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Asia » China » Beijing July 7th 2008

It might be merely that they were too used to inflexible fact and far too unused to pliable people. --Issac Asimov, "Foundation" "Now I really don't know what to do. It's very difficult to decide such things because there's no one you can talk to; no one understands. You have to go through it alone, and sometimes you choose wrong." --Philip Dick, "Flow My Tears the Policeman Said" "I'd rather be a little spacey than never trip." --Melissa Button written 7/4/08 10:15 a.m. Hey everyone, these next three weeks are going to be some of the most hectic/exhilirating of my life. I have my CHI201 final exam on Thursday morning, which means next couple days are studystudystudy. Then by Friday night we need to have any non-carry-on luggage packed and tagged to be pre-shipped + our ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City July 1st 2008

listening to: Cecil Taylor, The Beatles While not the focus of the trip, this country’s diet is pretty wild and worth a good story or two. I’ve found some delicious and disgusting and sometimes just confusing things here in China, and I’ll share a few right now. I love Baozi’s and Zhunzi’s…a Baozi is a steamed Chinese dumpling, pretty staple, but they’re better here. A zhunzi is filled and sized similarly, but is made of sticky glutinous rice on the outside and wrapped up in bamboo leaf after (I may have explained these before during the festival). There’s another dish called 鸡蛋西红盖饭 (“Eggs & Tomato Cover Rice”). It is exactly what the name suggests—whisked scrambled eggs mixed with roasted tomato and laid on top of steamed white rice. So simple, so delicious, and another one of ... read more

Asia » China » Hebei » Shanhaiguan June 30th 2008

It's been a week since I posted anything, and it's been a jam-packed 7 days. Got a lot of creative writing/reflection/picture-taking done too, but don't have time to include that here. I'll post a link to pics, and just ask if you wanna know more about the personal writing efforts. 9 p.m. an already tired so let's get this started... RECAP written on bus 6/27...Late Monday currently listening to: Starlight Mints Drum & Bell Towers were interesting & informative. Background: During the day, the Chinese would play the 24 accompanying drums and large 25th main drum once every 2hrs, same for the Bell but it was rung at night. They're stored in adjacent facing towers seperated by a small courtyard. They were used as time-telling devices for the whole of Beijing in the days before roman ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Beihai Park June 23rd 2008

This next week is gonna be packed so a quick bullet -style rundown of the past few days, otherwise they'd be lost in the hiatus. Rest of Thursday was us running around and forming study groups and trying to prepare for test. I also woke up about 5:30 next morning to study on my own (i just study better when i first wake up). Test was hard b/c a different teacher prepared it so the format was new. However i hope for the best. Week two test was a 90% w/B+ on the speaking. Besides test Friday was pretty chill, took a walk by myself around campus, on way back ran into Tai to told me our group was challenged to a big soccer match by some Korean exchange students in the neighboring dorm. I ran ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Tai Shan June 17th 2008

"You're been spending your time/Thinking about why you think so much/If there was ever a time/now would be time to see your time is limited "Everybody here is a cloud/And everybody will evaporate since/You came up from the ground/From a million little pieces, have you found where your place is?" --Cloud Cult 6/13 12:15PM beginning of bus ride Every place is the same place until you force yr insides to change Vaporize the parts that try to change things Killyrself so identity can re-burst peeking newborn Cocoon children finally running naked around new place All the city signs & stores just like home Foreign characters same gimmicks ~~ message I cant consume a damn thing inconspiculously Everyone trying to sell me something Everyone selling something to everyone and themselves People as Products of our own self-produced ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Temple of Heaven June 10th 2008

Group was going on another art museum/tea house excursion, Wes and & (as well as about a dozen other students) just said forget it and stayed back, as these sort of smaller afternoon trips are optional. I really needed to do laundry haha, and everyone's backed up on studying, didn't wanna have to choose between the two when I got back tonight. Anyways also got a chance to get all my pictures in one accessible place. on the lefthand side is a link that says "Great Wall" which will take you to some other pictures, follow these links as long as possible. For some reason this is how photobucket organizes albums. Got a B on my first test--I'm happy with this, considering I didn't know at all what to expect. This week's test should be ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China June 7th 2008

Hey everyone, I've had a very busy week and am just now getting a chance to update this. It's about 10:30PM here and we're leaving at 9 tomorrow morning to visit Tianenman Square and Silk Market, so i'll finish the journal tomorrow probably just because I'm exhausted. Right now, I'll just write out a brief bit about what my first several days on the other side of the world have been like, and then soon I'll post all my 100's of photos that I've taken this past week in a seperate journal. You know, let the pictures speak for themselves. But until then, a skeleton outline of maybe the most eventful week of my life-- Monday 1st day of class. Studying in a small building devoted to teaching Chinese to foreign students, basically equivalant to ESL ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 1st 2008

Just now got my internet up and wireless in rooms so I had to buy an ethernet cable from market in middle of campus (this campus is literally the size of a small enclosed city--you could live here exclusively and comfortably for years. But I've been keeping track of my thoughts via good old-fashioned pen and notebook past couple days, so here goes entry #1, transcribed and in-bulk... 5/30/08 app. 5:30 a.m. Arizona time, during HongKong redeye Interesting day of travel so far. Met up w/group immediately @ Sky Harbor, quickest most painless flight of my life over to LAX. Except that I got pulled aside & bag-checked beforehand b/c my 16-pack of AA batteries looked like bullets or something thru the X-ray machine...I wasn't joking about you picking a bad time to call me, ... read more
Hong Kong terminal 11

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix May 16th 2008

So yeah, i'll be using this site to keep everyone back home updated on my journey to the ancient country. Pass the link along to whomever you'd like, because my public entries will be more about the culture/current events of China, and the more people who enjoy reading them, the better. I'll probably make some posts/pictures private too, just for family and close friends. Okay, let's test some of things out now... This trip will permanantly change my life i'm about to go to the bank to... *Ask about their traveler's check policy *get some crisp $ for the Chinese Exchange Bureau *Figure out how to deposit my Freeman Asia Scholarship while overseas be sure to send me a message if you want a specific suveneir from Beijing, I'm currently taking requests but not for much ... read more

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