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North America » United States » California » Redding July 21st 2010

REDDING, Calif. - I’m not used to stopping for the day at 3:35 p.m., but it felt pretty good to get off of the bike and into an air conditioned motel room in the 97 degree heat of Redding. I covered 424.3 miles in 6 hours and 40 minutes of riding today and I’m poised for a 315-mile jaunt tomorrow to Monterey with an afternoon/evening foray down to Big Sur. Sean took me to a spectacular little German bar and eatery called Prost! last night. They have all of the great German standards on tap and their outdoor patio features tables and benches from the Spaten beer tent at Oktoberfest in Munich. I had a brat and sauerkraut and a liter of Spaten Optimator. I was up by 5:45 a.m. today. Sean and Ruth got up ... read more
I gave him $5
Hotter'n hell in Redding, Calif.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 20th 2010

I’m having a mocha at the Blend Coffeehouse and Cafe while Sean takes care of some business this morning. The mocha looks beautiful, but tastes a little thin and Ovaltine-like. I guess everyone has their take on how to make a mocha. We’re mostly just hanging out today without a specific agenda other than keeping an eye out for the UPS guy and my bifocal sunglasses. We had a delightful dinner last night at Miss Delta, a spinoff from the popular Delta Cafe. The cuisine is Cajun and the jambalaya was excellent, washed down with a 40 ounce bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon presented nicely in an ice bucket. I got my laundry done yesterday, so I can pack and load the bike tonight to be ready for an early morning departure for California tomorrow. LATER: ... read more
Sean at Powell's Bookstore
Me in Pioneer Square
Parking tag vending machine

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 19th 2010

I’m in the customer lounge area of BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon in Tigard while the service department replaces both of my headlight bulbs with kick-ass PIAA bulbs. Whereas the normal low beam bulb is 35 watts and the normal high beam is 55 watts, these are twice as powerful while drawing the same or less current. I really just needed the low beam bulb replaced, but the PIAAs have a warranty and the security of knowing I have two brand new bulbs that will last a long time is worth the $100 or so. This is the most deluxe customer lounge I’ve seen in any motorcycle or car dealership. Big screen TV, free Wifi and a pool table. How cool is that? Sean and Ruth took me out to dinner at an eclectic restaurant that ... read more
Sean with client
Sean & Ruth

North America » United States » Oregon July 18th 2010

I arrived at my son’s place in Portland around noon today after an uneventful ride up from Redmond. Well, maybe not uneventful if you consider cold to be an event. It was downright chilly coming past Mount Hood. Overcast skies and temps in the mid-50s. It’s great seeing Sean and Ruth after several years. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for letting so much time get away from us. He’s working on an audio project while I catch up on blogging. coffee line I was up before 6 this morning and walked over to help Charlie and William with the coffee. They started serving at 5 a.m. and had made more than 1,000 cups of coffee by the time I got there. We were all surprised by the huge demand for coffee on the last ... read more
Dog obedience class
Sean & Ruth's place

North America » United States July 17th 2010

REDMOND, Ore. – I did my turn as a volunteer last night – the 9 p.m.-midnight shift on the shuttlebus. I was the conductor/safety guy and I rather expected I’d be dealing with drunks going home to their campsites from the biergarten. Nope. Guess who rides the shuttlebus from 10 to midnight. Teenagers. I had the odd experience of riding through the cold and dark on a hard wood seat listening to a half dozen or so Canadian teenagers jabbering about stuff they don’t know shit about for lap after endless lap of the fairgrounds. One or two would get off to climb aboard a few laps later or be replaced by others. I chose not to share my wisdom, hard won through years of experience – I was going to BMW MOA rallies decades before ... read more
Die Frau in Rot
Ken Jacobsen

North America » United States July 16th 2010

REDMOND, Ore. - We walked off of the rally grounds last evening for dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was cheap uninspired food. On the way back, however, Dom introduced me to the Red Dog Depot, an eclectic bar and grill that has hundreds of portraits of dogs covering the walls. If you’re a dog person, as I am, you’d find lots of reasons to smile. I Skyped Maria just so she could see the place through the eye of my netbook webcam. While we were chatting, I got a Skype call from Tim Balough. He and Webb and Cindy were ensconced at a motel in Baker City, Ore. where they were waiting for a call this morning from the insurance adjuster about where to take Webb’s bike for an estimate and/or repair. Thankfully, Webb was ... read more
Oooooh no!
Wile E. Coyote
Bless You

North America » United States July 14th 2010

I’m rallying! We got to the BMW MOA rally at the Deschutes Fair and Expo Center in Redmond, Ore. about 5 p.m. yesterday and quickly located the Indianapolis BMW Club compound. After a long hot ride across the high desert of central Oregon, and pitching my tent in the hot afternoon sun, I was too busy and too tired to blog. The folks who got here a few days earlier had shivered through overnight lows in the low 40s and high 30s. I brought a light summer weight sleeping bag and realized immediately that I was in for four nights of misery if I didn’t get a heavier bag. So Rick Nelson and I drove over to a sporting goods store where I snapped up a ridiculously bulky bag for $50 that’s rated down to 25 ... read more
Coffeemeister Charlie Parsons
The Road Animals Touring Society
Deschutes County Expo Center

North America » United States July 13th 2010

I got a close-up look at the new can-am Spyder Roadster today at a Loves truck stop at Wamsutter, Wyo. A guy from Ottawa, Canada and his girlfriend are riding it to the Redmond BMW MOA rally. We passed them on I-80 yesterday in Nebraska and they rolled into the truck stop while we were gassing our bikes. The guy said he traded in his BMW K1200LT for the three-wheeler because it would carry his girlfriend more comfortably. It looks a bit unstable to me, but what do I know? We rode 633 miles today from Cheyenne to Twin Falls, Idaho, which was more than yesterday but felt like fewer miles. We had good weather all day. Caught a few raindrops during the first 30 miles in Utah, but never got wet. This is at least ... read more
Twin Falls Motel 6

North America » United States July 12th 2010

We’re settled into our room at the Cheyenne, Wyo. Rodeway Inn after about a 500-mile day. Nothing heroic, but we did ride the first 150 miles in the rain this morning. My boots were still saturated this morning, so my feet spent the day in a steamy marinade and were seriously pruned up when I pulled off boots and socks this evening. I have the boots lying on a footstool with the air conditioning blowing into them and hope my socks can stay dry tomorrow. My GPS/XM radio is still on the fritz, so I spent the day listening to my iPod instead. I think we’re going to ride to Ogden, Utah and up to Twin Falls tomorrow. It’s about 620 miles, but if it doesn’t rain it shouldn’t be an unpleasant ride. The temperature is ... read more
At Cheyenne

North America » United States July 11th 2010

This was probably the most unpleasant first day of vacation I’ve ever had. What was supposed to be an easy ride up to Omaha turned into a day fraught with terror, equipment malfunctions and general nasty rainy discomfort. About an hour from home, an oncoming pickup truck driver flashed his lights at me, tipping me off that my low beam headlight bulb was out. Since the bike has separate high and low beam bulbs, I resolved to ride with the high beam on until I can get it replaced. I know better than to try to change it myself, having gone through that nightmare several years ago. Somewhere south of Kansas City, I noticed darkness on the northern horizon. I rode awhile until it became obvious that I was close to the rain. I was much ... read more
Shelter from the storm
Les Deluge
Almost got me

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