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30th March 2019

Lots of information here, Sue. Thank you, cos 8 of us are going for a long w/e to Istanbul in Sept. Your blog is very encouraging. Hope the new season at Blue Ginger gets off to a good start. xx
23rd March 2019

Loved your blog. My friend Heather discovered Istanbul several years ago and raved about 2 New Year celebrations she had there. It's still on my bucket list but I enjoyed looking at the photos. On my only trip to Turkey I also visited the baths and loved it so much I went back the next week. Hope you are well and hope to see you in the not too distant future. X
23rd March 2019

Sue what an amazing time you've had. Istanbul was always on my list but now it's in capitals. Looking forward to reading next Winter's blog . have a great year at Blue Ginger.x
23rd March 2019

Thank you!
I'd like to go again, Ilva ..... still plenty to do!
24th January 2019

Sooooo enjoyed reading your blog - and recognising the places you were visiting. Fabulous to see you and Carolyn in the photos - brought a lump to my throat. My first visit to Ballarat was in January 1993, when Carolyn was picking up her veil before her amazing wedding. Can't believe that was 25 years ago!!!!!
9th February 2018

Glad you're enjoying all the lovely food and finding new cafes. It's good you are having time to relax and hope the acupuncture helps. Have made a note of the book. Withering Heights was a favorite. ( Predictive text insists it should be withering!!) x
4th February 2018

Wonderful memories
It was wonderful to read your blog and recall all the places we visited last year. I'm glad you found the music boxes again and all the lovely food and cakes. I hope you've had a relaxing time and can return home reinvigorated. X
2nd February 2018

Nostalgia! So glad you are having a relaxing time there - it all sounds lovely. Here it has continued to be cold and grey but tomorrow we fly to Barbados for the Caribbean cruise so life cant be so bad! Would love a little hilltribe suit if you have room - they look sweet! Are they aKa?
27th January 2018

Love reading your travel Blogs Sue!
You always open up the world in a fascinating way to those in armchairs! Thank you x
28th January 2018

Thanks Lucy!
27th January 2018

Love both your posts and photos Sue! Enjoy your time, which I hope will be really relaxing.

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