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Jannet Abigail Ricketts

For anyone who dipped in and out of my first blog, thanks for following it but now it is time to start a fresh with a different site and a new blog and of course more travels.
The story so far, 6 months ago I decided to jack the job in and follow my dreams and travel the world, (well have a damn good go at it anyway). Since December 1st last year my whole life and belongings fitted in a 60 litre backpack and it will be the same for the next 6 months until November 27th.
So far I managed to visit 7 countries in South America and in that time covered endless miles on ferries, planes, trains and overnight buses. After all that travelling I was in desperate need of a holiday, so I came back home to re-group, apply for visas, have a much needed rest, (it's hard work travelling, believe you me) and of course to catch up with all my friends and sporting clubs.
So here I go with part 2 which commences on June 7th, the route this time will cover three continents, Europe, Asia and Australia with a brief stay in North America, so 4 really.
My reason for travel, maybe you ask, because I love it! The more you see the more you want to see, and I hope you will all enjoy travelling with me via my blog. Thank you

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin October 8th 2011

Well me and my bike got here safely on the bus and I felt like an awful fake as I arrived at the hostel people asked me where had I come from? I replied the bus station. I can't stop laughing even now. For a while I seemed to have routed myself here for no particular reason, oh yes I ordered some paniers off trade me (the same as e-bay) so I am waiting for there arrival and well, I need to rest my weary backpacking legs. I haven't wasted my time here, I am out and about trying to find my cycling legs and the wildlife, which I have to say is running away from me. I set off down the Otago Peninsula one day in search of the Royal Albatross, they had all flown ... read more
George, Pugsy & myself
Dunedin train station
This way!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch October 8th 2011

Ooops, seem to have a big gap here, again. I remember the hostel I was staying at, infact I think the only the 1 out of 2 which was still standing weren't very generous with their internet and that is one thing in life which should be free this day and age at least, but it wasn't here. Now that I have moved on and now in my second city of New Zealand Dunedin, where the internet is free, I am now playing catch up. So back to Christchurch, well what's left of it, the whole city feels like there has been a mass exodus and no-one hangs around here very long. Except me, I have some crackpot idea to do something a little more adventurous and do some cycling, so I spent my days trawling ... read more
Christchurch in springtime
Christchurch & the quake
No mans land

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Albany September 28th 2011

Words cannot describe just how excited I was when I touched down in Australia, it’s now the third time I have been here and every time I am more ecstatic than the last time but unlike my other visits I only had one week here and I wanted to visit the south western part as this was the one area I had not seen, so me in my travelling wisdom looked at the map and decided to go as far south as I possibly could and it seemed Albany was the place. Not only did I choose to go there for its location but also for its prime whale spotting opportunities as it was the season to be spotting those breaching giants of the sea. Besides the whales the area has some stunning beaches, scenic walks ... read more
Bridge of the seas
I'm going in
Still no whales

Asia » Burma » Southern Burma » Mawlamyine September 21st 2011

This I felt warrented it's own post, I decided to swerve yet another reclining Budha (the worlds largest one) and make the 2 hour bus journey to see the beginning of the infamous Death Railway, The Burma - Thailand, the Brdge over the river Kwai is the more famous part but seeing I didn't have time to visit that part I wanted to make the pilgramage to this lesser well known part of it and pay my respects. Due to the government and it's policies what was a commemorative place they have not taken care of it and nature has taken it's course and been left to ruin, unlike the cemetary, which has around 3,771 allied POW's buried there, which lovingly cared for and paid by the war commision. ... read more
Entrance to the cemetary
The cemetary
Well said mate

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan September 21st 2011

Will keep this brief as I have blabbed on about Myanmar, now you can see for yourself... read more
That's what all the women do
Monks with a attitude
It's a snakes life

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon September 21st 2011

Well here it is the long anticipated blog of Myanmar, Burma, I survived the rainy season, the absolute melting humidity, being bounced around on some very entertaining and back to back arduous bus trips. This is the land when you ask about WIFI they think you are asking about the latest Justin Beeba song. With a population of 55 million, I think I saw a total of a dozen people with mobiles, so I don’t know who they were speaking to maybe the other 11! The women wear long skirts and the men wear even longer ones and chalking your face up is the new vogue for everyone. Horse and cart is still a much trusted form of transport and the buses range from chintz and handmade curtains to travelling with crate loads of chicks pots ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 4th 2011

I have conquered the city of Bangkok and not a ping-pong ball in sight. I stood gobsmacked with a pina chalada in hand at the dizzying views of the city, pampered my aching feet with a massage and got lost on my own city walking/river cruise tour. Since I have arrived on Thursday I have been looked after by my friends Min and her husband Mark, whom have been wonderfully kind hosts and even helped me satisfy my pangs for the humble and much missed cheese and pickle sandwich. Alas as it is time to move on and onto Burma/Myanmar, in reading up of the country I am informed that every visitor is followed at some point and you will be completely unaware of it at the time. Ooh, I wonder who has been asigned to ... read more
Bangkok traffic
You can get through on telephone
Washing the dishes

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh August 31st 2011

So for my last 24 hours in Cambodia has been spent catching up with the blog broken up with time seeing a bit more of the city. It wasn't until I came to this country that I realized what an awful time they have had of it and in relatively recent times and considering what attrocities happened here, the city of Phnom Phen has bounced back to become a thriving metropolis. Unfotunately for my last blog from Cambodia is a more sombre one which is the total opposite of the experience I have had here, so I will keep this brief. My first of two stops were the Killing Fields of Choeung EK 15kms south-west of the city where most of the detainees of S-21 prison (I will come to that next) were excuted by the ... read more
The mass graves
The Memorial stupa
S-21 complex

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kep August 31st 2011

Kep was going to be my final stop on the Cambodian trail before heading back to the big bad city. The seaside town was even sleepier than Kampot, which meant it near enough in a coma, it is famed for it's crab market and super fresh sea food that literaly jumps out of the sea and onto your plate and the famous pepper is always on hand. All this set with the backdrop of prestine mountains blanketed by a mass of multi-coloured greens. Well one can only imagine, again when I first arrived the top of the mountains disappeared into the mist and the whole time I was squinting out to the coast and got excited whenever I got a glimpse of the sea and the islands, only to heave in disappointment when it disappeared through ... read more
Waiting for enlightenment
We made it
Kids with attitude

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot August 31st 2011

Seeing I had a bit of time on my hands I decided to follow the coast and ended up leaving Sinville under the same rain cloud I had arrived under and my travels took me to the charming town of Kampot with it's ageing French buildings, a little bit more in-land and set on a river. Famed for it's pepper and it's easy relaxed atmosphere there is not so much to do here except to sit in one of the many bars set on the riverbanks and yes you've guessed it, watch a sunset. On my first day I hired a bike and cycled round the town, infact it was so small I ended up cycling around a good few more times and the second I hired me a tuk tuk and went off to explore ... read more
More old buildings
On the road
Leading up to the caves

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