Johnny Bgood


Johnny Bgood

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island March 28th 2010

After San Martin de los Andes we crossed the border into Chile, stayed briefly in Valdivia and then headed south to the island of Chiloe. Valdivia is a nondescript town close to the Pacific coast. Its main claim to fame is the fact that it was close to the epicenter of the strongest earthquake ever recorded - the 9.5 magnitude 1960 earthquake which affected countries as far away as Japan and Australia. There are no traces of the earthquake today and the one that hit more recently in February was too far north to cause any damage. We stayed overnight to check out the river and its sights and rest before we caught a bus to Chiloe. There is a small, quiet fish market in the morning frequented by both humans and sea lions, the latter ... read more
Stilt houses in Castro
Boats in Chiloe

Bariloche is the tourist capital of Argentina. It sits close to the Chilean border on the edge of a large lake. The surrounding area is known as the Seven Lakes, although there are many more. We stayed briefly in Bariloche to do some rafting and horse riding and then rented a car and drove north. The sky was a steel ceiling above our heads, the clouds like a huge demonstration occupying the heavens, their coattails dragging along the mountaintops. The Patagonian wind ran rampant in the valleys of the Seven Lakes, threatening to run the car off the road. The road turned into a long crescent shaped valley where trees covered the surrounding mountains on one side and waves, driven to a frenzy by the wind, lapped the shore on the other side. We passed the ... read more
A lake on the road
On the road to Lanin
Lanin volcano and the dead forest

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén March 14th 2010

We are in El Chalten now, which Simone's Lonely Planet claimed had no banks or internet, but that information, two years old now, is outdated. It's now one of the most touristed places I've ever visited. There are certainly more tourists than locals and the number of hostels and restaurants is astounding for such a small town. However, it's very well justified. El Chalten is nestled in the foothills of the mountains in a bowl shaped valley. Above the surrounding hills snow covered mountains peek into the valley. The most famous is Fitzroy, an intimidating peak that looks like a multi-faceted black crystal. The sheer cliffs that make up the mountain lead to a summit at over 3400m and most of the mountain is free of snow, its sides being too sheer for the snow to ... read more
Mt. Fitzroy
Israelis everywhere...
Laguna de los Tres

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate March 13th 2010

I'm in El Calafate now, apparently it's named after some sort of local berry (the "El" is the Spanish equivalent of "The", not anything Arabic). The scenery is very different from anything I've ever seen. Coming in on the airplane everything looked like a desert. From that altitude it's hard to see the low scrub that covers the surface. After landing I got a first look at what it looks like from ground level. The open distances are almost too much to contemplate. It's just as well that there are mountains otherwise the pampas would seem to stretch on endlessly, not something that an Israeli can easily get used to. El Calafate is pure frontier country. Some of the roads are still unpaved and the houses are very basic. All around the untamed wild stretches for ... read more
A condor soars
The landscape of Patagonia
More Patagonian landscape

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