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28th May 2011
learning to salsa!
Hey.. glad to hear that you enjoyed the dancing.. keep it up.. you are a "natural". I hope the rest of your travels are as enjoyable as your time in Lijiang.. Stephen
19th March 2011

Amazing :)
Sounds like you're having a great time babe, these memories will stay with you forever :) xoxoxoxo
18th March 2011

hi from terry
i read your blog. your residency certificate sounds very important. i would have been panicing as well. i love the story of the older woman helping you find it. gorgeous. slowly learning more mandarin. although most of the dvds in our video shop are in cantonese. bumper. keep warm terry
18th March 2011

sarah how is life going. i hope it is not too cold. we are getting a bit more colder weather now. i hope the chines language coarse is going well. cheers terry
17th March 2011

Interesting. Are you learning cantonese or mandarin? How difficult do you find it? I started learning cantonese but gave it up eventually. But given t hat I live here for almost 10 years now, i should prolly start again and do it this time. :)
16th March 2011

thanks terry, glad to hear your studies are going well. Can't wait to see you again so we can talk in Chinese! hehe enjoy and take care; Sarah.
16th March 2011

i am learning mandarin as well.
i have a couple of people i speak mandarin to every day. i am very lucky to have so many mandarin speakers around me. i have cd set which is very good. i listsen to it every day. i suppose you have all the news about the earthquake in japan. amazing stuff. i hope you are well and enjoying life. cheers terry

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