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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 27th 2016

My lovely couch surfing mum (Gabrielle) picked me up from the airport and took me home and we chatted for a while but as I was so tired and started work the following day, I slept extremely well! The next morning, I woke up and headed to the Gawler Pool for my induction. I was shown the lifeguard rules, kiosk work, cooking utensils. It was a great day and I learn quickly so I felt comfortable with everything straight away. The following few days were just full of inductions. The weekend arrived!! I got my bag ready and I headed to the city to meet up with Tom Maslin for a night out with his work colleagues. I got to his work place and met the girls and guys.. Drank a few beers and headed to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 1st 2016

Amongst working quite a lot, Nick took me out on his kayak to Sargs Bay. The wind picked up and we took it in turns of sailing the kayak. It had two trampolines either side and I was worried it would flip over when the wind caught underneath it! It was so much fun!! Very heavy to put it back on top of the car though..! I did a lot of running this first week in February and I noticed I was losing a lot of weight which was brilliant!! At the weekend I went to the beach, Glenelg again, with Terry, Torrie, Phil, Joel and Garboss. We played in the sea and played volleyball with the nets. WINE TOUR - Sunday 7th Feb We all met at 930am outside the Strathmore Hotel and I was ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » CBD January 12th 2016

You know you're a backpacker when: You know where all of the free WiFi cafes and food places are. These include Dome, Maccas, Starbucks.. And you sit in there for hours with the same cup of tea. You wear the same clothes over and over again. And you don't care. Because you're a backpacker. You only wash them when they start to smell, or people avoid hanging out with you (that hasn't happened to me yet)... You're able to sleep with the light on. You can sleep with any sort of noise. You don't even need ear plugs as your immune to sound. The best feeling is finding out that your myki/metrocard/Opal card has money still on it when you go across the state border. You enjoy looking through the free food tubs in hostels, free ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » CBD January 11th 2016

When I arrived back in Sydney that afternoon coming back from New Zealand, I checked my bags into the YHA city Central and as soon as I checked in on Facebook, my friend Alice called and said WE NEEDED TO MEET UP. I already had plans to meet up with Shak and Bhaskar so I said to her to meet us and let's all go for dinner. Bhaskar chose the venue... Spice Alley, near Broadway Bar. Alice met me at the hostel and we got totally lost trying to find Spice Alley. When we got there it was amazing street food, mainly Thai and Malaysian food my favourite! Shak got lost so we waited for him and then when he finally arrived, I had a pad thai... Amazing meal! It was lovely meeting up with friends ... read more

Oceania January 11th 2016

So we drove back to Christchurch, packed our things for Lake Tekapo whilst we put clothes in the wash from the past few weeks.. We watched a few episodes of Eastenders, Charlotte's now gotten me into watching it again! After our washing was dry we headed to the mall to see Point Break at the cinema and met Matt there. The film was incredible! I really want to watch the original, I think Darian and I will watch it when I'm back in Adelaide. We drove about 3 hours to get to Lake Tekapo, we swapped half way from whoever was driving so the other could rest. I had only driven in Charlottes' automatic car once the day before and it seemed so easy! I think I've forgotten how to drive a manual, only kidding! We ... read more
Quail island on the left
Duck friend outside our tent
Cafe views - lake tekapo

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch January 7th 2016

We woke up on Saturday aching so much, we went and found Barbary the boat for our Maori carving tour. It was raining so we were put on the sister boat, Ranui. We learned a lot, firstly that the tour didn't advertise truthfully... The carvings were actually made in 1976 by a group of high art students. They were on drugs. And the carvings were only about 40 years old! It was interesting to learn that they used greenstone and wood to carve the rock, and they abseiled down the cliff to do this and also put scaffolding in the water to carve it. To the left of the big Maori carving, there are various other bits of art work including a lizard, woman's faces, animals... Apparently the woman that is randomly carved into the rock ... read more
Hokitika town, on the beach front
Pancake Rocks and Blowholes
Pancake Rocks... Hence the name!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 1st 2016

New years Eve we tried to sleep around 10pm just after speaking to my parents and wishing them a happy new year and chatting about the day, we woke up to first midnight! So we did get to see the new year in after all! We then both fell asleep and the alarms went off at exactly the same time of 5am!! We jumped up, got changed and went to have some toast to get the carbs in BUT we walked to the kitchen and it was locked shut! You know what we did... Ate a piece of bread, had a handful of rice krispies and had a tiny carton of juice. We were ready for the Tongariro Crossing!! On our way down through the hostel, we saw a few sights (bearing in mind it was ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Mount Maunganui December 31st 2015

Okay so we got to Taraunga Central Backpackers hostel and if we hadn't paid for two nights upfront, we would have left! It stank of BO, we weren't shown to our room and as soon as we walked in we sort of just looked at each other, sat on the bottom bunks (sleeping on the bottom bunk in a hostel is amazing) and said... Well, at least it's 2 nights...! We just didn't feel safe there at all, we went to check out the toilets and kitchen, filthy, scared to live there. We actually had to eat off of our hands which was hilarious but kind of sad that we didn't want to eat off of the plates or eat with cutlery! Okay so we got to Taraunga Central Backpackers hostel and if we hadn't paid ... read more

Oceania December 27th 2015

So, 2 months in!! I am absolutely loving it! Of course I miss my family, friends, and the customers from both of my old jobs. But, life is so good out here! I'll just give you a very quick run down of what I have done so far (which is a lot.. Brace yourself) : The first day I arrived I was so jetlagged, could've slept anywhere, seriously... A 24 hour flight to get to Sydney... Wow! SYDNEY. I met with my best friend, Rosie from the plane and we were FINALLY reunited. She had been in Australia for 18months. Imagine that. 18months without your best friend, it was an emotional embrace! We chatted for a few hours when we got to our home for a week (my cousin Andys house) but then we both slept ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset October 19th 2015

So, first post! Just under a week to go until I leave for my travels… I had a brilliant evening Friday night for my leaving do, we all headed to 1812 in Bournemouth, next to the Royal Exeter Hotel, friends from all parts of my life came along to enjoy a drink and wish me safe travels which was lovely, including some family members. I actually lasted until 1.30am partying! Haven’t been able to do that for a while as training for the Channel swim took up most of my social life to get fit! Saturday daytime I spent it with my best friend Katy, a child she looks after and my dog, Murphy. We went to Upton House and walked all around the gardens playing with them in the leaves and throwing sticks for Murph. ... read more

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