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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles October 29th 2008

LA! First of all,sorry. I've left my card reader in my main bag which is in a locker; so no photos just yet, but there are a lot of them anyway so i'll load them when i find somewhere with free/cheap internet. Annie has put some on to facebook so we'll see if we can post a link, otherwise you'll just have to wait. The hostels ok, probably nicer than we expected but its in a rubbish area, surrounded by furniture shops... Our first day out in the big bad world went...well we think we walked about 15 miles. We got directions to the cinema, hoping to see the new james bond film (which we later found out isnt released here until nov 14). We think we must have walked staight past the street that it ... read more
The city of LA
Hollywood sign
Annie in hollywood

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » New Mills October 11th 2008

It's official, I’ve got bipolar. I keep yo-yoing between the elation of finally leaving and the sudden realisation of what I'm actually doing; I’m leaving home, with little money and even less luggage, and living out of said luggage for 5 months in countries I've never been to before, with languages i don't understand … but then I think about it and want it to be longer, I should go further, see more. Maybe this is the beginning of a new hobby. (sorry mum) It seems like such a long time ago, that day in Pizza Hut telling Annie all about my ideas for going off and seeing the world. Somewhere in between that and deciding on whether to get a meat feast or a chicken supreme, a momentus decision was made. 'Do you want to ... read more
home sweet home
my backpack...
Annie and her mum, Jane

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire June 13th 2008 is now!! After some late arrivals, wrong days, retakes and general panicing, the exams are finally over! I never again have to go back to school! Well, except to pick up exam results but we don't think about them... So, the flights are booked, exams finished, appointments made for vaccinations... all i have to do now earn lots of money, panic some more that i dont have enough money, pack my bags and leave! Only 19 weeks to go! I'm so excited! Anyway, this was a 'testing, testing, 1...2...3...' production and i cant think of anything else to say. Hopefully this works and nothing explodes... :S And for anyone who got the link and doesnt want it, tell me and I'll delete you. Let the countdown begin! ... read more

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