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North America » Mexico November 5th 2010

Geo: 21.1478, -86.835Monday 1st November dawned and off to Heathrow. All went very smoothly, the transfer from hotel at Gatwick to Heathrow by National Express, the Air New Zealand flight which arrived an hour early in Los Angeles, and shuttle to the Custom Hotel a short distance from the airport. This (“boutique”) hotel claims to be a trendy, ultra modern design which probably explains the family of 3 sheep in reception. However, when I picked up the telephone to answer the early morning call I was TOTALLY deafened by the loudest cockerel imaginable crowing down the phone! Not a calming way to start the day. Despite the rude awakening we were beginning to think this travel lark was a picnic. It was as well we did not know what was coming next.The next day we checked ... read more
Jim at the beach bar, Playa del Carmen
Sue at same bar - reclining
Foyer of hotel

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands November 5th 2010

Geo: 40.0279, 4.16433 We were due to leave Menorca on Saturday 30th October. Having decided to take the bus to the airport, we arrived early as planned and settled down to read for a few hours. Our flight was due to depart at 9.45pm but by the time we checked in at 7.30 it was running half an hour late. At 9pm they changed departure to 1.20 am. In fact, the plane had engineering problems and could not leave the UK. Passengers due to leave from Gatwick were sent off to hotels by 7pm but it seems to have taken some time for the message to reach Menorca as we were not allocated hotels until 1am. Anyway, back to the airport next morning after a few hours sleep and eventually news filtered through that our plane ... read more
The Naveta
An interesting downpipe
Traditional Menorcan gate

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands October 21st 2010

Geo: 40.0279, 4.16433 Week 3 – Time for the thermalsHalf way through week 3 now and there was a huge change in the weather a few days ago. First we had a storm followed by heavy rain for 15 hours. After that the sun shone between showers, which were not sufficiently heavy or frequent to prevent us getting out each day and going for long walks. The rain brought out lots of small crocuses on the paths. They appeared from amongst the stones overnight. Huge heather bushes on the headlands burst into pink blooms. We took the bus to a small town called Fornells which is pretty with a harbour and sheltered bay, almost like an inland lake where you can learn to windsurf and sail. The plan was to walk across to the next urbanisation ... read more
All alone (apart from the photographer!)
Spot our apartment
Another traveller on the path

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands October 10th 2010

Geo: 40.0279, 4.16433 This is the start of week 2 in Menorca. Have we adjusted to permanent holiday yet? Well, we are trying very hard. Reminding ourselves that we are not on holiday but just living here, and therefore mustn't keep popping into bars or going out for meals. This is made easier by the tight budget we ( I suppose that should be me!) have set of not spending more that £100 per week. Menorca is more expensive than the Canaries or other Balearic Islands. For example, coffee and beer is 5 or 6 euros and a basic restaurant meal of one pizza, one pasta and 2 drinks came to 40 euros. So we eat in most of the time, but I did weaken one evening and have a cocktail. The compensation is table wine ... read more
The kids play area
just a view

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands October 4th 2010

Geo: 40.0279, 4.16433 First Stop MenorcaWe have been here 3 days and are settling in well. Because the season ends this month there are few people around. The complex is spread amongst pinewoods and set back from the beach behind protected sand dunes. White topped stone walls surround each tree or clump of trees to protect them. The weather has been like the really a perfect summer day at home which we rarely experience, with the sun hot during the day but not with the burning intensity found here in the summer months. It has that sleepiness of autumn at home but with warmth.Already we have walked along the headland into the next bay and seen a variety of birds. Last evening we tried to find our way into a small area of wetlands which we ... read more
Geriatric gym trail
Sand dunes/beach at the bottom of the garden
Protection for trees

Europe » United Kingdom » England September 8th 2010

Geo: 51.0153, 0.132437We moved in here on the 31st August, after 6 days really hard work moving furniture and most of our belongings into Templar Road. Also needed to clean up Trulls Hatch to get our deposit back. I do not want to clean another oven for at least 2 years. Unfortunately Jim had an attack of arthritis just as the action started so lifting boxes was not a good idea for him.So here we are in a very small but well equipped holiday home complete with stables, dogs and 8 peacocks. The reality is sinking in, we no longer have a home. It gives a great sense of freedom but also of balancing on the edge of a cliff and getting ready to jump. We have a belief that we are wearing parachutes but until ... read more
Neighbours come calling

Europe » United Kingdom July 31st 2010

Geo: 52.0667, -0.6Went to see Templar Road to reassure Anna that all our furniture will not burst the house at the seams - unfortunately Jim indicated that he thought that was a serious possibility and accused me of believing all containers, from car to house, have the same properties internally as the TARDIS. Told them it is my "can do" approach to life and it usually works!... read more

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