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26th March 2014

Just love your photos n blog can I come too next time instead of just feeling like I'm with you
9th January 2013

Return to Penang
Hi... I was pleasantly surprised to see this blog as I am returning to Penang Jan 12 2013. I also lived in Vale of Tempe No 3 street in 1973 and my brother visited a few years ago unable to locate the house. We also lived in a house in Marie Pitchay which is still there. Can you give me the names of the roads / streets as they are now in Vale of Tempe ???? It must have been a great experience going back I am looking forward to it. I was 9 in 1973 . My youngest brother was 5 then. We left in 1976. I hope to receive your reply soon. Regards Cheryle
5th May 2013

return to penang
Hi there, I am so sorry I never saw this message prior now. By now I am sure you have already been to Penang, so I would love to know how you went. Always a pleasure to hear from people returning to Penang. Michelle
12th December 2012

interesting blog ,as i served in vietnam 7rar 70/71 2nd tour,am contemplating making my first trip as a tourist, in the not too distant future,it will be interesting what emotions, revisiting will emerge within.
12th December 2012

interesting blog ,as i served in vietnam 7rar 70/71 2nd tour,am contemplating making my first trip as a tourist, in the not too distant future,it will be interesting what emotions revisiting will bring out
8th December 2012

willing welcome to us country, i may be a guider for your tour at Vungtau, good food and staying cheap.
29th May 2012

Hi, Thank you for this nice pictures and article about Vung Tau orphanage. We are waiting for adopt a little boy from this orphanage, we hope to be very quickly with him. lapalmyre in France
23rd May 2012

Hi, Thank you for this nice picture of Vung Tau. I \'m waiting for adopting a little boy of 9 monthes from the orphanage soon. So it\'s very precious photos for me. Severine from France
16th May 2012

Life in Vietnam
A keen and sensitive observation of life in Vung Tau. I am a Canadian man soon to be leaving after one year here and share your sentiments and views; as free and relaxed as it can be there is certainly a huge dependence on alcohol. And I've had my share; it's difficult not to at this price if you enjoy drinking at all. Relationships are a curious thing, too, and it was nice to read about the couple from the mans apparently liberal perspective; there are certainly many dysfunctional interactions here and they transpire from both men and women. Thanks, Yuri
3rd November 2011

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18th September 2011

Hi there Caroline, I would love to help you out. The director is now a close friend of mine and we are in contact (perhaps not as much as I would like) from time to time. Can you please email me on I will then contact My Huong (pronounced meehoung) and let here know you are interested. Thankyou for taking the time to browse my blog also and my apologies for the delay. When I was abroad I checked in often and I dont check it much anymore since I have returned to Oz. Thankyou again and look forward to hearing from you. Michelle
20th August 2011

Vung Tau Orphanage
Hi Michelle, I came across your beautiful story of your journey to Vung Tau while googling to try and find out more information about the orphanage. If you would be kind enough to talk or email with me to help me learn more about the orphanage I would be most grateful. I am interested to learn how to contact the directors in the hope that a school could visit with them and make a positive contribution to their wonderful work. I understand that the orphanage is supported in a small way by the Vietnam Swans sports club - so I'm hopeful that there is already a strong Aussie connection and an openness to receive visitors and volunteers. I hope to hear from you ... and your photos are just magnificent. Caroline
3rd June 2011

Very nice blogging
Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing.
3rd June 2011

Very nice blogging
Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing.
21st May 2011

Great article on South Sulawesi
Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Im so glad i found your blogpost as im planning to travel Sulawesi in September. I will certainly bookmark your blog for reference. Thanks again.
21st May 2011

cab fare
If im not mistaken, the minimum cab charges in Jakarta is 30,000rp regardless the distance. A note for tourists in Jakarta - always go for BLUE BIRD or SILVER BIRD group taxis. They are known for their reliability, has an efficient telephone order service and always use their meter.
From Blog: Jakarta & Jaksa
10th May 2011

Beautifully written
Heart warming and beautiful....
27th April 2011

Great article!
Thank you so much for writing such nice article for my hometown. It really recalls me my Vietnam and the place I used to live. I hope you always enjoy your life like this optimistic way!
From Blog: A week in Mui Ne
24th April 2011

Hi Guys
hello Natalie, Thankyou so much for your lovely email. It was a real pleasure to spend time with you and James. Yes I am on my last few days in Indonesia too. Back to Vietnam on Thursday. I hope to come back end of year but we will see. I will most definately send those photos. I will send them in an email one at at time because I will leave the original size of pic so you can enlarge and not lose any quality. take care & stay in touch, Michelle
24th April 2011

Post-Indonesia blues
Hi Michelle, I'm so glad I finally found your blog; it was difficult because I'd forgotten your surname. James and I made it home about a week ago now and although he's headed back to university, I still have a few more weeks off to spend back home in Northern Ireland. We were both so sad to leave Indonesia and it seems further behind us each day. Yesterday I printed off some of the pictures from the trip. It's strange how much more incredible it all seems when it's printed off in colour and pasted into a scrapbook. Each page jumps out at me, bursting with memories of every type and sense. Indonesia was an assault on the senses, a magical variety of everything; the wierd and the wonderful alongside the simple and fascinating. I loved your pictures of the Togeans, they brought me right back. I hope you find the time to email me those lovely pictures you took of James and myself, I so much want to print them and frame them for our new flat. I'll be looking forward to your next installments as I loved all your stories when we chatted on the islands. Best of luck for the rest of your travels. Lots of love, Natalie xx
21st April 2011

What a beautiful experience for you
Hey Min....another part of your journey where you have found peace in yourself...its a beatiful story and loved all the proud of you my girl...xxxx
19th April 2011

i wonder
i wonder if theyre related to the Badjao. The sea gypsies here in the Philippines. it does sound the same and Filipino and Bahasa cognates often mean the same. interesting
18th April 2011
Sunset Palau Kadidiri

How lucky are you to be in such a calm and peaceful place...enjoy, love this would love to have been there with you waching this amazing sun...xx
18th April 2011

you made me smile
Min...I would have loved to have teaveled this with safe...lov you
18th April 2011

Excellent read...
OMG....yes are sooooo brave my girl...I think I would have fallen in a heap...what an experience and really another lesson well learnt in your the the photos and love and miss you....xxxxx

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