Cayaman Islands - Jake turns 10

a trip by StephyG
From: December 30th 2015
Until: January 4th 2016

Destination: Grand Cayman
Duration: Dec 30 – Jan 4.
Transportation: Flight connecting in Washington DC and rental car on the island
Accommodations: Commonwealth Condos and the Marriott
Kid’s ages: 7 and 10 (Jake’s birthday was during the trip)

Pre-trip Planning:
We were never really planning on taking the kids to the Caymans. It’s not on our bucket list, this trip happened organically. We usually go up north skiing for Jake’s birthday (my New Year’s Day baby) but this year Jeff’s parents were going up with their friends so we needed to find someplace else to go. Since it was Jake’s big 1-0 this year I really wanted to go some place special. I started to think about the Florida Keys or San Antonio. Traveling this time of year is difficult to plan because it’s so expensive so I wanted it to be something easy and a place we could use our Marriott points.
One day this fall while having a yard sale my friend Suzanne and I started talking about traveling and how excited they were to go to the Caymans after Christmas. I mentioned that we were looking into going someplace warm for Jake’s birthday and she said why don’t you come to the Cayman’s with us. At first I wasn’t so sure, but it did sound intriguing and it was one of Jake’s closest friends. I looked into it and found they had a Marriott we could stay at but Suzanne insisted with stay with them for a few days. We were able to find a decent flight if we extended the trip into January 4 so we decided to split our time between the condo Suzanne was staying at and the Marriott.

Trip Length: 5 days
Blog Entries: 6
Photos: 75
Words: 5193

Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
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