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29th November 2018
Spot the Tiger

To see a genuine tiger in its own habitat would be so cool even if it is only a glimpse. /Ake
25th November 2018
View of Taj foundations of Black Taj

I didn't knew of this
I knew of the plans to build a black TM but I didn't know that they actually started to lay out the foundations. We missed that when we were in Agra. Bummer! /Ake
5th December 2018
View of Taj foundations of Black Taj

Black Taj
Maybe next time!
21st November 2018
 Chet Singh Ghat

Nice to read your story
Thank you for writing about your visit in Varanasi. I went there many years ago myself. When I read your blog though I realise that you had a much different experience from mine. You could understand and relate to what was around you in a way I couldn't. I only observed and watched where as you felt and lived more. Nice to read though. /Ake
23rd November 2018
 Chet Singh Ghat

The Holy City of Varanasi
Thanks for your comments, such vivid memories of our visit will remain with us for a very long time.
15th November 2018

Costa Rica, my paradise!
I really enjoyed your blog. For me, a nature's enthusiast, Costa Rica is really unique. Most of my travels are nature's oriented, and it's difficult to find other countries, with so much biodiversity and accessibility, packed in such a small country!
23rd November 2018

Thanks for your comments and we agree CR is one of the best place for wildlife in the world
14th November 2018
Qutub Minar

The forgotten cultural gem of India
Thanks for telling me about Old and New Delhi and bringing back some memories from my own visits there. There are many well known gems in India. For instance Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal, Golden Temple of Amritsar and on and on and on. But next time I go to India I am going to spend some time trying to locate an almost completely forgotten cultural gem - the stairwells. There are maybe a thousand of these scattered all over India. Most have been abandoned and some of them are in bad repair or more or less ruined. But there are also maybe hundreds which each is an architectural masterpiece. /Ake
23rd November 2018
Qutub Minar

Many thanks
Thank you for your comments its always nice to hear that people enjoy reading our blogs
13th July 2018
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18th May 2018
Heading back to Tobago

Walking on water
I do not know if you can walk further than the end of this walkway...but I do know you have a real skill with the bird pics. Sensational.
20th May 2018
Heading back to Tobago

Thank you
Thanks for your kind comments Dave - I just love taking photographs of birds - not so good with the larger animals though, need more practice!
17th May 2018
Bats on Little Tobago Island

I like those
I like bats. Good photo you got there. /Ake
20th May 2018
Bats on Little Tobago Island

Thanks Ake
These little creatures were utterly amazing when we opened the door to their home some flew out only to fly back in again moments later ... ...
15th May 2018

Trinidad and Tobago
What a wonderful blog with some lovely photographs, Who needs David Attenborough? Well done to you both. You must have 1000s of photographs and photo albums.
20th May 2018

Hi Warwick - thanks for you nice comments - how lucky are we to be able to see such wonderful things ....
23rd December 2017

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12th December 2017

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12th December 2017
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13th December 2017

Thank you for your kind comments
20th October 2017
Leckerli - a real poser

"To hold them in your arms was just magical, they would put one arm out around your neck and slowly move the other one and then one leg and then the other one" - I would so like to try that one day. I am glad for you that you got the chance. /Ake
17th October 2017
Blue-crowned Motmot

Beautiful, beautiful.
18th October 2017
Blue-crowned Motmot

Blue-crowned MotMot
Totally agree such a beautiful bird as are all of the motmot species and we have just been lucky enough to see a Rufous Motmot yesterday but it was in the deep shade of the rainforest and we could not get a good enough photo.

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