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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch December 11th 2008

Arriving in christchurch a few days earlier than planned, we went for a hostel near the centre of the city, just off cathedral square. We should have realised it would be bad when we saw the sign stating the fact that they needing 48hrs notice for cancelations. we booked a few nights. Within a couple of hours we decided we didn't like it and cancelled some of our nights, (which took ages because despite the recptionists both speaking english, they didn't seen to understand) but we had to stay for 48hrs or loose the money. After the first night we decided that we would rather loose the money. Checking out, she gave us our $20 deposit back for the key, which we hadn't paid in the first place, but seeing as we wouldnt be getting our ... read more
Cathedral square
Annie in her rafting get-up
Team kick ass!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru December 6th 2008

Of all the things in the fridge to steal, why the cucumber? It wasn't even a whole cucumber, they put the other half back. Oamaru is very...Victorian. The buildings, the back streets, everything in the center is Victorian-esk. Obviously the further out you go the more normal it is. The day we arrived our hostel was holding a 'pot luck' night. Basically anyone who wants to join in brings some food, and everyone shares. So if everyone brings desserts, thats what you have. That didn't happen. Instead, we brought a big tub of spag bol, and the list of other food was... Japanese curry (very, very nice! Not spicy, just aromatic), salad, a pasta broccoli thing, burgers, steak, cookies, apple pies, dips and biscuits and brandy snaps. Its a good idea. It makes everyone meet everyone ... read more
The Hostel
wooo!! UK

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin December 2nd 2008

Now you all know how much I love chocolate, so you will understand when I say that there was absolutely no way we could resist going on a tour of the Cadbury factory in new Zealand, especially with all the free samples they promise. We weren't disapointed on that front. We were given a little bag with a bar of chocolate in at the beginning of the tour, the bag gradually getting fuller as the tour progressed. We were styling very attractive headgear as we walked around the factory as shown in the photo. I think my dream would be to work in a chocolate factory for a day. Not any longer, i know how boring packing work is, but to come home smelling of chocolate would be kind of cool, yum. Then there was the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island December 1st 2008

I would like to take this time to tell you how much i hate sand flies. They seem to like me, they seem to like me a lot. Especially my right foot, though the amount on unbiten space is quickly vanishing, so they are moving on to my other foot, arms, legs, etc. Insect repellent is useless. (Joe - i was told that citronella does nothing either, by a girl in our dorm who had already tried that) Anyway, rant about insects over. When is a sound not a sound? When it's a fiord! A sound is formed by water, making a 'V' shaped base and a fiord is formed by glaciers, forming a 'U' shaped base. Milford sound has, despite its name, a 'U' shaped base. There, now you can't say that my blogs aren't ... read more
Get my  best side.
Mirror  Lakes
sea lions

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown November 24th 2008

...comes down at over 200mph from 15000ft! Oh yeh! Sweet as! The weather was against us for the first few days; it was cancelled when we booked it, but that's all good because the day we did eventually get to do it on was perfect! Blue skies, a few whisps of cloud, random falling people... I was so excited going up, no fear at all, which suprised me seeing as there was a time that I hated rollercoasters. Then again, its nothing like theme park rides. No dodgy rolling stomach, it just felt like you're lying still and the floor is rushing up to meet you, rather than you going down to meet it. When the chute was deployed, the views were awesome! And it was so quiet, although that could have something to do with ... read more
Skydive day
Annie on the gondola

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef November 17th 2008

No Joke. Forget everything I said about the south being sunny. The west coast isn't. It rains, a lot. They dont measure their annual rainfall in inches here but in meters and they expect an average of 7metres per year. And i thought england was bad. With all that rain we needed a wet weather activity; we went quadbiking, oh yeh! It was so much fun! I like puddles, which was evident at the end of the trip and and my trousers, despite all the waterproof gear we had on, still managed to get soaked. We went over a couple of rivers and through a big muddy field, where two bikes got stuck. We stopped there for a hot drink while 'the men' got the bikes unstuck'... it was funny to watch. Then on through the ... read more
In the rainforest
The tunnels
The walk up to the tunnels

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island November 15th 2008

I was sad to leave Wellington. It was nice spending time in a home instead of a hostel, but times-a-wastin' and we moved on. Early rise on wednesday to catch the interislander ferry to Picton. It was quite a gloomy morning but the weather cleared as we left the harbour. We went through Queen Charlotte Sound as we came into Picton...thats what the big photo at the top is. I worked out how to use panorama mode!!! Yay! Picton was really small compared to Wellington, it really was there only for the ferry. It was very pretty though. Not much to do unless we wanted to fork out for another cruise around the sound which we didn't so after only 2 days we were off again. The hostel we stayed in was ok...Without the free chocolate ... read more
Us on the ferry
I want to live there!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington November 11th 2008

Hello from Wellington! Collette and Bruces house is fantastic! They don't live in Wellington but in the hills outside the city, in a place called pukerua bay. (i think thats how you spell it). The views are gorgeous. As is their dog, Diesel. Anyway, our first day we went for a walk. We were 'reliably' informed that it would take us about 2hours. We don't think we walk slow and even with the detours and rest stops a 2 hour walk cannot turn into a 6hour walk. So there. It was nice though...Once we actually got down to the beach which in itself was a dangerous, life threatening experience. Not that I'm exaggerating...It was just a dry, narrow, slippy path with a very long steep drop. It was our first properly nice day, as in the ... read more
Dangerous path
The beach
It's Annie!!!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo November 7th 2008

So, the plan for Taupo was to go skydiving. It didnt happen. My cold went away in time and the sky was clear...kinda, so all seemed good. We went to down to reception of our hostel, wich was really good by the way - Tiki lodge, and she phoned up the company. The verdict was that it was too windy at the minute but that they wouldt know about the afternoon until later. So we waited. and waited. Too windy, no skydiving today. So the 1st day in Taupo was spent in the hostel dorm reading and waiting for the wind. Day 2 - more of the same, really. except after a while we just gave up on the skydiving being on and went for a walk along the lake. Lake taupo is a bit bigger ... read more
The view from our hostels kitchen
the water plane thing
Its a hard life for a dog

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island November 3rd 2008

I've travelled half way around the world yet the good old english cold has still managed to find me. It's almost gone now, but it's still annoying... We arrived in Auckland only to discover that we had in fact landed back in manchester... ok, not really, but Auckland is incredibly similar; not only that but the currency is similar to home too! The dollar has the queen on it, why? i dunno but its a bit disconcerting when the whether is like a good british summer, as in cloudy but warm. Needless to say we didn't stay there very long, before moving on to Rotorua. Now thats more like it! much more like the new zealand I was imagining. Getting off the bus, we were greeted with the lovely welcoming smell of rotten eggs. Rotorua is ... read more
Fancy a swim??
The mitai arrive
A day in the park

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