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2nd September 2009

So glad to hear from you. Was a hint worried that you had decided to emmigrate. Fab photos. America has the best (and probably the worst ) of everything. I love it. Thank you for your informative blogs. It has reminded us that we must put this part of the States back on our list of things to do before we die! Hope you are both planning your next trip already. See you soon. Safe driving and flying - J
15th August 2009

weedy degrees f
dirty boy Stop playing with yourself How about 34 c yesterday Which was a cool day
15th August 2009

thats right or whilst she gives instructions or corrects my riding. We are staying at the country home of a scout who was at the int jamboree and cooks massive b fasts Beat that!
13th August 2009

hi guys, sounds like you are have an amazing time and seeing so much. i am thinking that some of the scenery is hard to put into words, but it all sounds fantastic. enjoy the rest of your trip and remember do something that scares you every day!!! love millsy
10th August 2009

Thanks for taking the time to update us all. I guess Carol writes the blog really, whilst on the back of the bike!
8th August 2009

Sounds like you're having a wonderful tour. Pics. are great to see. Bike is smashing. My brother and Raquel looking terrific. I'm waiting for you to arrive in St. Donat. Email when you think you'll be here. So looking forward to getting reacquainted and meeting Carole. Faigie
7th August 2009

What a beautifully written piece. So descriptive. You should be an English teacher. I hope you were both poised for a quick escape on the bike when you came across the bears. I wouldn't have stopped...but that's why you took Carol and not me! Enjoy, enjoy.
5th August 2009

I'm really enjoying the blog. Thank you for the effort. I'm soooooooooo envious. Have a nice day!
4th August 2009

I presume these 70's and 80's you refer to is weedy fahrenheit. What's that in real temperature? However, your talk of "hot sweaty conditions" is very disturbing for a good Catholic boy(?) like me.
4th August 2009

sweatin' it
we're either soaking wet or boiling hot at the moment = so don't be jelous
31st July 2009

In 10 you look like the local sherriff. Enjoying your pics very much. It is sweltering here and I'm jealous of the freshness in the pictures.
30th July 2009

hey switzy!!!!
hello guys!!! -you seem like your having the time of your lives!!! so much in so little time!!! i'm so jealous-i'm sure your crusing on a clear highway somewhere at the moment-just thought i'd say hey!!! oh and did carol finally get all that stuff in her one bag???hope to catch up soon!!! take care guys!!ayesha
30th July 2009

Rub the salt in!
Hi Guys, Sounds like you are both having a great time, how's the Goldwing? any pics? Yesterday I had to sell my much loved GSA as I need the money for camera equipment to set up business again. So I'm now of the sad disposition of being Bike-less!! Very painfull! and you rub the salt in by telling me about your dream trip. Enjoy Ian
24th July 2009

Are you enjoying yourself?
Carol could of at least smiled when this photo was taken and looked like she's enjoying herself! lol. Looks like one interesting trip though...looking forward to hearing the escapades as and when they happen! Happy riding xxx
24th July 2009

good luck
I've never met your Carol but - are you sure you haven't teamed up with Suzi Quatro? Bye the way - greetings from Calabria.
24th July 2009

Hey Switzy, Didn't you say you were going to take me with you as well? I'm all packed and waiting at the airport.
23rd July 2009

Just to say good luck and have a fab time!!! Can't wait to read all about it!! Keep us updated!! Lots of Love Jenna and Stuart xxx

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