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North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 10th 2017

June 9, 2017 - Continued When we last wrote, we were preparing to begin our evening on a sunset cruise. By the time we got to the check-in station, it was raining cats and dogs... the six toed kind. It turned out our cruise had already been cancelled, but they called back to Lansing to let us know. So, it was time for plan B. We walked through some nearly flooded streets to a highly-recommended restaurant called "Two Friends." We had a great dinner including seafood and conch fritters and, because we were somewhat early, our drinks and appetizers were half price due to happy hour. So we took that as two for one. After dinner, we decided to check out Captain Tony's, the original site of Hemingway haunt Sloppy Joe's. The walls were covered with ... read more
Full Moon over Ocean Waters
Sloppy Joe's
Sloppy Joe's

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West June 9th 2017

Hello! For some reason our blog site was blocked as they suspected us to be spammers. After an email back and forth, the site has now been restored. Below are posts from our first two days pasted from Word. --- June 8, 2016 This morning, we began with a pick-up at 5:30 a.m. Though traffic was heavy, we made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare and enjoyed a sit down breakfast at an Italian restaurant. Our flight didn’t take off quite on time. When the pilot said we would be taking off within the next two minutes, there were still 20 people in the aisle waiting to get to their seats. After the “flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff” announcement we sat for roughly half an hour listening to a 14 month ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West June 9th 2017

We are safe and sound but are having technical difficulties. Hopefully this will be figured out soon.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 14th 2015

Geo: 51.5002, -0.126236Today we slept in and then boarded a taxi around 10:55am and were at Geneva Airport within about 10 minutes. Upon checking in, the British Airways agent offered us seats on an earlier flight at noon (it was then 11:14am). We were supposed to depart at 1:40. We decided to "take the deal" and whoa baby was it a deal.After going through expedited security, we noticed that the gate was closed at 11:40am. It was 11:41 am at that time. We grabbed our gear and hustled through the maze of passageways and escalators toward gate B34. Coming around the corner, we saw a line and thought it looked like we might have to catch a bus. It turned out to be passport control. Yikes. Jeannette ran to the front of the line, saying "pardon, ... read more

Europe » Switzerland August 13th 2015

Geo: 46.2038, 6.13996This morning after breakfast, we boarded a tram to the Palais des Nations, currently the Geneva headquarters of the United Nations and formerly the headquarters of the League of Nations. This location houses the humanitarian side of the UN, including world poverty and disaster relief, disarmament, the environment, and human rights. We hadn't entered expecting to feel warm and fuzzy, but the aims of this place and the excitement of our guide about them was almost moving. We were able to enter the meeting chamber of the Human Rights Commission. The room was donated in 2008 by the King of Spain. Its ceiling was a work of art that took over 26 tons of paint and was supposed to look like a view of the ocean from the perspective of the sea floor. As ... read more

Europe » France August 12th 2015

Geo: 45.9253, 6.86979After breakfast, we met our guide for the day, Attilio. He was a hon not a hun and took awesome care of us throughout the day. We tooled up to Chamonix-Mont Blanc in air conditioned comfort, which was a welcome relief on a day of high heat and humidity. As we pulled up to the ticket sales building, the line was at least 300 yards long with an approximate wait of 2-3 hours just get a boarding pass for the cable car. Attilio had better plans for us and jetted to a friend at the group sales counter who had instant passes for us. This allowed us to spend time in the mountains as opposed to sweating on the ground.The first lift took us to an intermediate stop, where we quickly lined up to ... read more

Europe » Switzerland August 11th 2015

Geo: 46.2038, 6.13996We started today bright and early in order to make it to Brussels Midi/Zuid train station, which meant hopping into a cab at 7:30am. We were a bit disappointed upon showing up for breakfast at 7am to learn that the coffee wasn't ready because, “Only the girl knows how to do it.” When, at 7:15, “the girl” showed up, we were able to enjoy a fast cup of joe just as the cab arrived.Our train was a Thalys high speed electric bullet train that jetted us from Brussels to Paris-Nord in 1 hour 22 minutes. Even though we had already eaten breakfast at our hotel, they came along with another serving which we enjoyed, again, thinking, “Okay, this can be lunch.” Free WiFi on the train was a nice benefit as well.After arriving at ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels August 10th 2015

Geo: 50.8371, 4.36761We got up this morning for a nice breakfast still a bit groggy from last night, but managed to make it to the train station for our “commute” from Bruges to Brussels. We feared another crowded train (last time we spend the entire journey standing in the vestibule between cars), but this time we had seats just inside of the door and sat in air-conditioned comfort. An hour later, we de-trained at Brussels Central Station, which according to our maps, was very close to our hotel. Unfortunately, we did not know which direction to turn. After a reconnaissance mission, Jake figured it out, and it was all downhill from there, literally.After dropping off our luggage at the hotel, because it was too early to check in, we decided to pay a visit to the ... read more

Europe » Belgium August 9th 2015

Geo: 51.2089, 3.22424After breakfast, we visited De Halve Mann Brouwery and signed up for their 11 o'clock tour. It was five o'clock somewhere. Our tour guide told us quite a bit about the brewing process and was quite entertaining. She could have had a career in stand-up comedy. We also encountered another Mets fan, probably the only one in Belgium, just like our good friend Fred is probably the only one in Lansing. We learned that here, glasses are specifically chosen for each individual brew and are designed to maximize the quality of pour and flavor. It's not just a marketing thing as we had previously thought. Every place we have visited has actually matched the glass to the brand inside.Once we were finished with the brewery tour, we popped into the Our Lady church which ... read more

Europe » Belgium August 8th 2015

Geo: 50.8511, 2.88569We started off with a leisurely (and welcome) buffet breakfast before jumping into a cab bound for the Avis rental car place on the outer part of town. Our rental was a VW crossover. It was still a six speed stick shift, but this time all the parts were on the sides of the car we were used to. It took us about an hour to make our way to Ieper (French spelling Ypres), sites of several of the most deadly confrontations of the First World War.When we got out of the car, what looked like a medieval city took our breaths away. Little did we know that the damage from WWI pretty much destroyed the medieval city to the extent that Winston Churchill suggested it be left in ruins as a memorial. But ... read more

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