We are a family of four who love to travel and see as much of the world as we can.

Our flight home wasn’t until 4:30 in the afternoon; we had a late check out for 1PM so we were able to enjoy our last morning. We started off with the breakfast buffet and some swimming down at the beach. Jeff and Jake had made a reservation on a banana boat excursion. It’s pretty much a speed boat towing a long inflatable raft shaped like a banana. You hold on tight and they take you for a ride. Izzy and I enjoyed swimming out to the dock while they were away. After they got back my friend Diane from High School came over with her baby Travis and we enjoyed some time on the beach and in the pool. Before you knew it, it was time to pack up and get ready to go home. We ... read more
We LOVE cotton candy
gonna miss the caymans

The beds at the Marriott weren’t as comfortable as the condo and the pillows were awful. Everyone slept in enough that I felt rested but a little stiff. We got dressed and headed over to breakfast at the Anchor Restaurant in the lobby of the hotel. One look at the breakfast buffet and we were sold. Made to order omelets, pastries, sautéed vegetables, unique quiches and brunch type combinations I had never thought of mixing together and to top it all off, hot, fresh, churros. It was amazing and hands down the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever been to. After breakfast we headed down to the beach and grabbed four beach chairs on the beach. We rented our snorkels and reserved a time for paddle boarding. Jeff left to return the rental car and the kids ... read more

We woke up early because the McCormicks had to leave by 9:30 to catch their flight home so we pretty much got up, dressed, and packed up the car, said our good-bye’s and thanked them for a wonderful time. We got to the Marriott around 8:30, they stowed our luggage and we went over to order our crepes. The kids ordered a strawberry nutella and Jeff and I got an egg one. Izzy also ordered a fresh squeezed apple juice. They were very tasty but not the best crepes we’ve ever had and Izzy didn't like the apple juice. After breakfast we changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the beach. We were able to get two chairs by the pool in the shade and a couple chairs on the pool deck at the ... read more
Marriott Grand Cayman
Marriott Grand Cayman
Marriott Grand Cayman

New Years Day 2016 AKA Jake’s 10thbirthday. We all slept in quite late (for us anyway). We all got dressed and went to Eats Café for breakfast. It was a pretty typical dinner type joint with pancakes, eggs, waffles. After breakfast we went to a town called Hell. It was quite the tourist destination, Hell, Cayman Island is an actual town with a post office. Inside the post office are tons of tourist trap type gifts, post cards, t-shirts (the typical I've been to Hell type memorabilia). The man at the cash register was an older gentleman dressed up like the devil. Full on Satan suit, I think he does this everyday. I got quite the kick out of it. We took the typical tourist pictures and bought two postcards and sent them off to friends ... read more
an angel in hell
Hell Cayman Islands
My babies in the Caymans

Everyone slept really well and didn’t get up too early. We were all up at ready by 8:30 to go down to the beach. The waves were pretty big but not too strong so the kids had a blast boogie boarding and getting tossed by the waves. The water was so warm I even went in. The ocean has a beautiful turquoise blue color to it and it is fairly clear. There are big chunks of white coral that wash up on shore and sometime scrape you up. The coral is really neat, so many of them look like bits of brain, but it doesn't feel too good when you scrape your feet on them. After playing in the waves the kids took to the pool for a bit. The hot tub wasn't working but since ... read more
dolphin encounter
dolphin kisses
swimming with the dolphins

I have to say the trip down was one of the easiest stress free travel day’s I’ve had in a long time. We had a 9:30 flight out of Boston connecting in DC. When we got to the airport the line to get through security was a mile long. I was dreading the wining and crying of how long it was taking. Just as we entered the line, a man who works for the airline told us if we just go across the street there was no line for security. We weren’t sure if we would still be able to get to our gate from there but he assured us we could. Sure enough the line was non-existent. We breezed through security it was a little walk to get back over to our gate but very ... read more
Bohemian layover
Jeff drives on the wrong side of the road

After a full day of adventure in Farjado we decided to keep it low key for the next couple of days and just stay put at our hotel. We started with the breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant near the pool and beach. The buffet was fairly typical of a hotel breakfast, make your own waffles, cooked to order omelets, self serve scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, etc. However, they did have unlimited mimosas so Jeff and I were sold. The kids finished breakfast before we did and asked to go back up to the room by themselves. We allowed it as long as they stuck together and didn't let anyone into the room. Jeff and I were able to enjoy a few minutes alone sipping our mimosas and drinking coffee. When breakfast was over we ... read more
Boogie Boarding
Beach Time
Pool time

We started off eating breakfast at a crepe place across the street. The kids both had strawberry nutella crepes and Jeff and I had more savory egg ones. They were delicious. One thing with Puerto Rico as with Montreal, there is always one thing we are used to having that we can’t find on our trip. This time it was iced coffee. The hotel didn’t have any and the crepe place didn’t have it on their menu but they made it for us anyway. The waiter said no one drinks it in PR except for people from the Northeast. The food didn’t disappoint and it was Jake’s favorite place we ate, we ended up going twice. It was a relaxing and quiet spot; we were able to eat outside at a nice table and watched all ... read more
Fun in the Jeep
Fun in the Jeep
Climbing trees in Farjado

Travel Day: Travel days are always slightly stressful, making sure we packed everything. The best part of PR is that it is a US territory and JetBlue has convenient non-stop flights. We started off having lunch at Beer Works in the airport, not a bad meal and everyone is always so excited to begin our trip when we are at the airport. When we boarded the flight a couple of girls on their way to a wedding were split up by our family. We usually book the middle and aisle seats across from each other and they had both windows, so we told them we would switch. Jeff had both kids with him and I sat next to the girls, it was fun listening to them talk about getting married. The kids were awesome on the ... read more
Marriott Stellaris
Penthouse living
Marriott Stellaris

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal September 25th 2014

Day One: Thursday When ever we have a long road trip ahead of us I make sure the kids have plenty of activities and junk food for the car. We estimated the trip to take us about 5-6 hours and I wanted to delay the "are we there yet" for as long as possible. Each kid had a back pack full of DVDs, electronic devices (iPads, and nintendo DSs), a zip lock bag of a couple cookies, a couple bags of chips, and a bottle of water. I was taking a risk with the bottle of water because Izzy is notorious for downing the entire bottle during our first five minutes and having to pee every 20 minutes after. We did pretty good and only had to stop twice before we got to our lunch destination ... read more
boarder crossing
Notre Dame
Notre Dame at Night

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