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16th May 2015

Glad you thought that Woodland Park is a cute little town...
because that is where I live. If you are still in the area on Saturday, give me a call at 719-687-4301 and perhaps we can get together for a TB reunion.
16th May 2015

Thank you
Thank you for the offer, but we had to leave on Tuesday and are now back to reality. Enjoy your beautiful area! I hope to visit again.
28th September 2014
Ponds at Schwabacher Road

Great blog!
Excellent photos and fine hikes and adventures. Thanks for sharing one of my fave parts of the country!
26th September 2014

Guess youall are home or almost there. Don't know about David and his friend since they were driving. Did Linda fly with you or ride back with them?
Be sure and bring pictures as they were beautiful. Hope you get to rest before having to go back to work. Glad the wildness was only a mouse this time. Love you!!!
25th September 2014

Discovered your blogs tonight
Enjoying reading your travels and blog. Have fun and keep on writing.
25th September 2014

Thank you.
Thank you. I do enjoy it and hope to continue traveling and sharing.
25th September 2014

Mother nature at her finest. It is so fun to see the animals in their natural setting instead of a zoo.
25th September 2014

Sleepless nights
I hate rodents so I would have been chasing him too. Such an amazing part of the country. Love the changes fall colors. Thanks for sharing.
25th September 2014
Magnificent view

Wow, lovely!
25th September 2014
Magnificent view

Wow, lovely!
25th September 2014

Can't believe you all were causing trafic jams!!!
Out in the middle of no where?? Sounds like a fun day with all the animals, and swans. I think that is the first time you have seen swans, or at least the first time I remember. I do remember when you all called and I saw you'll at the guiser on the cam. Pretty neet!!! Bout ready for you all to come home and you are probably home by the time I'm writing. Hope it was fun and you are all home safe and sound. Love to all of you.
23rd September 2014

I think I'm one post ahead!!
The least I can do is write enough to let you know I'm reading your blog. I still think you need to add some characters and write that BOOK!! There certainly aren't animals like you'll are seeing around here. Have fun and be careful!!
23rd September 2014

I guess the animals do like to get out in the drizzly mornings for food. Our wildd cat sits at the back door waiting for Harold and his coffee and her food every morning.
The pictures are beautiful. Can't possibly be as beautiful as the real thing! Sounds like the 4 wheel drive truck is a good thing to have along. You all have a good time and come home all safe and sound.
22nd September 2014

Jackson Hole
Beautiful, and keep them coming!!!!!
23rd June 2014

I had forgotten what a wonderful job you do telling about your trips!!! I hope you keep all the blogs with the pictures and Stephen and Shelby can visit again when they can hardly remember that they were there. You need to write us all a book too since you do such a good job. I have enjoyed all the blogs and hope for a safe trip home for the three of you all. Love you all!
10th October 2013

The Open Road Calleth
This photo was taken in northwest Yellowstone - right around the Wyoming/Montana border, located between Mammoth Springs and the north entrance. This area of the park is a bit drier than other areas creating different views with a vast difference in vegetation, but no less spectacular. The open road draws you in - making you want to go farther and farther, seeing as much as you can possibly see - which is exactly what we did.
7th June 2013

Sounds like the last day almost the best. Shelby got to shop, not a lot of hiking and good scenery. Hope to hear from you all soon all safe and sound at home. Hope you will have the weekend to recoop!! Love you all.
6th June 2013

Hope you'll have fun today! Happy Anniversary today too!!! Said today was the last full day so be safe coming home. Love you all!!
From Blog: Touring the Town
5th June 2013

These are beautiful pictures, and I think you'll have found something to do while Donald is working!!! Have a good time an be safe!! Love you all!!!
From Blog: Coastal Driving
4th June 2013

Absolutely beautiful pictures
I am so glad there is no rain on this trip. You are a great writer. I think we should start thinking about your second career. Some kind of travel blogger - you and Ramona could be a team!!! Of course we miss you. Have lots of fun. I want pictures of the Pacific coastline. jam
From Blog: Up, Up, and Over
3rd June 2013

Sandra, you do such a good job of describing the trips you all take. I love it and feel like I'm right there with you'll. Love the brown bear picture too, will be waiting for tomorrows installment!!Love you all!!
31st May 2013

fun time!
I am sure that you will have everything all planned out and cannot wait to see the pictures and read the stories!! I really think you missed your calling not writing for tourism!!
7th June 2012

Was a wonderful for us all. Glad all are back home now and safe! This is a good record for the rest of your lives to remember!! Love you all.
6th June 2012

You all might be home by now but I'm just now reading about the prison trip. It didn't rain!!!Yeah!! It may take you all 2 days to recoup from the vacation. Got all the great pictures and if was fun to all be together seeing the sites. Enjoy these times while you can, they will end toooo soon!! Let me know when you all get home. Be safe and I love you all.
4th June 2012

I would be like Stephen and like the star fish and see creatures, but would break my neck having to climb to see them. Sounds like a better day since it wasn't raining all day. Be safe and have fun and I love you all!!

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