Mandy & Debs 2017 adventure


Mandy & Debs 2017 adventure

Mandy and Deb on their much awaited trip to the UK and Italy. Many reasons to be here. Family, friends and a significant birthday.
We hope to provide some mirth, invaluable information and mainly just a bit of light relief.
Often these will be at the detriment of Mandy and some of her funny 'Wallyisms'. You know what I mean!!!
So stay tuned and I'll let you know how we are getting on. Hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments , love Mandy and Debs

Europe September 2nd 2017

So another fabulous holiday is coming to an end. But oh so memorable. Our time in Elba was amazing and we learnt so much. I now know that I have to remember how to order a flat white ..........cappuccino sense scuma. So come on remember Deb for the next time so you done end up with a macchiato. We have been enlightened as to an invaluable app called VIVINO , fabulous. You take a photo of the label and it tells you how much it is , what rating and all about the wine. Plus where you can get it. Amaze balls. It has changed our lives!!! Another thing is to not pack so much. Yes, we can hear many of you saying........ impossible Really , I nearly burst more that one pfooffer valve carting our ... read more
Marciana Marine
Nephew and Aunty
Birthday eve dinner at Rendezvous vous.

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Marciana Marina August 21st 2017

It's Monday 21st August and to say we are relaxed is an understatement. Jim and Claudia arrived yesterday and we were treated to a beautiful dinner at Rendezvous restaurant on the prom. Beautiful food, spaghetti vongole, prawns and a cheese platter and delicious wines from the region. For those who have had dinner with us this is where I Iearnt to make the champagne sorbet. A day passes and we have been by the pool , off to lunch to Capo Nord ) it really is beautiful seafood) and then tonight to th square for dinner and perhaps a pizza. Great talking to Jim about the film that they are about to start production on"Bohemian Rhapsody", the story of Queen and Freddie Mercury. It is coming out in December 2018.Lots of ego's happening about who is ... read more
silliness with Jim
3 very naughty people
glorious one day and perfect the next

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Marciana Marina August 19th 2017

Well, this is the most beautiful island and what a way to start the Italian adventure. Blue skies, blue ocean but nothing else to make you blue. It is beliisima. The villa we are staying in in San Bianco is so comfortable and thanks to Claudia and Jim we have a beautiful home for 2 weeks. This coupled with access to a car......... an old banger but a good one we have everything we need. It is interesting though to drive on the right of the road and change gears with your right hand whilst negotiating sharp corners, mmmmmm. Mandy is coping well with it though. Did I mention that it has no power steering? We have spotted quite a few golden retrievers and one called KIKI at the local pizzeria. So that has given us ... read more
Portoferraio, Elba
Marciana Marina
the promenade

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 13th 2017

The holiday begins with family and what a beautiful family we have. So good to be with Emily, Sean and Oscar. The weather is beautiful and we have a day of having breakfast somewhere and then off to the Farmers Market. Beautiful produce at Queens Park market very Sunday. Artisan breads, salami's , free range meats and the cheese, mmmmm. Had a day trip to Birmingham yesterday to meet up with Bron who came down from Shropshire. Lovely lunch at Carluccio's and preparing for our pasta fest in Italy. It is such a lovely feeling to be sharing Emily, Sean's and Oscars home and feeling part of it all. Heard from Hilltop Kennels and Cattery today that the girls have settled in well and that Mister Boo is running the show, so that makes us feel ... read more
lunch at Carluccios

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