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28th November 2012

great sunset !!!
Hi sweetie, good pics...thanks. And good to hear your voice again the other nite. Life here probably sounds boring, (& sometimes it is, though busy) to someone in Costa Rica who is seeing new stuff every day, horses in your front yard & monkeys. We did go to a presentation at BIRDS UNLIMITED about owls. They had a lecture w/slides & sounds & real owls...a barn owl & a great horned of beautiful. My favorite is the barn owl w/ its white dish face. That's the one I had to duck when we first moved here & I was walking near the lagoon as it got dark. I felt it was a spiritual welcoming...I also saw a deer & a huge jack rabbit that evening...& not since!!! So enjoy your last couple of wks in CR & "keep dancing" I gave Reiki to your mother today & continue to send you yours every AM. Pa & I are very proud of you & your courage & we'll see you soon. XOXO
From Blog: Palo Verde
19th November 2012

Hey there.....once again you make me miss C.A. so beautiful. Sounds like you are having an amazing time, keep up the blogs. I am so sorry about your grandmother. Love you, T
28th October 2012

school break
Hi Sweetie...I can't believe you had another earthquake, it's worse there than in LA. You have so much traveling scheduled for your vacation. You are really "taking in the sights" Please continue to be careful, especially when traveling. College kids are often the victims of scams, theft etc. Watch out for the "gypsies" of Costa Rica. We will be following you on all sounds wonderful. Also happy you will have a camera again. Tomorrow Pa & I are going to the beach & out to lunch somewhere w/your family inc. Summer in honor of Ashley's b-day....we will miss you & be thinking of you. We watched the SF Giants beat the Detroit Tigers tonite in game 3 (2-0) in Detroit. Next game tomorrow Sun. If the Giants win they will be Nat'l Champs. Yahoo !!! Now I'm into baseball.xo
10th October 2012

bonita tica
Hola Kelsey, so great to hear from you. It sounds like you are w/a nice family. I agree talking Spanish to children is much easier, you feel more at ease. I used to talk to the children on the beach when we were in mexico. I think I spoke pretty well but had a hard time translating their answers. We are fine here...waiting for a little sprinkle but I don't think so, it's been beautiful in the 70's...a little morning clouds. Your Dad & Hailey are coming for dinner Thurs. so they can watch the "vice debate" hope you can see it too. Holly & Joel are coming for the wkend. They probably won't get to see your folks but probably Maria. Sorry we can't mail you a few more clothes...have you found anything you like yet? Buy something & we'll deposit in your acct.if you need it. It's horrible if you don't have enough clothes...something you shouldn't have to deal with. We miss you but are jelous of what your will be fluent by the time your home. Mucho amor, su abuelos xoxo
10th October 2012

Hola Mija!
Great to hear about CRLA. The weekend sounds fun, too. I bet your Spanish will be so good after this! XOXO
26th September 2012

Pa's back
Hi sweetie...So sad about your camera. Hope you can figure something out to fix it or borrow another or what???? We still want more pics. Would love to see more w/peeps also. Things here are good, the days seem to go by so fast. Matt went to 9 Corners yesterday for accupuncture treatment but it turned out to be something different. After the examination he was given a treatment of electricity & heat & massage...then sent home w/3 special stretching exercises. He really felt it was good for him & liked Randy Gibson. Gibson also commented on your father & said he had heard such wonderful things about what a good teacher he was & how everybody loved him. So I will do my best to see that Matt does his exercises & we go back next wk. Love those tiny frogs they are so beautiful & fragile. Keep up the good work. Lots of love to you, hasta luego...Grammy & Pa XO
22nd September 2012

keeping in touch
It is great reading your blog and keeping in touch with all you are doing down there. You write really well, it is a joy to read. Can't wait to hear more, so happy you are enjoying it so much there. Lots of love Tia T
18th September 2012

Nice pictures!
Hi Kels - Thanks for the great report from La Selva. Watch out for those bugs and bats! XO
From Blog: La Selva Day 3
17th September 2012

Students Blogs
Thanks for your grateful student blog informations.
From Blog: Cuerici
11th September 2012

the tree
What a great tree, must have been fun to climb. we are getting our new roof on, started monday finish on wed. the noise is terrible !!!! tomorrow is my birthday...I'm so happy to be in Novato. Going to go shopping for some Fall clothes & shoes as soon as I have time. Pa & I walked Summer to Pioneer Park today=8 pees & 1 poop. Everything good here. How is your Spanish ? Are you speaking it much ? Love hearing all & seeing pics. Miss you & think of you every day. XO
10th September 2012

So Excited for You!
I'm glad you're blogging - your blog can be a treasured resource. Stay well and keep us posted. We look forward to reading about your adventures!
6th September 2012

We heard about the earthquake but Pa figures it was not near you. I'll bet you felt it though. We had Summer & Inky here today w/Maria. Poor Summer, Inky is such a nervous kisser, never stops. Crummy chilly here all day (wed.) Pa got a "real" haircut ...hasn't been in a barber chair since I started cutting it about 30+ yrs ago. I'm retired from cutting period....he looks great. Take good care of you, hasta mas tarde....grammy & pa xoxo

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