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1st May 2012
Mitchell bushy tailed

Who is that ugly young fello
29th April 2012

Good blog Russ and Susan - nice to hear of your adventures. Bet the air feels fresh back in Queenstown after the China and HK smog!
23rd April 2012

Hi Russ and Su This is great to read and I am already looking forward to the next one. Haha on the online entertainment..I can just imagine. From Michelle
22nd April 2012

Cheers Russ, great to see another adventure is underway.
look forward to more blog's.
19th April 2010

Kruger National Park
Your fascinating journey through Kruger National Park has been great and your writing so real I have now added it to my list places I would to go.
18th April 2010

Wow, your trip has been amazing
Thanks so much for including us in your travel blogs. They have been great to read and so interesting. What a fantastic holiday for you all. The boys are so lucky to have parents that are such intrepid travellers. Safe travels home. :)
10th April 2010

Your account is gripping Russ, keep it coming. Makes me chuckle! SO jealous of your exotic trip. I never get to anywhere that exciting....."Waverley" after 7 years just doesnt have the same ring!!!!:) Jim however, is floating the Colorado river for 9 days...ME...I'm the dutiful wife holding down the fort! Cant wait to hear about the men in grey suits!
8th April 2010

I have read this blog it seems so adventures.
7th April 2010

Great to see that you are enjoying your holiday in S.A. and getting to spend time with family in the process. Your writing is interesting as are the events you are experiencing, keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your holiday. Hope you get to the shark cages!!! Also remember to give the locals some gyp about their rugby!!!
7th April 2010

we've already read this one
Gidday Russ, dissapointing.......i've already read this one. really enjoy reading your blog, sounds like you're all having a interesting trip. cheers, Tim
7th April 2010

Garden Route
Russ The garden route should be fantastic! I'm jealous.
6th April 2010

lindsay calling
Sounds amazing, Mandella is one of my few heros. I think the shark cage test will be, 'can Seth fit thru the gaps in the bars' It is getting cold here, enjoy that sun and heat. Lindsay
5th April 2010

Hello from Down under
Hi , Thanks for the news - looks like a terrific time being had by all. You must be getting old Russ -we did our best work without any sleep!!! Trust you have a great time for the rest of your trip- remember that look when you see the great white - same as when the Kiwi's see the Aussies!!! Cheers, Tam and family
11th July 2007

Venice Beach
Rads. Never made it to Venice Beach and anyway it could be considered bad manners to upstage the muscle guys there in their own patch. Next time maybe. This probably saves the girls at your work a bit of grief as well (although of course I have buffed up a bit in recent times). Catch you shortly. Russ
11th July 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan even if its a short one.
11th July 2007

Great Holiday
Sounds as though you have all had a great holiday, its almost like being there reading Russells interesting commentary on your adventures up and down the West Coast of the U.S. Like others who have done a similar trip it brings back some great memories for me also. No picture of Russell at Venice (Muscle) Beach has been a major disappointment for the girls in the office at work !! Welcome home guys !! Rads
10th July 2007

God Bless America!!
Wow Russ! You are sounding like quite the patriot.....believing the thing you will think Bush isnt such a bad fella! Its subliminal brainwashing....Rah Rah isnt America great!!! ha! ha! Glad you are still doing "Smores" and that you got a 4th celebration in. Hope DL is all the boys hoped for. Mitch finally glimpsed a bear! yahoo! Tell him we saw a bobcat on the road last week, all 4 girls are my witness! Stopped them screaming and whining for a few mins anyway! Safe trip back. Love L and the fam.
7th July 2007

Even more jealous
Agree American people great (except for polititions - like ours) Now you know why kept going back. Have thermals ready for disembark at Queenstown. Love Dad
6th July 2007

Photo Request
While you are in L.A I would like to see a picture of Russell alongside one of the locals at Muscle Beach !!!!
6th July 2007

We have loved reading your travel blog guys and the photos are good to see as well.
4th July 2007

Jealous as hell
when does the book come out - far better than Bill Bryson- will visit you to taste the wine
4th July 2007

russ the riter
Nige is jealous a] that you are away having a great time and b] he hasn't even had time to read your blog yet. He's just been reading over my shoulder and reckons Russell has missed his calling with law. he thinks a late change to journalism or screenwriting is required. :-)
4th July 2007

Hi from and an ex home of the Americas Cup.
No luck with the Americas Cup !! however you maybe aware of that now. Not surprised by the "tiddly look" after tasting 40 wines. At least if you finnaly come across a bear somewhere sure fully there will be a flag handy to defend yourself with !!!! I was in NY about 6years ago and was just gobsmacked about how many flags were around on the 4th July.
4th July 2007

you look far too warm!!
HI Guys enjoy the warmth. it snowed all day today - low vis on Coronet but great snow at last. we'll pack it down nicely over the next few days so that it's all tidy for you to come back to. would swap for a few warm days in a vineyard though... Denise and the gang xxxx
3rd July 2007

Hi gang at last catching onto modern technology. I've had all of your blogs now and really enjoying your offerings and photos. What's that golden stuff and all in shorts - wow it must be warm. All's well here. Love Dad
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