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21st August 2016

Thanks foe sharing making planes to go to Yellowknife in June hope thats a good time
From Blog: Heading up North
24th March 2016

Yellowknife drive
Thank you for that blog. My hubby just sent me the link. It's going on my bucket list. Don't worry about 40 below. It is only a problem if you lack the proper clothing. I grew up 150 miles north of Quebec city, near the Saguenay river. Most winters we would have several -40 days (in Jan 1968 we had a full week of temps ranging between -55 and -40, with the windchill). Definitily doable, but you have to understand how the body works with insulation (clothing) to maintain core temp at 37 C -98.6 F. If you are visiting easter Canada, try to include a visit to the region- kayaking in the Saguenay fjord near Tadoussac is a breath-taking experience, and there is camping nearby in the National Park.
6th May 2014
Butchart Gardens

Perfect rainy Canadian holiday!
Butchart Gardens, butterflies and chocolate strawberries--what could be better! I love those gardens (though the price has gone way up since I visited) and your photos did it justice. I also adore that quote by Anais Nin and will surely use it sometime--thanks so much.
From Blog: City of Gardens
21st September 2013
high up

In a number of years you'll be able to pull out this photo and say around the dinner table..."Do you remember this one?". Great family pic.
20th September 2013
hoodoos by a river are called "coulees"

Beautiful landscape
20th September 2013
Saskatchewan Glacier view

Hey ! Picture postcard Beauty! cant wait to see your blog and photos of yellow stone national park.
20th September 2013

Lovely pictures! What an amazing landscape ! totally intriguing!
20th September 2013

Southern Alberta
I used to live just a few miles from here. Makes me nostalgic, even though I never did visit this place. Lovely pictures. Though take the 'authenticity' of some of these "Indian" proverbs with a pinch of salt.
6th June 2013
The only hotel & gas station in Enterprise, NT

enterprise nwt
I was wonder what the motel was like at Enterprise. We are planning a trip to Yellowknife and are looking for places to stay
From Blog: Heading up North
20th September 2013
The only hotel & gas station in Enterprise, NT

pretty decent
Hi Pam, Not sure if you made your trip already. The motel in Enterprise was a pretty decent space for a decent price. Per my research, its the only motel there. Good luck with your trip! travelbuffs
From Blog: Heading up North
15th March 2013

Dear M , G & little S, Lovely pictures! S seems to be having lots of fun ! Thats very good ! Keep travelling and keep updating ! Take care geetha
20th February 2012

I visit Lake Louse almost ever summer and love that place. Great pictures.
From Blog: Lake Louise
9th February 2012
family fight...and the mother won

very good
From Blog: Haines, Alaska
5th February 2012
An Ice Castle

Ice Castles
Very well done. Nice Ice castle.
From Blog: Lake Louise
28th November 2011

Ahhh Canada!
Thank you for sharing, I can never get enough pictures of my favourite place in this world, especially in Autumn!
1st October 2011
Always covered in clouds

Reminds me of Rainier!!
BEautiful set of pictures Meera, good to c your blog! And yea as title says it, reminds me of Rainier :D
1st June 2011
we have adult discussions too

This is so picture perfect. Love love love it!
1st June 2011
Hunting for pet of course

Hey, thats my fave activity too!
31st May 2011
we have adult discussions too

Fantastic capture of a moment.....
Brilliant moment capture! Absolutely love the mood! The scene is just the perfect icing on the cake.
16th March 2011
Ice Dragon

This photo is spectacular! I love it.
From Blog: Lake Louise
14th March 2011
One looking up & the other looking down

Beautifully framed photograph!
From Blog: Lake Louise
28th January 2011

Wow !
The sculptures look awesome ! How many such exhibits were around at the time of your visit?
From Blog: Lake Louise
28th January 2011

I lived it through your words :)
From Blog: Lake Louise
27th January 2011
Ice Dragon

I agree with Chris/Nikki! This pic really made the whole blog for me. I pick blogs to read by the main pic and this one takes the prize for the day
From Blog: Lake Louise
27th January 2011

There is something totally magical about ice sculptures. They are so surreal and seem to be from another world altogether! This whiteness looks so joyful. I can understand why the little one was running around! Aaah Canada!
From Blog: Lake Louise

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