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Steve Norman here. Starting this blog to potentially create an online memory bank of everything I do/see/experience as I begin my travels!

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Moordrecht August 17th 2011

It's true, all good things must come to an end. That, however, does not mean better things do not arise. It's August 17, 2011, almost 3 months to the date that I left on this crazy trip of mine, and I am going to board a plane home tomorrow morning. I am south of Amsterdam in a more rural town - staying with friends of Mike Zwicker (Dad's military days). After two nights spent in Amsterdam, I am more than thrilled to have spent last night in a comfortable, smoke-free room with peace and quiet. Amsterdam, without a doubt, lived up to its name. A name I thought I wanted to explore longer, but was so ready to get the heck out of there! It's funny the things I have learned about myself on this trip. ... read more
Palace grounds
Vienna's main cathedral

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich August 1st 2011

After what seemed to be nothing but lounging around on the Greek islands and a resort in Croatia, it was time to get back into the traveling mode. It took a day or two for that transition, but it eventually became routine again - unpacking, repacking, checking in, checking out, finding the nearest super markets and getting situated in a new town. Once again I am enjoying all the new sites, surroundings and keeping active. So, after Croatia, I headed to Venice. I feel there is little need to comment on how unique Venice is, but here I go. There is no place quite like it, which is why it is as famous as it is. A maze of canals, tiny getaways behind each corner...quite fun getting lost in Venice. Also quite expensive. Spent a night ... read more

Europe » Austria » Lower Austria » Alland July 26th 2011

A token of my appreciation for the people closest to me. Dad: gobble, gobble. There is no bigger heart out there that always finds room for one more in need. Your everlasting support and encouragement gives me my foundation. You have taught me, above all else, to dream BIG - I am in Europe largely because of your sense of adventure. Katie: you blazed a trail of examples for me growing up. Academically, athletically, ethically - you were a tough act to follow and have helped shaped me into the person I am. Jen: you fill my soul. There is no one I would rather have in the trenches of life, than you. Your ability to understand and connect to others is not only inspiring, but appreciated. I hope I can learn from your grace. Les: ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Sibenik July 18th 2011

This blog is dedicated to my mom and her yearning for photos of me and neighbours at Shane Cooney's wedding. I finally arrived to Croatia by ferry (Dubrovnik) this past Thursday. It is currently Monday night and I think my head has finally settled down from the whirlwind the past days have been. Despite the great time I experienced playing soccer with locals in Bari, back to back to back ferries followed by a long and sweaty (no AC) bus ride had me at sorts when I arrived in Sibenik for the Cooney wedding. Sweat dripping, I barged into the resort Cooney and Friends were staying in and happily ran into the Koniers shortly after. What a change of pace. In Bari, I stayed at a "luxurious bed and breakfast," which was extremely ironic because I ... read more
Leaving for cathedral

Europe » Greece » South Aegean July 10th 2011

Spoiled, definitely spoiled. There is no way I am going to appreciate the sunsets back home quite as much as I did on the island of Santorini. It is hard to compete with a tiny island known for its white buildings with blue rooftops and the sunsets that grace every tourist and local. Forrest Gumps quote " never know what you're going to get" fits perfectly for Santorini's sunsets. The five nights I spent on the island, I saw an amazing spectrum of colours, blends and highlights spread across the sky in a matter of moments. Not only did the sun disappear behind the hoizon quite literally in a span of 10 seconds, but the sky would light up and change colours just as quickly. Quite breathe taking. I spent my days in Santorini with Alex, ... read more
Red beach
Top of Santorini
Black beach

Europe » Greece » Crete » Rethymno July 3rd 2011

I just woke up from my afternoon siesta (I need to find a way to get Canada to adopt this) and have the time to quickly reflect on the completely different world Greece can offer. After tear gas, rock throwing and Molotov cocktails, I am surrounded by sheer beauty. I am on the island of Crete, the largest of the Greek islands. It is fairly short with only a 45 minute bus ride from north to south tips, but it would take a few hours to drive across. Two days ago, I arrived to my hostel in a town called Rethymno, which is located north central. I quite literally dropped my backpack off and then took off with an Aussie girl and another American guy. We rented a car and drove 3 hours south west through ... read more
Friends along the way to elafonisi
Road to elafonisi/view from lunch cafe
Other view

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Alimos June 30th 2011

Hello world, Thank you to all of those sending good vibes while I stay in Greece during their rioting and 'social expedition.' I am safe. For a quick back track, the last week or so I spent in Italy. More specifically Florence and Rome. In Florence I couch surfed with Cecilia. She is one of the most light hearted, multi talented persons I have met. She is a doctor, gorgeous, energetic and kind....we are going to marry... Even though it was her sisters wedding the next day, she still found time to take me out for authentic Italian pizza with her friends and prepare breakfast the next day. It happened to be Florence's patron saint birthday, so there was an hour long fireworks show that blew my mind right beside the David, overlooking the city. Great ... read more
Florence at night
Rome at dusk
Rome piazza

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Lugano » Muzzano June 22nd 2011

Well, lets see...what's new? Barcelona was great! My first big city in Spain and it did not disappoint. Definitely crowded and busy, but after 4 days of lounging on a beach, I didn't mind the change of pace. I went on my first '"free walking tour," which most big cities offer. You basically pay what you want to the tour guide at the end, based on how good you thought it was. It's definitely informative and a good way to get your bearings of the city. I did a few big walks of the city myself, checking out every major corner for the most part. Got some great views through decent climbs, giving me a good idea of the craziness Barcelona can be. I got a little ahead of myself on the last blog in that ... read more
Cute Granadian lady who was suprised by some random tourist taking her picture..
Los Hombre

Europe » Austria » Burgenland » Apetlon June 6th 2011

Fun in the sun is the best way to describe Spain so far. St. Sebastian had it's fill of gorgeous beaches, mountain backgrounds, rich, colorful architecture and great locals to go with it all. I met an American girl heading into town who brought me to her hostel. It was called George's House. Very home-like feel with family dinners every night cooked by Albert, who moreorless ran the place. Unbelievable food for 2 Euro's! Sangreia, guitar playing and about 20 of us crammed in the kitchen every night before heading to the streets where mobs of people would drink, sing, chant and go to the bars or beach until 5 a.m....tough life! Planned on staying a night, stayed 4. Glad I did - met some awesome people from around the world. Headed to Barcelona last night ... read more
Cherie (Florida friend from train)
Great start to Spain!
View from St. Sebastian statue

Europe May 31st 2011

A rainy Tuesday morning in the south of France. Traveled to Avingnon after a weekend in Taize. Avingnon is a small, typical French town with a city centre enclosed by medival type walls. The architecture, as most of France has, is enjoyable just to look at - especially at night when spot lights highlight peaks and cornerstones. It's funny though because I write from a mcdonalds as I listen to Outkast over the radio - global community. Anyways, if anyone ever wanted to clear their head, meet people from around the world and get closer to god all at the same time, Taize is the place. A beautiful place - great base for the rest of my trip. Training in to st.Sebastian spain shortly. Mountains and sea; super stoked. Love to all back home - pictures ... read more
Leading to lagoon
Walk through
Taize main entrance

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