Have Bags will Travel


Have Bags will Travel

Europe » Italy June 5th 2015

As we pulled into Naples our room overlooked an old castle. Can’t wait to play with that image in photoshop. Frank was our tour guide for the day and he drove us (Kim/Michael, Steven/Andrea, Mai/Peter and us) to Positano along the Amalfi Coast. On the way there Frank slowed down in front of his house and honked until his wife and children came to the door. So cute! And I saw my first cat of the whole trip. Positano is set on a cliff. Kyle and I walked all the way to the bottom so that he could get some sand. Positano is very expensive. Frank told us of a house that sold for 50 million and the plumbing didn’t even work. Next we drove to Sorrento and Frank took us to a shop that he ... read more

Europe » Italy June 4th 2015

Rome in 10 minutes. That is how we felt. Roberto our tour guide even said “if you want to see the Sistine Chapel” don’t stop to look at anything or you will never get through it all” It is impossible to see Rome in one day. We started with our group Mai/Frank, Kim/Michael, Steven/Andrea and Kyle and I. We went to the coliseum and since we had all pre-purchased tickets we were able to speed past the lines and go right in. It is really impressive and when you think about all the terrible things that went on inside it is rather sad. Roberto said that admission was free to enter the coliseum back in the day to take peoples mind off of how corrupt the government was. Taking pictures from inside a moving van doesn’t ... read more
rome coliseum

Europe » Italy June 4th 2015

The amazing race begins. We started our 4 day whirlwind in Florence. Mai/Frank, Christine/Tom, Kim/Michael and Kyle and I met our guide and he drove us from the port through Tuscany to Florence. We started the day at a great overlook and history lesson. From there we went into town and the shopping began. Florence is a great place to shop and I promised I was going to wait to buy my leather backpack but the first store we went into had the perfect bag for me. The fashions in the windows had me drooling. Kyle should be very thankful that I wouldn’t be able to fit into anything those stores had because I saw the most wonderful clothes and especially leather jackets. Oh! My! We saw some fantastic buildings too. The line was too long ... read more
kyle pisa

Europe » Italy » Tuscany May 31st 2015

St. Tropez was a not all I had thought it would be. Got a few good pictures but for the most part they have no beach near town and the water was filled with jelly fish. And not just a few but hundreds. So much for the St. Tropez tan!! Kyle laid out in the rocky inlet that they call a beach and I hiked to the top of the highest hill where there was a fortification with two moats and a great view down into the town. Later we had nice crepes in a cute restaurant and so on the way back to the ship we passed a homeless man and his dog and I gave him the two sandwiches I had packed away in my purse from the ship. Walked by the Chanel house ... read more

We are on our second day of the cruise and I think I have finally figured out this computer/internet/my fumblings and jetlag! Time flew by in Barcelona and we didn’t get to see ¼ of the things on my list. But what we did do was incredible. We will be back and stay longer next time. On day one we went to the Casa Battio. I lost Kyle somewhere on the back porch ½ way through and just thought I would catch up with him at some point. Nope!! I went all the way to the rooftop and no Kyle. I hung out there taking lots of pictures thinking he would show up. Nope!! Waited forever in the gift shop. Nope! Made my way down 5 flights of stairs to the outside. Nope! Hiked back up ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia May 26th 2015

We made it to Barcelona. The flight was fine. We sat next to a really nice couple from southern California. They are staying in Paris for a few days before flying to Rome to take a cruise. We were picked up at the airport by the nicest guy and took us straight (well he got lost) to our apartment. Through our blurry eyes we could tell we were going to like Barcelona. But I didn't know I was going to LOVE it. We took a ride on the hop on hop off bus to get a lay of the land. Kyle got a good nap and we rode the green line seeing lots of things I wanted to take a closer look at. We were just too tired to do anything. There is a 24 hour ... read more

North America » United States » Washington May 7th 2015

I officially got the bags out and started going through the closet! My daughter helped me look at everything and tell me "yes" or "no" to my choices. How lucky is that.... I have a dresser! My dear husband will pack the night before. No stress for him. But see, I started my vacation a few months ago. Scouring the internet for what to see, buying tickets getting prepared that is part of the fun. The big let down comes when you come home to a suitcase or two full of dirty clothes to wash. But I won't go there yet. Too much fun yet to come. But clothes aside I'm going through my camera equipment and making sure I have everything. Kyle said he wanted to bring a camera! For some reason that really makes ... read more

North America » United States » Washington April 13th 2015

Today we booked a cooking class in Barcelona! www.barcelonacooking.netThis will be quite an experience for Kyle and I as we don't cook together. In fact we pretty much don't cook at all! But trying Paella is on my bucket list of things to do in Barcelona so I thought it would be fun to make it and then eat it!!! If we dare!!! On the last night of our stay in Barcelona we are having dinner with new friends that we have made for our upcoming Cruise. We are going to try Tapas at a few different places. After that we will begin the get ready for to board our cruise ship for the next 12 days. I'm so excited for this trip. My camera better hold out because it is going to get used non ... read more

North America » United States March 17th 2015

Hold the presses... my daughter has informed me that I need to know how to NOT look American. Not like I haven't been to Europe at least 6 times in my life!! LOL So to help remind me to NOT be that ugly American I'm sharing for you all. How to avoid looking like an American Tourist Whew! Now I can think about my list again. I have wiped a few tears because I won't be able to see the magic fountains but then I'm reminded that Picasso has a museum in Barcelona!!! Picasso lived from 1881 to 1973 and developed his painting style while living in Barcelona. So the travel brochure says :) During our few days in Barcelona the exhibit will be Picasso/Dali'. The two knew each other and were both friends and rivals. ... read more

North America March 16th 2015

What do you do when you have, one very tiring day (because you just flew in that day), two full days, and one get up get repacked and leave day. Not a lot when you're in the City of Barcelona, Spain. I've been googling, You tubing, and trip advisoring my way through the best things to do in Barcelona. Here are some of the things I've been told are the must sees in this beautiful city. Sagrada Famila - the church of La Sagrada Familia started in 1882 and still not finished. It started being built in the traditional manner and then Gaudi took over and put his own very unique stamp on it. You can get advanced tickets here. Park Guell - another architectur... read more

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