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Asia » Thailand February 6th 2009

Sorry for the long absence, internet was hard to find. We're in Cambodia at the minute but I'll update by country. Anyway, leaving Malaysia, we spent the next 24 hours traveling up to Ko Tao. When i say 24hrs, i mean 24hours straight. The bus from Kota Bahru to the Thai border was 1hour. Then we had to wait for our bus for 3hrs. The train itself took 12hrs to get to Chumphon, and there were no sleeper class left, so we were in 3rd class seated. When we first got to our seats, the window wouldn't open and considering how hot it was and how long the journey was, i'm sure you can imagine that we weren't best pleased. After about 20mins of fiddling with it, we eventually coerced it into opening. We celebrated with ... read more
Sunset on the beach
Sunset again
And again

Asia » Malaysia January 29th 2009

From Singapore, we got a train over the border and into Malaysia, then up to the Capital Kuala Lumpur. When we booked our hostel at Singapore, we booked one more night than we wanted so that we could leave early and not arrive in Malaysia at night. That didn't really work. We got the 2PM train and the journey was around 7hours, so we didn't get into Kuala Lumpur until gone 9pm. Luckily we had booked a hostel in advance, so we did have somewhere to go. After getting lost...twice, we finally found the hostel, which embarrassingly was basically across the road from the station. (just across the road and round the next corner) The next day we went to sort out our bus ticket to Cameron highlands. See how organised we are! We managed to ... read more
Cool Prayer
Buddhist temple
Traditional dance

Asia » Singapore » Little India January 25th 2009

You may have got the impression from my other blogs, that i didn't like Australia. For the most part that is true, but i did like the north of Queensland, and Brisbane was a nice city. Cairns and Cape Trib were much more scenic. We did do more in those places, so I'm not sure if we liked the place because we did more or we did more because we liked the place. Its one of those chicken and egg type of questions. Also, I'd like to apologize for truly atrocious spelling. I had a quick read over a few of my past blogs. I cant help it, I'm rushing. Anyway, airports. Why is it always me that gets picked out to be checked for bombs? Annie says I've got a guilty look about me. I ... read more
Shop and Dine
Bt and Sandy
lou hoi

Oceania » Australia » Queensland January 22nd 2009

The Great Barrier Reef. One of the biggest eco-systems in the world. And who went Scuba diving on it? We did! Woo! We arrived at the docks and after some confusion over where the boat actually was,we were on board and away. The tour we booked was $115 with an introductory dive included but we got upgraded to a $185 tour where the dive was an extra $100! Woo to a saving of $170! YAY!! The weather was good, a bit cloudy but warm, and the clouds cleared away later on anyway. The first thing we did once got to the reef was to go on the semi-submersible boat, for an underwater tour of the reef. I did take some photos but the glass made them a bit dodgy, so i won't post them. But we ... read more
Annie at the second bar
Fish face

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns January 17th 2009

After the disappointment of Airlie beach and the nonexistent Whitsundays trip, we carried on up the coast to Cardwell. It was a little shaky as to weather we would even get there, because there had been severe weather warnings, roads had been shut due to flooding and just the bad weather generally. Apparently its rainy season in the land of Oz. Whenever anyone asked where we were going next, they gave a perplexed look and said 'Cardwell? Where's that?' A little worried we'd end up in another grotty town, we boarded the bus for another glorious 7hr bus trip. When we got there, it was fantastic. It's like the opposite of Buxton - it's sunny there while the rest of the country is raining. It was really nice. A tiny town with gorgeous views of ... read more
Sunset in carwell
Sunset in cardwell
On the mossie trail

Oceania » Australia January 13th 2009

We broke up the journey to Airlie beach with a stop at Rockhampton. It was ok. We hired bikes to go into town with. I hate bikes and refuse to ever go on one ever again. The brakes didnt work. You had to peddle backwards to stop, which i figured out eventually, but not before i'd almost got run over. It was a really big drop off the pavement too. so theres no need to mention that my bum hurt a lot later on. Other than that we didnt really do anything in Rockhampton, its a bit of a boring town really. Then on to Airlie beach. We were really excited about this. We had a tour booked for a 3day 2night sailing trip around the Whitsunday Islands. We went the day before and checked in, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane January 8th 2009

Sorry in advance. There are no photos in this blog because i didnt take any. So, Brisbane. We arrived late and after a 7hour bus trip all we wanted was our beds, which, this time, we had the foresight to book ahead. It was easy enough to find, but I got stopped by some random drunk guy trying to hug me. One of the new T-shirts i bought says 'cheer up emo kid' on it, but most of it was covered and it just said 'cheer up'. He seemed to find this funny coz i looked miserable, apparently. Welcome to Brisbane. That was the second wierdo of the day. ( The first was Annie's stalker friend) The next day we went off in search of the Chinese Embassy. It wasn't hard to find and was only ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales January 4th 2009

Woo to small towns! Away from the city we are in a small town called Port Macquarie. We were worried all the hostels would be fully booked, but getting off the bus, we were approached by a man who asked if we needed a hostel. So we got a room really easily. It's a 4 bed dorm and the other two people are really nice. We all went to the Koala hospital down the road together. AWWW!!! Koalas are so cute! I want one... It's really relaxed and laid back here. We went to the cinema (Thanks Andrew) and watched Australia, fantastic film. I would reccomend it to anyone. We went shopping. :S We've managed to avoid it so far but the sales were just too much to resist. Not that we spent that much anyway. ... read more
Its a bit windy
Our room mates for Coffs

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 1st 2009

Hello!! Seasons greetings and all that jazz! After a gruelling 15.5 hr bus trip, we finally made it to Sydney for xmas eve. The hostel...The extra stuff that they do is really good but the basics are lacking a bit. The people in our room keep coming back pissed at 4am and turning all the lights on and shouting 'SSSHHHH! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!" Helpful. Christmas Eve was the best, they didnt come back. But the extras at the hostel included a xmas dinner at a bar up the road for the price of a drink! It was yummy, but not as good as home - obviously. Then came Xmas day. I'd like to take a moment to thank Bessie for the chocolate cake (even though it was for Annie - she says thanks too) ... read more
the three sisters

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs December 18th 2008

A quick catch up before getting to the good bit. I don't like sleeping in airports. It saves a nights accomodation but you dont get much sleep. We arrived really early, around 3pm, because we couldnt really do anything with our backpacks in tow. Our flight was at 6am the next morning, but we had to be there for 4 for check in. We only discovered when we got there that we had to check in the next morning and we couldnt just loose our bags when we got there, so we were no better off at the airport than we were in town. About 11pm we got moved from the departure longe, with its big comfy sofas into the arrivals hall, with very few hard chairs, lots of niosy people and air conditioning that was ... read more
A very long road
Colourful critter
Views of the Canyon

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