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15th December 2009

patience is a virtue
Great pix, son. That is a dang big buddha. The yellow laughing statue scares me a little bit ;p I'm glad the package got there OK again; enjoy!
From Blog: Big Buddhas
9th December 2009

from home
thanks as usual for the update on everything you are involved in Tye...even the slightest things you do mean so much to us back here. Glad the package arrived o.k. (I forgot the magazine....sorry....3 issues waiting for you back home). Can't wait to see you in January. Love Dad and Hannah
8th December 2009

That situation is always just tough for awhile, but we've discussed that. You're doing the right thing. I'm so excited to pick you up at the airport! I feel like I can't wait a whole month. I'll have to clear the fabric and costume projects out of your room though.
2nd December 2009

Muffintatstic !!!!
Very nice camera work Tye. I can see why your pic won an award. Good to read an update from you. Really miss you alot now with Christmas coming. Hope you received my last package by now, will nake sure "Santa" gets another one off to you soon. I've started to teach Hannah to ride her bike sans training wheels, can't wait to show you her progress when you get home. Love from Dad and Hannah
28th November 2009

it is really lots of imformation~~i hope you can get what you want here in China!! Here do have some funny person to hang out with!! huh!
25th November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving
We sure do miss you today, Tye. All this driving, cooking, eating, and napping just isn't as fun without you ;p No street hockey this year. Oddly, I woke up at 5am and felt like checking my email. I vote for graduate school, as you know. Luv ya, Mom
23rd November 2009

hey! sounds like you are having a lot of fun! i just had a big race and it was 2 miles and i got 8th place.(even though i just srained me ankelplaying basketball) brian got 7th in that race also. i have a b ball game tomarrow and hopeing we do good! we all miss you so much and will be thinking of you sence the holidays are comming.\ love you, Jessie
From Blog: Quick Update
4th November 2009

Some lines from Sweden
Hi Tye! We have got information about you from your grandfather Bob and grandmother Emily and we know that they are very proud of you. They have told us so much about you and we are very impressed about what you are doing in China. We have never been visiting China but have spent time in lot of parts of Vietnam. Not too far from China. Last year your grandparents visited us and we had a very nice time together. You maybe know we also visited them earlier and also your own family and Kim and Beth. We are sorry we did not meet you at that time but we hope to go "over there" again and maybe we can see you too. We wish you the very best and take care. Christian and Gunilla Reuithe in Sweden
21st October 2009

Professor Rabens
Sounds like you are doing a greta job of teaching. You are making a positive imprint on every one of those students, quite a powerful thing. A big pat on the back from Dad. miss you kiddo. ASU beat Washington Saturday on a last second touchdown pass......go Devils !!!!!!!
19th October 2009

proud of you
Congrats professor, I'm impressed that you are getting students to loosen up and feel comfortable speaking up in class. The first few days are awkward in any environment.
19th October 2009

sounds like you are doing GREAT tye! we all miss you!!!!
18th October 2009

franchises available?
will you be offering franchises in yourself?Id like to buy one :)
10th October 2009

lucky or blessed ?
maybe you are just blessed Tye :)
10th October 2009

meditating monks
When monks are meditating they are thinking about what Tye wants for dinner.
10th October 2009

its nice to hear you have found like-minded people to share your experiences Tye. would love to hear more about them as well. I would venture to guess you have over estimate the number of people that appreciate life more deeply as you so aptly wrote" "I feel this is a major distinction between two types of people, and if I'm one of the 15% of the human population that'll work harder to appreciate more deeply, than I am satisfied and grateful. Even if the other 85% inherently cannot appreciate such a decision. " From my experiences I would say it is closer to 98 % to 2 % or worse. You are part of a rare breed my son.
10th October 2009

from home
So nice to hear you received our packages Tye. Will get more in the mail now that we know they arrived safely. So good to hear how happy you sound. Hannah says she loves you. :) Dad.
9th October 2009

from Dad
Thanks for sharing this awesome experience Tye. I know you will have plenty more before you come back. Hannah really misses you and has made more pictures to send to you in your next package we send.
From Blog: 上山,莫名
6th October 2009

Aw, so when monks are meditating, they are just thinking about what's for dinner.
4th October 2009

Adventure and Insight
Those last three sentences are beautiful. You've been keeping up well with phone calls and emails. You even let me know before you went on this trip. No complaints here, Tye. You've been very thoughtful. Like I wrote to you earlier, in many ways a charmed trek.
From Blog: 上山,莫名
2nd October 2009

how's everything?
Tye, I haven't heard anything from you in 2 weeks. Hope everything is o.k. please message me when you have a chance. I will be out of town next week for a few days and want to be assured all is fine with you. miss you kiddo. worried Dad
19th September 2009

group hug :)
if only you had a picture of the big hug, that would be awesome. That is just the funniest story Tye. I bet those kids will ask about you for a while. You are a great ambassador !!!!!!
From Blog: Affluent Fluency
19th September 2009

Only to you
Outstanding story.
From Blog: Affluent Fluency
17th September 2009

I thought this was a blog, why aren't you bitching about Kanye, yo? Also, recommending joining the Lemon Power scooter gang. Get some serious street cred. PEACE T-BAG.
16th September 2009

from home
Thanks again for the updates on your "going-ons" Tye. Hannah and I have readied an envelope of goodies for you that I will mail this week. Will start with just some newspaper clippings and pictures from Hannah to start just to test the mail system and the quirky infrastructure you so cleverly described in your blog. love from Hannah and Dad. (Hannah's new random statement to anybody she sees, "You're a taco!!!" ???????????? but oh so funny.
16th September 2009

Now, that's some useful vocabulary. ;-) I just clicked on your entry via your mom's Facebook post. Thanks for sharing. What an enriching experience this will be; soak it in!

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