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30th November 2011
Mauritius Indian Ocean sunset

Great sunset picture.
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30th November 2011

What a wonderful trip! I've greatly enjoyed following you around the globe and rest-assured your own travels have inspired wistful sighs and longing looks out the window towards the world at large. Enjoy a well-deserved stint at domesticity, but hope to read of your future travels again when the time comes. Cheers!
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27th November 2011

first and last
As is the norm I have enjoyed your blog and revelled in the photographs. Well done and thanks.
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26th November 2011

Welcome back to Australia
Okay you pair! Time to settle back into domestic bliss after an amazing year of globe trotting.How come we never got to be in places where they handed out free booze??? Hope to catch up and hear all your stories soon!
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17th November 2011

The Journey So far
Chris & Sharon, Great read, looking forward to read the rest of your travels as I am sitting in my dingy little office, where a stingy Ray of sunlight struggles feebly down between the houses tall, And the foetid air and gritty of the dusty, dirty city Through the open window floating, spreads its foulness over all (with apologies to Banjo Paterson
12th November 2011

Vic Falls
Pleased to see the service was up to its usual standard. Hope Muchenji provides improvements and lots of animals. Keep exploring, all good here. Love from the Andrews
11th November 2011

Drinks anyone?
Stick to the beer!Sounds a better option to us. I think we'll have to add this trip to our wish list. It's all sounding fabulous. Soak it all up and enjoy the experiences!
7th November 2011

South Africa - Wow!!!!
It all looked and sounded so hard to take but well worth the effort. We were glad that you enjoyed Cape Town and were anxiously waiting for the Sabi Sands edition. Looks like you scored the jackpot at Dulini and had a fabulous time. All good here, I am part way through "Long Walk to Freedom" after making myself the same note. Don't step backwards when you visit the Falls as we look forward to reading of further adventures.
7th November 2011

Love hearing about Africa. You must be enjoying checking out the animal spoors! Keep it coming.
1st November 2011

And it's all in our backyard !
Had a lovely time catching up . . . e-mail about Africa prompted me to check up on what I had missed out on. Quite a lot ! Great photos around Uluru and "inland" Australia . . . excellent eye for what to shoot . . . enjoyed the little poem too ;) . . . looking forward to "our" trip to Africa . . . I'm going to miss the adventures of "gapyear"!
30th September 2011
Broken Hill - Desert Sculpture

I had to look at this twice to check that I was seeing right. This looks remarkably like a Nguzu-nguzu. Throughout the Solomon Islands - all provinces- there are representations, usually carved in wood, of Nguzu-nguzu, the shark god, who theoretically protects people. I don't think it works. i had been swimming in a particular area, and asked if there were sharks. Nope. No sharks, and Nguzu-nguzu will protect you anyway. Following week, a small ferry with 96 people went down in the same area, and all of them were eaten by Nguzu-nguzus. Yep.... that one worked!
29th September 2011

More nice pics
Yo Digger and Shaz! Thanks for more great pics! And no, I haven't forgotten how to read, so I DID read the text. Sounds like you're having a ball during the gap-year. Do you reckon you'll ever go back to work and pay taxes again? Somebody's got to keep Australia running, right? Can you let me know how to find the comments etc that other folks and you make? I can't seem to find them any more. Continue to have fun! Jack.
15th September 2011

NT - Wow !!!
Great comments and fabulous photographs - good to hear all is still going well and you will both be so fit. Keep travelling safely.
12th September 2011

Glad to see your tour-hosting skills are still there! No red buttons? What is the Eddie Stobart count up to now?
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7th September 2011

England calling Queensland
Great to be reading your logs and seeing the photos again. It has made us more determined to add that area to the bucket list for us and the van although your accommodation looks interesting. All is well here, we have had 3 days with Kerrie & Ric and dropped them in London yesterday ready for the England part of their tour. Happy travels, Love from Andrews
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28th August 2011

Hi JD - glad you've enjoyed the blog. It's always fun to see a place you've visited yourself described through someone else's eyes! We're now in Longreach - a slight change from NYC!
22nd August 2011

New York State of Mind
This is like catching up on your favourite programme - without waiting until next week because you have a few lined up (the advantage of not being blog savy)! This brought back memories - our trip to NY was many moons ago - but the thing that stood out the most to us were the quality of the buskers too! There was a whole band on one street corner and I mean WHOLE band - including full drum kit . . sax ... trumpet ... etc etc. The tube ride from the airport to the city was little scary (with some "off the planet" passengers roaming the carrages - but as I had not slept for two days and was asleep on Barrington's shoulder - he was the one being vigilant and ready to defend! I only got to see the friendly, helpful polite ones too. I can see how you could get used to this :) JD
22nd August 2011

To Drink or Not to Drink
Love the look of the country side around "your place". And the river at Iron Bridge is picture postcard gorgeous. Have to comment also on your photo of the Guiness at Kinsale. Very artistic and a great reminder of what seems to be a big part of the trip .. . Good thing there is so much walking in there too ! Had a good laugh at your comment about what "made Ireland" also :)JD
22nd August 2011

To Drink or Not to Drink
Love the look of the country side around "your place". And the river at Iron Bridge is picture postcard gorgeous. Have to comment also on your photo of the Guiness at Kinsale. Very artistic and a great reminder of what seems to be a big part of the trip .. . Good thing there is so much walking in there too ! Had a good laugh at your comment about what "made Ireland" also :)
21st August 2011

Post It Note
I must remember that you have to log into blogs to find out the latest - unlike emails .. . have had a lovely time catching up on the adventures! (Hence this very late comment) Made me LOL when I got to the "Post It Note". I wonder where your message of undying love ended up :)
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8th July 2011

From deepest, darkest Switzerland
Glad to see you had a great time in NY and experienced all that there was to see and do in the time available. Good to be home no doubt especially as you aren't going to WORK!!! I pushed a red button to get out of a carpark today and it worked without an alarm going off ( sorry - couldn't resist) Luv from Us
1st July 2011

Did you press and of the little buttons? If not, how do you know they do the same thing? No cheesecake yet, although apparently Junior's sells 5,000 a day. We thing Eddie Stobart is a television concoction, similar to Power Rangers. Otherwise, loving NYC, thanks. C & S
28th June 2011

Reading this blog made us feel like we were there! I have been looking at buttons on walls recently and everywhere we have been has had a little button just like the one at Newquay. Stobart count currently stands at 29 and climbing. Enjoy New York and don't forget to try the New York cheesecake.
26th June 2011

A bit late on this one as someone distracted us for a few days - thanks for a great time. We can compare blogs in a short while to see what we really thought!
26th June 2011

Actually, we haven't gone anywhere, we have a staff that we sent OS to report back for us. We're currently luxuriating in a super premium suite at Brunswick Heads Luxury Resort, Barber Shop and Spa.

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