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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City January 2nd 2013

For the last 4 days we've been living large in Zanzibar - the Tanzanian equivalent of the Caribbean. In a bout of deja-vu we were forgotten at the airport by our tour group and had to make a few phone calls before we were eventually picked up. When we made it to the hotel there was only one room remaining which had a twin bed. Yay... After sorting out the room, we were free to explore Stone Town, which has remained relatively untouched since it's founding. The town is well named, as there isn't a wooden structure to be found - wood being used only for intricately carved doors to important buildings and landmarks. Another suitable name could have been 'Maze Town', as there isn't a rhyme or reason to the layout of the town - ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi December 29th 2012

Tomorrow morning we fly out to Zanzibar, an island on the east coast of Tanzania. This will be the part of our trip where we relax, do some shopping and get some beach time. It should be a great way to finish our adventure. We spent the last two days back in Moshi, definitely one of my favorite cities this trip. Last night we even got to stay at a hotel downtown since our normal hotel, which is about 15 minutes from town, was full. We did a bit of shopping, ate at a different restaurant and relaxed in our a/c room with HBO (quite a nice luxury). Today we were back at our normal hotel and spent most of the day lounging by the pool. Can't complain about that :-) Tonight, we pack and try ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area December 27th 2012

We are in the village of Karatu for the last leg of our safari. So far our safari has been amazing! We've seen so many beautiful things. Snake Park -We started the safari by visiting a snake park. We saw a bunch of different snakes that are found in Tanzania and it really made us hope we wouldn't meet any of them in the wild. Specifically, we want to avoid the Black Mamba at all costs. It's a very agressive snake and its venom kills you quickly. They call it "One Cigarette Snake" because if you get bit, you won't have time to finish more than one cigarette before you die. -At the snake park we also saw a few birds, some crocodiles and some turtles. I got to hold a baby crocodile and also a ... read more
Injured Zebra

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro December 22nd 2012

Day 1: Drive from Moshi to Machame Gate (4,890 feet) / Hike from Machame Gate to Machame Camp (9,780 feet) ​Anne's perspective: We met our guide, Living, at the hotel and then we were off for our first hike. It took about 7 hours in the rain forest, following pre-made paths, but overall it was easy-peasy. ​Tyson's perspective: Hell... ​Note: We also discovered that, at camp, we got our own dining tent (for just the two of us) and also our own bathroom tent. It was some guy's job to carry a portable toilet and tent cover to follow us throughout our trek. Amazing!!! We were also served all our meals in our dining tent (or mess hall as it was called.) ​ ​Day 2: Hike from Machame Camp to Shira Camp (12,600 feet) ​Anne's perspective: ... read more
View of summit from first camp
Day 2 trekking in the rain
Dining tent

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi December 15th 2012

So we made it to Moshi, Tanzania after an 8 hour bus trip from Nairobi. The trip allowed us to see some interesting vistas and experience more of the local flavor. While travelling, the bus was stopped by herds of goats and cows which definitely confirmed a few Hollywood stereotypes. We also got to experience the Kenya-Tanzania border crossing which was less exciting than I had hoped. They barely glanced at my passport or half-filled out visa application form, took my money, stamped my passport and sent me on my way. I had so many witty responses prepared... When we first arrived in Moshi, Kili was a little shy and hidden behind some clouds (apparently a common occurrence). But as we were returning from town after exchanging currencies, Kilimanjaro decided to unveil herself (himself???) and we ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi December 14th 2012

Today was a fun day. We left at 9am to go visit the baby elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They rescue baby elephants from the wild and care for them until they are released back into the wild. Most of their moms have been killed by poachers. Booo. I got to touch one of the elephants. It was unexpectedly hairy. We visited during feeding time, so they all drank from bottles, just like human babies! One of the youngest elephants was also playing with a ball. Adorable! That place also rescues baby rhinos, but we couldn't visit those because it's too dangerous. We did see one in his "room" though. He was an adult rhino, but he's blind so he can't be released back into the wild. Rhinos are ginormous. To reach the shelter, ... read more
Tyson and gazelle
Drinking some water
So much meat!

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi December 13th 2012

The past two days have definitely been less than stellar - especially when compared to the amazing time we had tracking the gorillas. Yesterday started off decently enough with a two hour drive back to Kigali from Musanze. Since half of the drive was done in the dark on Monday, we definitely got a better look at the amazing landscapes Rwanda has to offer. The efficient use of space demonstrated by the locals rivals that of the Japanese and definitely puts Canadian urban planners to shame. After returning to the city we were given a brief tour, showcasing the under-construction downtown and some of the hotels being built to handle the new tourism industry. The tour ended with a stop at the Rwandan genocide memorial which I was both interested in seeing and dreading. I found ... read more
Our room in Nairobi

This morning was the long-awaited gorilla trek and it did not disappoint! We made our way through the forest to reach the location of one of the gorilla families (the second largest family in Rwanda.) It was a completely different terrain than yesterday's volcano trek, but just as muddy. Good thing the hotel staff cleans our boots! Anyways, back to gorillas. There were 23 gorillas in the family, including one silverback, some adults, some juveniles and some babies. First thing we saw was two gorillas doing the hanky panky. I guess they wanted to put on a show for us, so I filmed it and Tyson called me a pornographer. Hehehe. We stayed with the gorillas for a full hour. While we were there, our guides kept communicating with them to let them know that we ... read more
Baby and mama
Gorilla trekking in the forest
Silverback having a snack

Today Anne climbed a volcano and I received an armed escort out of the park. After arriving at the Volcano National Park and conducting a brief meet-and-greet with the guides and 5 other hike-mates we set off to the base of Bisoke. On the way we were treated to an extensive Rwandan massage (getting repeatedly tossed out of our seats) and joked about how small the volcano was in relation to Kilimanjaro. We joined up with our armed escort (for protection from the 'wildlife') and set off at a rocket-like pace. After the first hill, I was breathing heavily and shortly thereafter regreted making fun of Bisoke's height. When we stopped for our first 'break' we had been climbing for about 1.5 - 2.0 hours with myself and another woman from the UK (coincidently another engineer) ... read more

So we made it to Musanze today for our volcano trek at the Parc national des volcans. I actually felt pretty safe while I was there (and hopefully I will feel the same way tomorrow for the gorilla trek). Might be because we were accompanied by 6 armed members of the RDF. The Bisoke volcano is about 13,000 feet high, but we started at an altitude of 8,000 feet (Rwanda is high in the sky!) It took us 8 hours, but we made it to the top and back down again. It was cold and rainy at the summit, so no great pics came from that. Holy frigg it was a hard trek. Very physically demanding given that we hadn't really slept in 2 days, the high altitude we were at and no real breakfast or ... read more
Bisoke Trail

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