Backpacker / Traveller, Sailor, Hiker, Backpacker
Blond, blue eyed, 5'9" 160 lbs (yea I know everywhere is metric, I too lazy to convert)
A lifetime of miles of overnite backpacking/hiking
favorite areas High Sierras, The Rocky Mountains, Andes, Sahara,
Catalina Island, Big Sur, Nova Scotia,
Canary islands. Cambodia, SE Asian islands, southern Indonesia.

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » La Palma January 21st 2016

Hi, I am coming to Carnies for the first time since 1970, still backpacking, I need to know local transportation, cheapest way to get from island to island. It will be a shot to my system, to see all the changes. In La Palmer, I hiked into and lived in the Caldera, on a ranch. Does anyone know anything today about the Caldera, for that matter where best to go for a backpacker. Tim... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali February 10th 2010

Hi, I need some cool info/recommendations. I am life long backpacker, hitchhiker, sailor, camper, who is arriving in Bali Feb 10, 2010, and leaving Saigon May 10, 2010. I love indigenous people, very flexible, moral, don't care too much for cities except to get in and out. Mountain are cool, but my true love is salt water, sandy beaches, places to tie up a hammock, and safe enough to be able to relax a bit. I am open to recommendations of places to see, go to and what prefer to travel with someone. SE Asia is an open book, I have traveled enough trough out the world that I am comfortable with all peoples, all cultures. I love adventure. Please forward advice of places to that are a must to go to and places that should ... read more

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