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25th August 2011

looks like a really good part of your trip ! very brave to hold that snake it was massive ,brooke wants to see a photo of you on your elephant if you have one to send? keep in touch and stay safe love us xxx
5th July 2011
I like the lions

You like the lions BUT.......
I'm guessing you are having has such a good time your left and right have been reversed! Glad to see you are having a fantastic time. Keep on blogging and stay safe.
5th July 2011

Wow you look like you are having an AMAZING time!!! Am loving your blog!!! You are not missing much on facebook, don't worry. Will email Joanie for you. Keep having fun!!! X
21st June 2011

OMG You look pretty high on the old dykometer today.....good for you for living 25 years longer than the rest of us. I will have to get my arse over there pretty damn soon!!
18th June 2011

Thanks for the blog and pics, I'm glad you're enjoying Russia :) Russia's taiga forest has yet to be decimated though, it still covers an area larger than the USA :)
15th June 2011

hey stelly, loving your blog!! Can't bieve how much it's changed since I was there!! Millionaires and no queues are a far cry from my trip. We saw people in long lines for mouldy fruit and stale bread. Mind you, that was 22 years ago...(shit that makes me feel old!). Hope you're having a smashing time. Missing you already! Be safe! x x x PS still can't get over those amazing cakes you made me! They were SO GOOD! And beautiful! Need a cake decorating class with you please when you're back xxx
14th June 2011
The woman with the golden gun!

Ha ha - love it!! Keep the stories and pics coming ;-)
10th June 2011

Good for you to join travelblog! Looking forward to keeping in touch with your adventures! Happy travels! Dawnx

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