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16th June 2012

Hi,what a wonderful collection of pictures from my town, Bahla. I just want to not that Nizwa is a different nearby city and I don't know the reason why you mention it here!Another thing to say is that Bahla Fort is ready after 18 years of
4th June 2012

This is not in Wewak, this is at Madang, Madang Province. The tree is located between the governors house and the famous Kalibobo lighthouse
4th May 2012

24th November 2011

wow nice picture..
From Blog: Majuro
19th November 2011

Beautiful. Looks like a great place to get away from it all and rejuvinate ones self.
28th September 2011

Why did you even post this?
13th June 2011

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6th May 2011

Well, the Atlantic Road is not situated in Molde. Far off! The road goes from Averøy to Eide in Nordmøre county!
15th February 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. It is extremely well written and the pics are great. I have spent a lot of tome inthebahamas and I really got a feel for how much you love the place and your time spent there. Your blog is great testimonial t
o the bahamas and the moorings. Well done.
10th February 2011

this sand is still green even thou it is not in water
12th January 2011

cereal boxes are actually fairly common as a collectible - most sports related ones actually say "collectors edition" on the front (thus....) - which also makes them not worth much - the ones that are worth A LOT are kids cereal (think mons
ters..mascots.animals) from the 1960s-1980s -
16th December 2010

Yet another beautiful shot of nature's beauty.
From Blog: To Tufi
16th December 2010

So beautiful, I always loved this place (my home) since my early childhood.I'd go home every two years just to relax and enjoy the holidays.
From Blog: To Tufi
16th December 2010

And Christopher is my first cousin on mum family tree!!
8th December 2010

Ilove this flower it is beatuiful.
4th December 2010

when was this and where?
From Blog: Majuro
29th November 2010

Thank you so much for posting your photos and comments! Thinking of traveling to Playa Herradura and staying at the same hotel. Very helpful since we have never traveled to the area. Fun to see your pictures.
From Blog: To the Coast
23rd November 2010

just for clarification. Station F (Faraday, now called Vernadsky) was handed over to the Ukraine in 1995 - after the Thatcher era. Neither the station nor Vladimir Vernadsky, after whom it is named have anything to do with the discovery of
the ozone hole. That work was done at Station Z (Halley).
28th September 2010

freaakkkknnnn misssn majol sooo freeakkkn bbaaaaddd!!!!:(:(...lol..tearz:(
From Blog: Majuro
3rd July 2010

take it off!
25th May 2010

We were there in 1975...
From Blog: Majuro
24th May 2010

WHOA! this picture is pretty old school. What year is this though?
From Blog: Majuro
3rd May 2010

this is beautiful, i would like to visit 1 day
23rd April 2010

all these stories sounds like a blast. im so glad you went to my country micronesa! Majuro! where i was born and grew up at til imoved here in United States. :)

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