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20th February 2013

To: Mr. Richard
Rich, beauty lies in the eye of observer. This is a different if thing you do not want to see it. We belief our country is our mother, and please tell me one thing if the mother is not good looking, Her children should stop loving her. This may happen in your country but sorry man, not in India.
16th December 2012
Medieval Equipment

Ooof. Awful experience. I hope Simon is well? I have added your blog to my forum post called 'sicko' that highlights international hospital visits.
30th November 2012

Watch the movie GRINGA, shot in Cuzco & Macchu Picchu!
Have a look at the Peruvian / Swedish movie, GRINGA, shot in Cuzco and Machu Picchu, a warm and comic drama about a wannabe Brichero and his hunt for Gringa.
23rd August 2012

pagal baba tempal
the pagal baba temple in nover in all word this is very nice plase. India pruad the pagal baba temple
27th April 2012

He is the most danger person in Cusco
He is allways in Mithology club in Cusco, he is allways looking for europe girls or american girls, is not because they are nice girls is because the money.... he is not really peruvian boy,
10th September 2011
A Hop, Skip, and a Jump

such nice place in Huancavelica
I like my place
10th September 2011
No Longer In Use

Tren Macho
We call this train TREN MACHO the famous one in Peru
10th September 2011
At theTop of the Stairs

Yauli Huancavelica
It is really beautiful this place i am from Huancavelica and some times went to yauli and it is really goodd
29th July 2011

Hi Freddie!
Thanks for the reply. I have been away from writing for a while, but your tone put a smirk and smile on my face. I like the feedback, really...I do. Wherever your travels take you, make them to the fullest. Greetings and heartfelt wished from Easter Tennessee...Rich.
27th July 2011

Hung Up on Hippies?
Don't get me wrong, I've had a fair few experiences with hippies, including once being accused of being a thief for 'having bad vibes' etc. But is there really a need to get so hung up on it?? It's just another culture, people move somewhere, attempt to find themselves, with varying degrees of success, and move on. Hell, isn't that the reason most people travel to obscure places in the first place?? It probably figures high on my agenda, whether I'm concious of it or not. If people wanna move to obscure places and dress in ty-dye, and it doesn't impede on your daily life, what's the problem?? Like the other guy said, (in my most far-out hippy accent) chill out man..
23rd November 2010

Muy buena foto
Ese es el mas peligroso de todos ten cuidado de sus tarjetas...en especial tu!
15th October 2010
Quiet Vrindavan

very nice temple vrindavan i like this lordland place
29th September 2010
Pagal Baba Temple

mandir par
this is a good looking temple and in my sector(2/d) the pandal is made on the basis of this pagla baba temple.
12th August 2010

Thank you for your feedback. I regret this story didn't please you. Best, Rich.
10th August 2010

Instead of just watching CNN, read a little. And do us all a favour and stop writing idiotic blogs like this one.
3rd August 2010

Just catching up on your latest exploits! Will enjoy reading the rest...all the best from the single lady in Tasmania!
30th July 2010

Funny, no 'tourist-towne' restaurant row hotels jumble? This place sounds 'under-developed', if the next stop is MP, then this place should be jump ‘in. damned hippies, sorry. Where’s the palm reader, snake charmers, bed of nails guy? Aguas Calientes could try a little harder and get some better photos. What's with the three photo deal, what are these guys dial-up!? Post what you are using for a camera too and what you are toting for total luggage compliment. How much cash and how much secured funds vs. the ATM route? Is there AMEX? Could I do it all on Visa? Is there a Porter for less than $10/day and do they look after your stuff? Should you tip Porters? If $10 then $3 tip? Keep it real and what about the food photography? We haven't seen a social scene since Lima. Or was that Netherlands World Cup? They must start to blend together. They do for me. And where's my maps, where the heck are ya?
30th July 2010

Laughing out loud with Mr. Mayoral Candidate. :) Two thumbs up. It looks like the place is an old place. Obviously, maybe its good for exploration trip.
30th July 2010

Wow your right it looks like the Pandora in the movie AVATAR! Great topic. Actually I'm an avid fan of that movie. I'm hoping and waiting for the next series of it. Unique name is it Machu Picchu. At first i laugh with it. :-) i'll be going there someday. I will just check my sched thanks for the info.
28th July 2010

"Try To Eat The Our Guinea Pig" Great. Someone else wants me to try to eat the our guinea pig. Those Peruvians are so pushy about the our guinea pig. Hey! How about a freak'in map! Where the hector are you now? (See the Spanish language joke?)
28th July 2010

So sorry Richard you didn't get to see it on a clear day, I was in the sacred valley in February when the lethal rains destroyed the tourism, a shame for the locals but a once in a lifetime experience for me, MP was closed but I explored the rest of the valley, In ollyantatambo there was only my pal, another couple and myself, this was the case in Pisaq Calca , Lares and lots of other places in the vicinity, your blogs make me so glad that I saw these places when we I did, I,m glad things are back to normal for the sake of the tourist dollars for the locals, yet not experiencing MP was ok as we had the experience of Inca paradise all to ourselves, by the way the only way to go is to get used to people lying to you, ie yes its the first on the left on that street ect, its the latino way, I think they just don't want to disappoint you with a blatant "no se" Incidentally your trip is similar to mine, sorry Rosalinda had to get back to her life in Lima but I hope you have a ball, Happy trails
24th July 2010

First, if you mock my BFF, Paris Hilton, one more time, you will pay a price. Leave it at that. YOU will pay a price. Funny how Paris can look so 'in place' even when her black swim suit is still fashion forward by, what?, 15,000 years? Since I am a 'know-it-all' AND you have insulted my BFF, PH, I'm going to tell you something. Your reports never give us the nitty gritty of the accommodations. Sure, I mentioned the absence of the mint on the pillow being a major downer, but dig it; you don't even say if the foot bath is effervescent or still water. REALLY! Have you never traveled before? Well, enough for now, YOU have been warned, I'm like Paris' Priory of Science, I WILL hunt you down. Don't EVER mention her again, EVER!
23rd July 2010

A Wee Bit Cranky?
I'm sorry you feel that way, John. You missed the point. Best to you, Rich.
23rd July 2010

I disagree...
I know this is a waste of time...but open your eyes, your a traveler just like the rest of may have been around but that doesn't make you any more savy..unfortunately I get the ugly american want to go see the world but don't want anyone else to be there. You want it to be authentic and historic and unchanged by time but you post your blogs at the trendy internet cafe and rant about how unpure it all is...HAHA Ridiculous...quit your bitching.. I can't believe you wrote all that bullshit about the 'hippies'...HAHAH...what do you think they write about you...angry american man stomping around the ruins, staring down his nose....hahaha I admit, i'm judging based on this one blog, but loosen up, enjoy it or stay home!!!

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