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15th October 2018

Looking for exact locations of kasbahs in your beautiful photos
I'm planning a trip to the Dades Gorge and was wondering if you can send me a pin on a google map that shows the 2 kasbahs in your photos (Ruined Kasbahs, Dades Gorge photos 4 and 5 on your blog). thanks in advance for your help.
15th October 2018

GPS Coordinates
The GPS coordinates in my log are unfortunately not that accurate, but those photos were taken from the highway in the vicinity of this spot:,+Morocco/@31.4470074,-5.9796447 Hope that helps!
2nd September 2012

Do you know where we can find a bike tour through Rabat or Casablanca? My daughter and I are looking for a couple hour tour around the city. Thanks.
1st September 2012
Breakfast at Guler Pansiyon, Bozcaada

How can I contact this hotel? Is there a number or e-mail?
24th May 2012

c se pére ci photos maniéfique la vallé de dades et de imgoune
22nd February 2012

Dead syncro
I think I owned the blue 89 syncro that died. Does it have a slightly bent frame? I sold it to Cory Zumbrennen in Boulder 7 or 8 years ago. I'm curious to hear what finally happened to it. I had a great time with it, but it didn't handle our Idaho winters very well.
9th November 2011

Hi, Really interested in your trip. Despite the head winds and unusual rain it sounds amazing! Im interested with cycling the same route with friends but have reservations about the traffic. We are regular/experienced cyclists who are excited about discovering new countries and cultures but worry about the remoteness coupled with what i understand as being a rather busy route. How did you find it? Did the traffic detract from the experience or make yu feel unsafe? Everything else about the route seems fantastic, i just wanted to speak to somebody with first hand experience. best wishes
19th October 2011

I am married to one of his daughters, (in the US now). Unfortunately he disowned his family and they don't talk anymore. She has tried to contact him, but he refuses to talk.
From Blog: Larache to Fes
14th March 2011
Over Tizi'n'Tichka

I live in this place I mean Morroco In Telouet I see that yOu visite It and I lOve too So you are welcome ;)
13th March 2011

hi. i writ to you as a berber or amazigh and i'm from tinghir and i have infomation if you want any thing and thank you for visiting may hometown and you are welcome every time
2nd January 2011
Kate crossing the river at Ait Ben Haddou

salut cava ci vrimon belle vilage tofliht ci manefek coolo je tu passe bjr a toi et ti ami bay et merci pour les foto parsk safi 5ans j'pas partir a tofliht waw bay
22nd November 2010

Tyre marks
Just wanted to say thanks for this wonderfully written blog. A friend and I are cycling along this coastline in January (well, we might be pushing our bikes through snow for some of it!) and your post has me itching to go.
10th November 2010

Also a problem with pedal sportif ...
I also had a very experience with this guy. He replaced the high quality bearings of my rear wheel with crap without telling me anything and then a get stuck in the middle of nowhere because of broken bearings. He never wanted to do anything to help me ... I don't know how this guy choose to be helpful or not ...
19th September 2010
El Jadida beachfront with Cite Portugaise beyond

el jdida ma ville natal
26th August 2010
Mosque, Telouet Morocco

salam really it is very nice picture I wish to visit these places
22nd August 2010

Thanks for the insight - I wish we'd had time to go check it out.
9th July 2010
Ruined coastal kasbah

Not ruined.
Hey, I've been there. It's a real kasbah, and people still live there. Me and a friend went out there as a last hoorah together in Morocco. It's like any other Kasbah in Morocco, except it's a bit smaller, and it's really pretty. We sat off to the right there on the rocks and watched the sunset. It was spectacular.
9th July 2010
Beautiful downtown Casablanca

What is Casablanca?
By definition, Casablanca is a French city. When France took power, Casablanca was a small city of around 40,000. Today, it stands at 3-4 million if not more. In order for this to happen, France re-planned the entire place. It really feels like Moroccans took over a part of France that only rains for half the year.
16th June 2010
El Jadida beachfront with Cite Portugaise beyond

eu lisboa casa eu vou viu nada gosto el jadida
7th April 2010

Yes, those pesky costumers...
...can just ruin your day!
7th April 2010

Leave the tourists behind!
Yes, the traffic jam of tourist busses and vendors around the Yasmina Gorges De Todra Hotel was disappointing - but that was the end of the crowds for us; the canyon was nearly deserted the rest of the way up our climb. Sorry we didn't get to the gorges around Ait Mansour...
7th April 2010

Cycling in Andamans
Hi, you guys have made some very interesting trips, to answer your question about bicycling in andamans, there are a few multi-day trips as options. For instance, Through the Jarawa reserve one is not allowed on any two-wheelers or open hooded vehicles, so i would suggest you catch a ferry from Port Blair's Phoenix Bay Jetty to Rangat as that's where the Jarawa Reserve ends. From there, you bicycle up to Mayabandar and from there to diglipur. And in diglipur there's lots to see. I'll explain in details when the electricity returns. tanaz
26th November 2009

crooked tire installed by pedal sportif, sirkeci, istanbul,
Unfortunately I had a very bitter experience with the bike shop, Pedal Sportif, with the same person Bulent Birson, a very ugly dipute.. He promised and charged the amount with no bargaining, and (asking additional %15 tax if I would have used credit card, so I said no therefore there is no any receipt that I can follow up the matter), and he never delivered the quality he promised.. many words with no results. he turned up to be nervous, when I told him an expert's report for the rim he installed.. basically other bicycle repairers told me that the rim he installed has a defect, or a bad joint. He yelled at me.. Easy for such salesmen tro blame costumers.. Dr. Andrew Phippard.
18th May 2009

the gorges in morocco
Just a little addition to my first comments: dades & Todra are not the only valuable fact my best souvenir might well be the gorges of Ait Mansour ,south of is a magical simple oasis that, when you stop, seems to tell you " I was waiting for you, take your time, enjoy the moment"...which we did.........A.R.

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