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Travelling for fourteen and a half hours on a coach sounds like hell right? Well, what if I told you it wasn't. It's been one of my favourite journeys. I've travelled extensively around Australia by flying in planes. And I've also done a lot of road trips along the coast and outback in cars with friends.  Coach travel is very different. You're alone with literally nothing to occupy you except the beautiful landscape. You imagine the outback as just desert, like you see on posters but what you actually get is almost opposite.   It is thriving with life. Different trees, bushes, plants of different greens and browns. Animals such as emus, kangaroos, echidnas. There's termite mounds, I've lost count how many I've seen in the past 5 hours of this coach journey. The dirt and ... read more
I think we went through a gorge

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur March 17th 2017

On the 2nd of December, I flew from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur to meet my parents half way... Not so much half way as my flight was 8.5hours and my parents had a 18 hour flight (I think I got the better deal)!   So I arrived and found that I was at KLIA2 and the parents went to meet me at KLIA... Whoops! Anyway after what felt like forever, I finally saw mum and dad and after hugs we journeyed to our hotel, Aloft which is adjacent to the main gravel portal (it already sounds futuristic)!! We checked in to a wonderful room which we shared, I had a king size bed to myself and it was amazing! My parents lost their luggage on the way over but luckily it arrived at about 10pm the ... read more
Butterfly garden, on mums hand
Hop on hop off tour, Kuala Lumpur
Langkawi beach

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Poole December 30th 2016

So I decided to make a surprise trip home to the UK for dad's 50th birthday, I decided this probably back in July. I mentioned this to mum and she was happy and even offered to pay for the flight back if I somehow couldn't afford it, seeing as 50 is a fairly big birthday. Anyway, it came about that a friend of mine wanted to pay (using frequent flyer points) my flights to and from the UK as I helped him through a tough time. So that was sorted! I was heading back! I told a few friends, but keeping it a surprise from dad was so difficult - I had to make up a different life for myself, saying I was heading off to a new house to be their nanny and not being ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Northern Beaches December 30th 2016

To those crying at the airport/train station/bus station.. I know how you feel. Saying goodbye or see you soon never gets any easier. Sorry to be the one to say it. People say it gets easier. But when does it actually get any if slightly easier? A month being away from your family home, a year? I have done it so many times with different people, including my family, friends, my dog and it's pretty upsetting.. Every time there are a lot of tears shed. You never know when your paths may meet again. When I'm traveling I can't even count the amount of times I've seen other travelers cry when they wave off their parents/son/daughter/friends. When I see this small but hugely affecting scene, I tear up a bit inside knowing I have been there. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland September 24th 2016

So I finally made it to the East Coast...everybody knows this side has adventure, soul and surfing! I flew into Brisbane 27th August and was greeted with a familiar face- my friend Tim from the Clare Valley! We dropped off our bags and explored some of the city - we found the Story Bridge and ate burritos for lunch. We walked around a bit more and found a restaurant we were booked into capped Green Tea - we over ordered, couldn't eat HALF of the food so we doggy-bagged it for lunch the following day! The next day we jumped into the car Tim had hired for a couple of days, drove to Mount Coot-tha to the lookout over Brisbane, we then hiked up to the Simpson's Falls. We chilled by the water and then headed ... read more
Brisbane with Tim
Whitsundays tour group on Mandrake

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Yorke Peninsula September 3rd 2016

Heading to the Yorke Peninsula was such a random, spontaneous trip and I didn't think twice about going when my friend Tim invited me. I thought it was just nice to get away from Clare for a while before I headed off to Gawler then Sydney! I got picked up early that Monday morning and headed down to Corny Point, high spirits, sunny weather and a better outlook on life. We arrived at the beach house which overlooked the ocean and settled our belongings inside, food, water, red wine.. We set out to explore Corny Point and I instantly fell in love with the whole place. Such a cute seaside village... Hardly anyone else around. I guess it was winter.. We took the surf boards and settled on a beach called Berry Bay South. Changed into ... read more
Fishing Wednesday from the beach
Post sunset surf
Toes in the water, lovely!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales August 26th 2016

Travelling is... °endless public transport to see friends - even if you're only seeing them for one or two hours for a catch up. Where I am living in Sydney, it takes on average two hours to get to the city and then two hours back home! °sleeping on public transport to catch up on sleep you lost seeing said friends the night before. °carrying food around in a rucksack to save as many pennies as possible for the next adventure. °letting people into your life after you've known them half a day. Oh you also have a dog back home? Well let me tell you all about mine and his crazy ways! °falling in love with a place, it could be a certain moment that you would always go back to with the same person, ... read more

Oceania July 26th 2016

It took me a couple of months of searching for some farm work but it ended up working out for me. I moved from Gawler to the Clare Valley for a job in Hill River on the 5th April 2016. I was there a couple of months as a farm hand and it was interesting, got to meet some famous people, for example - Paul West who presents River Cottage, both here in Australia and also in the UK. Shared a few wines with him. I was mainly working with the orphaned lambs so I had to hand rear them three times a day. They were adorable and named a couple that were distinctive - Buddy, Amie (unfortunately passed away on me) and Lucky. The couple I worked for didn't keep their promises so I felt ... read more
Oh the pain of pruning!
My last day.. Sunny!
Teammates pruning

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare April 26th 2016

1. Wherever you go, you can meet people easily. It's surprising how easy it actually is. I guess since being out here I have realised how independent I actually am. I talk to everyone, literally everyone. You never know who you're going to meet or what contacts they have. It's nice to talk to all walks of life as I have experienced either on the train, walking down a street, talking to people in a shop. I feel absorbed in their life as we chat although I always get the same question from absolutely everyone "where have you been in Australia". If we had all day, I would tell you all of the stories and things I have seen and done. But we have ten mins until my chai latte is ready so I'll just name ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 27th 2016

I caught the train to the city and checked in to the YHA central in the CBD. Made sure I booked a room with Tom there and dumped my bag, go changed and we headed to the fringe! First of all, we went to the Royal Croquet Club where we settled upstairs with a cider each.. It cost us 9 bucks each!! We witnessed a huge argument which lasted about an hour between two lots of groups over a measly chair, one group took a chair from the other group basically. . Crazy! It got a bit windy so we headed to the 'Garden of Unearthly Delights' and we shared a bottle of white wine in which we drank it sat on the floor, typical festival style which I absolutely love! It was then time for ... read more

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