely worth your time. We didn't had a clue what we wanted to see but the man who took us out on the lake just showed us what he thought we wanted to see and it was perfect. We saw the ... read more
Myanmar Inle Lake
Myanmar Inle Lake
Myanmar Inle Lake

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan July 14th 2015

We now arrived at Inle Lake which is beautiful. We came from Bagan which is where all the temples are. One thing for Bagan is it's am amazing view when you drive through all the temples and ruins. In Myanmar it's for a tourist not allowed to drive a scooter. So the hotels of Bagan had an other idea the rented a e-bike Which is a brilliant idea because it was very hot when we went to see the ruins and you couldn't ride a bike it was just no possible. The temples looked amazing from outside, from inside they were a little destroyed and dirty which war really sad. All in all two days to see Bagan was enough because most Pagodas and temples look alike and there's is only so much before you become ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay July 11th 2015

So we arrived safely at the airport in Mandalay. We took a taxi to our hotel which is very nice, it's called Mandalay City hotel. On our first day here we visited the royal palace and the Mandalay hill. A few tips :) as a foreigner your can only enter the royal palace at the east entrance. And if you want to see a wonderful view over Mandalay the hill behind the royal palace is perfect for that. But take my advice don't walk there because it's just to hot to do that. It would take you around 45 minutes which doesn't sound too bad, but it is trust me on that :) tried it and failed :) So in the afternoon we went to Mingun a smaller city/ village which is in the north of ... read more
the Mingun Bell
infront of the Mingun Pagode

Asia » Burma July 9th 2015

If you ever want to travel to Myanmar, you've to know a few things. First you've to get a visa , I got my from these web address which was very easy to do http://myanmarvisa.com/. Second you need a passport. The rest is up to you, but I'm going to travel with a Backbag so if it's your first trip to an asia country and you want a few tips to what you want to pack here is my packing list :) I packed those things for travelling for 3 weeks. Pack list: · Two Bikinis · Five socks · Five underwear · Two bhs · two linen pants long · two shorts · one long skirt · one dress · two kimonos · six shirts · a smaller rucksack · an adapter · one shirt ... read more

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