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29th October 2010

Algiers, Algeria
Dear blog person,
2nd September 2010

safe swimming in the Dead Sea
Two or more elderly people have recently drowned in the Dead Sea. The strong current can drag you to the middle of the sea before you know it. It's is not that safe to swim there. You need to be careful not to be dragged by the current; also, there is a lifegurad at Kalia Beach. I love that part of the Dead Sea especially when the sun is about to sink behind the mountains and one can relax and unwined. Cool
26th September 2009

Great blog!! If you like, come back and visit mine: albumdeestampillas blogspot com Thanks, Pablo from Argentina
24th June 2009

I love blogs
Now that I have discovered it {I am sure that you sent me the link but I am rather disorganized] I plan to be an avid reader. Cult following, if you will. Keep it up!
23rd June 2009

Thank you for being so long-winded and helping me survive the boredom of my job!
19th June 2009

Get use to it!!
From Blog: Note
19th June 2009

Did you see the suicide belts in Nablus?
Or maybe they don't show that to naive foreigners ?
28th September 2008

Let us know how the surgery goes - coffee is a finicky mistress: so crucial for daily functioning yet so unexpectedly dangerous
11th August 2008

5th August 2008

I am jeaous.
You wench. I WANT TO GO ON AN ADVENTURE NOW. An adventure that does not involve tax reconciliation. And where are the pictures??
12th July 2008

never change the leh! in fact, that is your lizard's response to anything that your rational side suggests: 'Let's do forty push-ups!' 'LEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!'
From Blog: Leeeeh
10th July 2008

is it sad that it took me a full five minutes before I realized that Yurich isn't a place and you in fact meant Zurich? Yeah, Kelly needs to play some more Around the World...

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