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10th September 2016

Hi Danni , good to see u having taster of my favourite sport . When Xavier meets up with u next year he will join u surfing . Envy you with your travels , take care , Nick xx
13th January 2016
My milky way pic!

Really nice one
2nd January 2016

Hi Danni , you're blog takes me back almost three decades ago when i used to back pack all over the world . You're lack of sleep has awoken memories of sleeping or at least trying to sleep on the beach , least one sees the beautiful sunrise , through somewhat blurry eyes (: . I know u would love backpacking all through the Greek Islands , when you're back home , were invite you're mum, dad , u & you're dog over for supper so u can tell us all about your adventures & I can give u ideas about Islands . Keep loving life ! Nick Xx
27th December 2015

Enough now!!!!!
Well it sounds like you are having a terrible time and not enjoying yourself at all. Think it's time you came back to 'blighty'!!!!!!!!! Some English friends are currently on holiday with more friends in Perth! The video they did on FB on Christmas Day was amazing!!! The beach looked fab let alone the water clarity!!! Not sure about a bar-bi for Xmas lunch tho!!!! Really glad you're having a great time, keep the blog going!!! Don't miss us too much will you!!!! Xxx

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