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Yairmari Roldan

My name is Yaima and I am about to start a five month journey in the nation of Chile. I will be teaching bright Chileans minds how to improve their future by learning English. Join me as I discover more about the world, Chile and myself.

South America » Peru » Cusco » Aguas Calientes December 10th 2010

Because of the lack of time and money, we decided to take the PeruRail train to Machu Picchu. The train took off from Poroy station by Cuzco at around 730am. It takes about 4 and a half hours to get to Machu Picchu Pueblo, or previously known as Aguas Calientes. The views from the train are breathtaking. Mountains hidden by mountains and terraces full with crops for fruits and vegetables. Along the way you also get to see some Inca ruins on both sides of the train. It really is an unforgettable experience that every person should do sometime in their life. Around noon we reached Aguas Calientes, a tiny touristy town 20 minutes away from Machu Picchu. We ate some awesome Peruvian Mexican food and got everything settled for the hike up to the Machu ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco December 9th 2010

Cuzco is a beautiful city. Glad to be out of the desert and back in the mountains, Cuzco welcomed us with its beautiful colors and mountains. Coming from Arequipa, it was definitely better to get used to the high altitude and also thanks to some friends who recommended coca tea for the 'soroche' or altitude sickness, we all felt just fine. We explored some artisan kiosks, the San Francisco Plaza and the Plaza de Armas. This time around we didnt have enough time to do much sightseeing but we will be back in a couple of days. We did however have time to enjoy a delicious alpaca pizza.... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa December 8th 2010

We got into Arequipa late afternoon and immediately went for some food. Funny thing was that we ended up having some Peruvian Chinese food which was actually pretty good. The next day we walked around Arequipa and got to know the sites. We went to the Plaza de Armas which is beautiful at night and went to the Inka museum where Juanita The Ice Princess rests. She was a young girl who was sacrificed on the summit of a mountain next to a volcano and got frozen to the ground as time passed by. It is funny how she sits currently in the museum at below zero temperatures so that her body can be preserved in the awesome condition she is in today, makes you think about life. At the end of the day we catched ... read more

South America » Chile » Arica & Parinacota » Arica December 7th 2010

After enjoying two beautiful days at the beach in Iquique we started our journey up to Peru. Our first stop would be Arica, 4 and a half hours from Iquique. Knowing that it would be our shortest bus ride, oddly enough it seemed as the longest one for me and Lucy. We only spent the night there and the next day we contiunued on to Peru. Our second stop was the city of Tacna, 50km away from the Chilean border. As I crossed the border I got excited for my future adventures in Peru but got sad as I say goodbye to Chile, my home for the last 5 months. After Tacna we had a 6 hour bus to Arequipa where we would meet up with some friends. ... read more

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique December 6th 2010

After an unexpected short overnight bus, we made it to Iquique. We got to the hostel at 5am where the awesome owner let us sleep in one of the couches until it was a reasonable time for them to let us into our room, 8am. This hostel is awesome. It´s name is Backpackers Hostel and part of the Hostelling International chain. It is literally 30 seconds away from the beach. Lucy and I spent our two full days at the beach with new friends from the hostel eating, talking and laughing. For those of you looking for a good chill beach in South America, Iquique is the place to go. ... read more

Our last tour in San Pedro was the most relaxing tour I've been in so far. Our first stop was the Cejar Lagoon which has 75% salt in it. As a result, you can't sink; you float. There is no need for you to do any effort at all to float. There we met people from all over the world and shared awesome conversations while enjoying the cool water. Finally when exiting the lagoon though we were covered in salt. When you dry up you feel like you are being petrified by the salt. You can just literally take the salt off your body. The second stop was at the Ojos del Salar Lagoons where two identical lagoons sit at the middle of the Atacama Desert. The only way to get in is to jump in ... read more

After a short break after the altiplanic lakes we headed to the Death Valley for a half an hour trek. From there you have an amazing view of the valley and the Atacama Desert. Then we headed to the Moon Valley where we visited the sites of the Three Marys, the Slat Mine, the Amphitheater and finally watched the sun set. It was beautiful. As soon as the sun hit the horizon it turned the desert into a beautiful painting filled with vibrant pink, red and orange colors. ... read more

You don't realize how long Chile is until you travel it. It took us 17 hours to get from La Serena to San Pedro de Atacama. Thankfully, it wasn't a bad bus ride at all. Comfortable seats and good movies made the trip pleasant. You do get a little scared when you are driving for hours and all you can see is sand and mountains with rocks on both sides and no civilization at all. But finally, you make it to the oasis that is San Pedro de Atacama and are so happy you made that trip. Definitely worth no matter how much time you spend getting there. As soon as we made it to town we scoped out the tour agencies and found Atacama Connection which gave us awesome discounts when booking more than one ... read more
Miscanti Lake
Flamingo in Atacama Salt Flat

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » Pisco Elqui November 30th 2010

Because Dana had suggested it, Lucy and I boarded a bus today headed to the Elqui Valley where they make Chile´s natinal drink, Pisco. It is also claimed by Peru as their national drink but we all know Chilean is better... Anyways, during a two and a half hour bus ride we saw spectacular views of the valley. On both sides, dry mountains stand with nothing but rocks, sand and cactus. Then, in the middle of the valley floor there are endless fields of vines. The green colored contrasted so much with the dusty sand of the mountains that sometimes it seemed from a dream. We stopped at the little town of Pisco Elqui to admire the town and the Mistral Pisqueria but it was too expensive so we just wondered around. ... read more

South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » La Serena November 29th 2010

After a 6 hours bus ride we finally arrived at La Serena. It is a beautiful town with a Spanish feel to it. Plain color houses and businesses are part of streets that seem to have no end with tons of people going places. The Plaza de Armas is a beautiful place just to sit down and enjoy a sunny day with a cool breeze. We also visited La Recova (marketplace) where we saw numerous artisan souvenirs and where Lucy wanted to buy a basket. I stopped her before it was too late, haha. We then tried to visit the Japanese garden but it was closed. From the outside wall it looked beautiful and we´re definietly dissapointed that we missed it. At the end of the day we went over to the beach. As soon as ... read more

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