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Europe » Netherlands December 12th 2014

Geo: 52.3738, 4.89095 On our arrival to Amsterdam airport, we took the train to the centraal station which took about 15 Min's which was v straight forward avoiding the traffic. From the station our hotel, the Renaissance hotel was only 5 mins walk, we chose this hotel for its central location. To avoid the queues and save time, we bought the museum tickets and the 48 hours transport pass from tourist office opposite the station. After the check in at the hotel we headed straight to Rijksmuseum by tram. The Rijksmuseum is an amazing museum and has some masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer. There are also lot of artefacts which are charms from the Dutch shipping and trade, glory days. It was wonderful to see this beautiful collection and you can easily spend few hours here ... read more
Night watch Rijksmuseum
The Library @ Rijksmuseum

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech October 8th 2014

Geo: 31.6334, -7.9996 The next day we decided to go for Moroccan Hammam. Easy spa Medina was recommended by our Riad Abaca Badra which is about 5 mins walk from the Riad, we went there as it was convenient on a hot afternoon. I chose to have the full hammam for 180 dirhams. We were striped to our underwear, so do take spare underwear. The lady washed us with black soap, exfoliated us for few minutes, put the clay mask on us for a minute and shampooed our hair once. It was over very quickly in 20-25 minutes between both of us and I was taken to change. They did not understand English and it was very hard to communicate with them. I was bit underwhelmed by the experience after high expectations ; I should have ... read more
Le Comptoir du Pacha
Le Comptoir du Pacha
Le Comptoir du Pacha

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech October 6th 2014

Geo: 31.6334, -7.9996 Next day at 5:00am I was awoken by the Islamic call to prayer echoing throughout Marrakech, and then there was another one at six when I was just able to doze off again but towards the end of my trip, I got used to the prayer calls. The breakfast was delicious with pasties, bread, eggs to order, yoghurts and assortment of condiments such as homemade strawberry jam, marmalade and honey all presented beautifully. There were two mains water filters on the ground floor of the Riad and we had free water during our stay there: Dominique even offered to give us chilled bag to take the water bottle with us but we declined and she also gave us a phone to call them in case we got lost. We walked the alley which ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz » Marrakech October 5th 2014

Geo: 31.6334, -7.9996 We travelled by Ryan air from Stansted to Marrakech, on our flight we read newspapers and played scrabble so the 3 and half hour journey passed quickly. On landing at Marrakech there was loud speaker announcement informing us that "we were a part of another successful, on time, Ryanair flight". We had paid extra £10 each for the front seats so we got out quickly and joined the queue to the immigration, having filled our arrival cards on the flight. After 35-40 minutes of waiting in queues we cleared the customs and we were relieved to see the driver from Riad Abaca Badra waiting for us at the airport which is a great relief in the heat. We chose the Riad Abaca Badra based on Tripadvisor recommendations and they were spot on ... read more
Riad Abaca Badra
Riad Abaca Badra
Riad Abaca Badra

Asia » Vietnam August 13th 2014

Geo: 14.0583, 108.277 We got picked up early in morning and we reached Ha long Bay before midday. We decided to go with the Signature cruise for 2 nights and 3 days which goes to Bai tu long bay which has less tourists. The Signature cruise was fantastic and they catered for vegetarian meals for us which were excellent. We had Senior Suite cabin which is located in the middle deck and had a private balcony. The suite with balcony was beautiful and the bathroom had a hot tub from where you could see the views of the Ha long Bay. The first day we visited Vung Vieng fishing village in Bai Tu Long bay, later there was a cooking demonstration and night squid fishing. The second day there was Tai Chi session in early morning, ... read more
Ha long Bay
Hot tub
Surprise cave

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi August 11th 2014

Geo: 21.0243, 105.855 Due to shortage of time Lan from had arranged the transfers, driver, guide and Halong bay cruise for us based onTripAdvisor's recommendations. Lan was excellent, very quick with communication and everything was arranged perfectly. We arrived at Hanoi from Hong Kong, hot and sticky and we were very pleased to see the driver and guide waiting for us at airport with cold water. The guide was lovely and showed us all the places as it was my daughter's first visit to Hanoi. She was fascinated with all the chaos and she really enjoyed Hanoi like me. Please see my previous blog on Hanoi and Ha long bay. I decided to take a rest at the Oriental central hotel which is lovely and in good location and my daughter continued on the motorbike ... read more
oriental centre hotel
Travelling advice to Veitnam

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » Yorkshire Dales » York March 28th 2014

Geo: 53.9577, -1.08229 I was relaxed, refreshed and full of energy after my around the world trip and now I was looking forward to my day trip to York. I had booked the York train tickets in advance from the Kings Cross, the train was pretty full, but we had reserved seats. York is totally unique in Britain offering examples of Roman, Dark Age, Viking, and Medieval ages; York also happens to be one of my favourite cities in England. When we reached York it was dry but it had already rained heavily earlier and unfortunately; we were expecting more rain according to the weather forecast so we headed straight for York Minister passing the River Bridge and beautiful coloured Barges on the river. The Magnificent York Minster has a very wide decorated Gothic high a ... read more
View from the bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 25th 2014

Geo: 51.5002, -0.126236 My whole trip was such a roaring success, I had absolutely amazing time and I enjoyed every minute of it. What a wonderful experience!! It dawned on me how lucky I have been the last month, I feel blessed and I am extremely thankful that life presented me with such a great opportunity of travelling. In the last 5 weeks I took 12 different flights, enjoyed 6 boat trips, stayed in 16 hotels/hostels, visited 6 countries and numerous cites; Gained few pounds, met many likewise travellers and wonderful locals. The 5 weeks of happy trails and travels flew by with no sickness, no danger or even annoyances such as a big flight or bus delays and everything just fell into place for me.One thing I will not miss are the Airports, I went ... read more
My garden
Clematis and Wisteria

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 21st 2014

Geo: 21.914, 95.9562 To apply for the Myanmar visas you can do it through post and pay extra for postage, or you can apply at the London Embassy personally. You can download the visa form from…20Visa To apply for visas In Person or Representative which takes 3-5 working days 1) Download the Visa form, print and fill it. I wrote the name of my hotel for the reference.2) Two recent Photos3) £14 cash I went to Myanmar Embassy in London to apply for the visas in the morning of Thursday (10 am to 12 am). There is a ticket system and I waited in the waiting room. The waiting room has writing desks in case you have not downloaded or filled the form. I ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis March 21st 2014

Geo: 21.914, 95.9562 The Summary The locals wear lungyi which provides enough air circulation at the legs, while covering the knees being a very important aspect in Buddhism. Smoochy kissy noises The hissy kissy noises are used at restaurants to get the waiter's attention or to tell someone if they are on your way. There are vendors at every street corner selling the Betel leaves which are wrapped around pieces of the areca nut, tobacco and spices. This is chewed for a mild stimulant effect and then spit on the ground - red spit. You will see some men with the red stained mouth and terrible teeth. People put on a traditional face make-up and sun-block powdered bark called Thanakha, the yellowish paste is made from wood. There are now a few ATMs available in Yangon ... read more

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